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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 33



5.0 star rating DMT from Chicago, Illinois


Six was Amazing!!! My daughter and I went for some time out. It was fabulous. We went to England and had a tour with this very knowledgeable and comical guide. She told the story of Henry the VIII wife's. It was a lasting impress. The musical "SIX" put the icing on the cake. Fabulous. The Six wife's each gave a outstanding performance. The band was off the chain (extremely good). This show is a must see. I am definitely spreading the word and telling people to go see it. GO SIX. Love It. Stop at Tiny Tavern had Food and Drinks to go (Love the drinks to go) But, had to finish before entering the show. Had dessert ( caramel Cupcake) after the show at Brown Sugar. My daughter and I had a great time.--Food, Wine, Show!! and dessert. .

5.0 star rating Claudine from Las Vegas, Nevada


I just saw the show in New York, June ‘22…it was absolutely spectacular!!! The music, costumes and choreography were all on point. The wives were amazing, talented actresses with beautiful voices and great moves. I highly recommend this production.

5.0 star rating MQB from St. Louis, Missouri



5.0 star rating Jonotan from San Francisco, California


I just saw opening night and it was a lot of fun. THe volume could have been louder as the vocals need the extra punch of amplification at a level they were not getting. Wife 5, who's song is rocking, seemed to be having throat issues but did her best. I think a little more amp could have helped. I had a great time, but I could not stop focussing on how weird Jane's (Wife 3) dress is. I initially thought she must have been a stand-in and they could not get the dress right. It really looked like it was made for a curvy woman at least a foot taller than she. Proportions all wrong. Her voice was amazing, tho!

5.0 star rating Laura from Boston MA


Love the music! Love the energy! Love the costumes! Voices were incredible. Get ready for a fabulous evening! Been listening to the music 24/7 since I got home.

5.0 star rating Alecia Thomas from San Francisco, California


Maybe it’s because I’m mildly obsessed with this era of history but I loved this idea when I first heard about it. I love pop music too and found the ST to be VERY hummable and fun. I had memorized all the lyrics before the show so it was very easy for me to follow. I loved every single performer their voices both alone and blended were spectacular. The costumes lighting and music - all fantastic. To people who say the Queens are “only about marriage and sex” well YEAH that’s the point - this wasn’t a time when women were allowed many rights even royalty. The musical DOES tell us that both Anna of Cleves and Katherine Parr accomplished things separately from Henry VIII. Anyway this was so much fun and I loved it and would see it again.

5.0 star rating Jacklyn Krzemien from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I took my 12 year old daughter, who has been obsessed with videos of "Six" and we could not have been more pleased. The ladies voices were all amazing and they put on such a great, entertaining show. So happy we were able to do this together.

5.0 star rating Sue from Buffalo, New York


I thought the production I saw was fabulous! The singing, acting and dancing was phenomenal. The story is not elaborate or deep, but it’s funny and entertaining. If you just want a fun show with talented performers go see it!

5.0 star rating Candy Carstensen from Los Angeles, California


Once you know SIX is not your typical musical, but rather a concert, you'll absolutely love this show. It is difficult at times to hear or understand the lyrics, but trust me, the energy SIX puts out there is mind-boggling. It's a fun, fun, fun and wonderful show.

5.0 star rating LorraineP from Detroit, Michigan


I had no idea what this production was about until I was in my seat and the announcer named the performer who would be playing Kathryn of Aragon today. Kathryn of Aragon? OMG, six performers? This must be about Henry’s six wives. AWESOME! I was excited and rightfully so. I love the history and the acting/singing/dancing was the icing on the cake! LOVED IT!

5.0 star rating Susan from Seattle, Washington


These 10 women RULED! SIX singing & dancing and 4 band members is 90 minutes of pure entertainment. The costumes are gorgeous, choreography brilliant and the comedic lines well timed. We had so much fun!

5.0 star rating SP from Edmonton, Alberta


My wife and I are simply visiting Edmonton for a vacation and took in Six last night. What a fun show from start to end, with great energy non-stop. The Six wives are great. They are all amazing singers and performers. Have to also give great kudos to all 4 of the musicians. Guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards all mastered by amazing, talented individuals. To the producers and directors - keep this group together, they are a great team. Suggestion to others - go and see this show, it is for everyone. I am going to go and see it again this afternoon.

