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Bill Maher Reviews

Comedy & Stand-upSocial Commentary

Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 49



5.0 star rating JR from Orlando, Florida


Vintage Maher, funny, stinging political and social commentary delivered with his unique sense of humor. First time we've seen him, already looking to see when he will performing in Cent. FL. again.

5.0 star rating Mary from Syracuse, New York


Bill Maher hit all the political highlights in his concert last night. Some of it was familiar if you watch Real Time, but even so, it was still very funny. He makes you think after the laughter is over. And he calls out his audience when it's necessary: Never take your cell phone out if you are 3 rows from his stage and don't groan if you disagree with his comment. He definitely notices and points it out to all of us ("shut the phone off! It's rude!"). Intelligent humor that's non-stop for 1 1/2 hours, your face hurts from constant laughter, and you smile all the way home. If you are a political humor junkie, Mr. Maher is a must-see.

5.0 star rating Anne & Donald Burke from Newport, RI


I don't know why the reviewer from Vancouver said it was material from his show because it wasn't! I watch his show every Friday and have been to 8 concerts and it is always new and fresh. He may use the same terminology, but the show is new. Last night he was exceptionally funny and when he first came out he got a standing ovation, which usually doesn't happen. My thoughts on that is that we really, really needed him given what is going on. The concert was great and I will be going to one next year!!!!

5.0 star rating Mickey from Palm Springs, Ca.


Just finished seeing Bill Mahar at the Mirage in Las Vegas. 80 minutes of non stop barbs at many topics. Of course our orange baby as he calls Trump was a large part. But he covered sex, children and religion as well. So funny, small audience but standing ovation at the end. He was hitting on all cylinders. Terrific show

5.0 star rating Anita Moore from Collinsville, Oklahoma


We had the best time at his show, topical and funny. I just wish he had been able to work in some more material regarding recent events with the investigation but complaints! It was great to hear so many liberals cheering so loud! Not a single heckler in the crowd

5.0 star rating George E from Marietta, Georgia


Had a a great time ! Bill knocked it out of the park. A good 90 + minutes. His planned new show live on HBO from Oklahoma City that will premeire on July 07, will most likely be the same show Atlanta saw last night. LOVED IT ! Can't wait to see him again live on HBO. July 07 2018

5.0 star rating B-RAD from Atlanta, Georgia


Felt right at home with my fellow forward thinking progressives!!! We laughed for 90 minutes straight!!!! GREAT SHOW!!! Just wish it was LOOONNGGEERRRRR!!

5.0 star rating Marg from Madison, Wisconsin


We loved the show. Would love to see him again. Bill Maher speaks the truth.

5.0 star rating Linda Brown from Silverton, Oregon


I sat near the front of the Mezzanine and had a great view. Not that you really need to see a comedian's performance. Maher came on 15 minutes late which was a problem as the seats are tiny with no leg room. I was squirming by the time he appeared on stage. The first part of the routine was slow and I wondered if he was stoned. However, he found his groove after that. He sent us a volley of Trump jokes and tried to help us empathize with poor Melania who is an immigrant "doing a job no American wants." I loved that he mentioned that hunters are total assholes. I know he is a vegetarian. Not sure how receptive Portland is to that, though, as the area is surrounded by hunting lands. I noted a few people sitting near me did not clap or holler when he mocked Christianity. I also noted that there was a bit of discomfiture when he mocked people who support Muslims and the MeToo Movement. The latter part of the show, Bill focused on jokes about penises and vaginas. Overall, I give show an A.

5.0 star rating Lisa from Jacksonville, Florida


Bill was smokin' hot, xxx rated, he can turn the naughtiest subject into a biting but hysterical wit. He gives hope that there is still intelligent life on earth. The historic Florida Theatre is a beautiful and very well run venue, great sound and acoustics.

5.0 star rating Kim from Buffalo, New York


Once again, Bill Maher delivered. He poured his heart into it and it showed. He helps us get out of bed in the morning to be able deal with the son of an orangutan who embarrasses us daily. I cannot wait to see him again!

5.0 star rating Kathy L from Santa Maria, California


We loved it!!!! He is our "therapy" for these nightmarish 3 years since the orange thing started campaigning! Thank you, Bill, for the laughter we so need right now...and thank you for telling it like it is. You know your political history, and you brilliantly educate us all. Hope you come back soon!

5.0 star rating Paula Raymond from Hurst, Texas


We really had a great time seeing Bill last night at the Toyota Music Factory. I don’t understand some of the negative comments people make. He is a comedian not a Broadway show. Yes he had notes but he works literally non stop with stand up and HBO plus who knows what else. We need Bill. He makes us know we are not alone in this crazy time for America. He fortifies our thoughts are not just ours alone but in the process he makes us laugh. Reviews stating “ it’s like his show” dude that is his show...Bill Maher. I expect to see some of what I see on HBO. He’s not a persona on the show so he should be the same in a live show. Bill makes us think, he reassures us that we aren’t the crazy ones and he does it while you laugh your ass off. Thanks Bill, I know you don’t need my thanks your bank does that...but it’s a major freaking schedule you keep and I admire that commitment to keep liberals on their toes and reminding us we have to work harder to make change happen! Bravo!

5.0 star rating Maggie from New Orleans, Louisiana


This was the second time we saw Bill Maher in Nola -and he did not disappoint. His material was brilliant and funny . The show lasted 1.5 hours on the nose and was worth every penny . It was nice to see there were enough liberals in this red state to fill the theater. His material was also empowering and made you think afterwards . Come back soon Billl !

5.0 star rating Marian from Detroit, Michigan


Saw Bill at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on 6/22. He's the best and gave it his all! Audience was on its feet and full of appreciation.

5.0 star rating Dom S from Freehold, NJ


We drove to Hershey from New Jersey and loved this show! Bill , as usual opened by lampooning