5.0 star rating Don from Edmonton, Alberta


Five stars for what it is. This is not a musical and the classic sense, And I have seen dozens and dozens of musicals and plays globally over the years. Six is more like a music (rock) concert with a bit of dialogue interspersed. There is dialogue that will go over the heads of most kids, however kids, teens, and adults will enjoy this production. It is a great show for the entire family to enjoy. Six Is not nearly as cerebral as Hamilton. And while I very much enjoyed Hamilton, (yes it is excellent), I did feel a bit drained afterwards as a senior citizen. After Six I felt energized. Some have complained about the roughly 90 minute run time, I Consider the runtime a bonus, as I have seen Six multiple times. The runtime also makes it easier for kids to enjoy. I know what to expect, it is fun, light and enjoyable. With Six I am able to shut off a bit and simply enjoy the talented Six Queens and the equally talented musicians,… Wonderful to see Canadian talent showcased. Thank you.

5.0 star rating TP from Toronto, Ontario


My husband and I saw Six while on vacation in Edmonton, and we saw it again last night in Toronto. Love the fact that it is a Canadian cast. It is more like a rock/pop concert than a musical. The story is light, the atmosphere fun, the musicians are amazing. We like that there is no intermission. We will see it again, but next time with our nieces and nephew. Easy for all generations to enjoy.

5.0 star rating Sophie from Toronto, Ontario


The talent of these six ladies blew us away!! Was entertained the entire time. Absolutely effortless voices - unbelievable 😊

5.0 star rating Leann from Salt Lake City, Utah


My daughter and I LOVED this show. Beautiful costumes, great songs. The right mix of humor and seriousness but kept it light so we didn't leave feeling down. It was fun - on of the fastest standing ovations we've seen in SLC. I was surprised how many people were singing along. Very FUN night.

5.0 star rating Paul from Yorktown, Virginia


These young women have a powerful performance giving and receiving energy from the audience. A magnificent show enjoyed by me along with my wife, two daughters and three granddaughters all of whom were singing along with the cast. My wife and I enjoyed this more than Hamilton and recommend it to all for pure enjoyment. Wonderful performance ladies!!!

5.0 star rating :) from West Palm Beach, Florida


BEST MUSICAL EVER!! So much energy amazing singing and dancing, and it was hilarious. Would 100% recommend

4.0 star rating Seagal from Boston, Massachusetts


SIX was amazing! The voices were fabulous and the entire performance was quite clever. Two negatives - short performance and "Jane Seymour's" dress. The dress looked like it belonged on someone at least a foot taller. It was a constant distraction throughout the play. To make matters worse, in the Boston show the performer was very short, making the distraction even worse. Outstanding performance - just change Jane's costume!

4.0 star rating Lisa from Detroit, Michigan


Good singing, ok dancing. Lots of enthusiasm from the audience and the cast. No “chill” moments, though. Costuming and lighting first rate. Hard to understand the song lyrics which contribute greatly to the overall show.

3.0 star rating Bellinghamster from Los Angeles, California


Thank God it was only 88 minutes. Any longer and I would have left due to sheer boredom. While the performance was punctuated by cheers and screams, Six the Musical just isn't my cup of tea. It was listenable, and, somewhat enjoyable, the music is trites, contrived and repetitive. The lyrics, while clever, are TOO clever. Everything from choreography to lighting seemed prearranged to try to elecit maximum response from the audience without any regard to content or context.

3.0 star rating Kat from Detroit, Michigan


Saw the tour in Detroit and loved the performances. The women excelled in embracing the music styles, choreography, and audience engagement. It was a great concert. Now for why I don't give it five stars. 1. Sound. At times the music overrode the lyrics and the dialogue was too fast to clearly understand. Glad I listened to the music beforehand or I would have missed a lot of the humor. 2. Plot. Perhaps to be expected when factual information is lacking, there is little plot and virtually no depth. For a "me, too" moment extraordinaire, it rarely transcends "poor me." The clever lyrics render some of the women as vapid sex objects to be a king's toy - the very thing the women say they do not want to be remembered as. 3. Price. It was an 80-minute concert with no props, no set or costume changes, 11 actors (including understudies), and 4 musicians. Top seats were $200, so even the cheap seats not very cheap. Despite great performances, that's expensive for a short concert.

3.0 star rating Sharon from Portland, Oregon


I believe I would have enjoyed the experience of SIX if the volume was not so deafening. I already had hearing loss prior to the show, and maybe more since, and if I found it almost painful then I am sure others did too. I am glad I saw the show, but I would not see it again.

3.0 star rating S Gilman from Denver, Colorado


The "first" act seem to build to a conclusion and a point to make, but then it just ended! I've never been to such a short musical, only 80 minutes. Kind of felt like "who did we bother to go through the hassle of getting here?" Lines were rushed and hard to understand. If you want to go see a short rock concert, this is your show.

2.0 star rating Seb from Las Vegas, Nevada


The performers did not do the songs justice, the set was quite literally a last thought and the costuming was recycled. Zero originalality and no effort to promote a dope ass concept. They definitely catered to their bland rice white Audience.

2.0 star rating JD from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A few of the girls were good( the one who divorced:lived in the house - v good) but entire show was ruined by Ann Boleyn character . High pitched Disney -esque dippy screetching… maybe the girl can sing in real life and they made her act like this so shame on director . It was un watchable . It could’ve been great with different script and songs

2.0 star rating DMac from Nashua, NH


I hate to criticize any musical. I would add that it seemed as though the audience loved it. ?! Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The set and costumes were excellent. The singers were excellent and their dancing was excellent. The lighting was excellent. There was virtually no story and what story there was was clouded by the singing style or bad accustics but I think bad writing. I was bewildered trying to figure out what the plot was--apparently, it was a sortof contest between the various wives and the audience was part of it?? Okay--weak story line, no wondering what's next. Just one song following another. I liked 3 of the ? 15 songs. I thought the music was mostly repetitive with overpowering bass--a bit of the louder is better theme. The talent was there but wasted on a brutal thump, thump, thump while the "wives" did their evocative best to engage the audience with grinding hips and quivering thighs. I was happy when it ended. Maybe I'm too old? It seemed as though the majority of the audience really enjoyed the show.

2.0 star rating Lynn from Durham, North Carolina


I love Broadway musicals normally. This touring company lacked experience and it showed in how songs presented. They were too loud, often words not understood, and too often rushed. Several girls seemed miscast. Jane Seymour was young girl and this cast member seemed way too old. Anne B often screechy. Dancing okay musicians okay. Some costumes okay and others really bad Maybe it was better on Broadway

1.0 star rating Erin Ashby from San Francisco, California


This is by far the worst show I have seen on Broadway. I loved Hamilton and thought I was about to have a similar historical tutelage, but this was just an attempt at proving women are better by acting like they have no brains (I’m a woman and would like to think I’ve got a brain). It was like they were trying to confuse you with chaos on the stage. I left feeling like I had just been beat up! Definitely wouldn’t see it again, and absolutely would never endorse it for anyone else.

1.0 star rating Linda Davies from Fort Myers, Florida


Hard to understand. Poor acoustics at BBMann did not help. Worst musical we have ever seen - extremely disappointing.

1.0 star rating from Kansas City, Missouri


This show had potential with such an interesting concept as the six wives. There was no storyline, lyrics were difficult to understand, and most of the wives were displayed as ditzy and/or purely sexual. No costume or set changes. Would have been better with a more holistic story. Worst musical I have seen. At least it was short and had no intermission. I would have walked out at intermission.

1.0 star rating Average theatre goer from Denver, Colorado


This show is not good. It is a one liner from start to finish. Not funny or clever. Bad singing and dancing. Loud and obnoxious

1.0 star rating Di Diyanu from San Francisco, California


Not sure my friends and I saw the same show as everyone else here. Briefly, no shortage of talent, indecipherable lyrics (something was up with the sound, not volume), high school drill team choreography, and one indistinguishable song after another. Lacks the originality and compellingness of “Hamilton” or anything Sondheim.


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Uplifting SISTERLY sassiness

The transformation of the wives into a modern-day girl pop group, vying for X factor type a brilliant adaptation

The Spice Girls might have reunited but they've got a run for their money in the unexpected form of Henry VIII's wives. But unlike their static portraits (and positions in history), these girls can sing and dance and put on a dazzling performance.

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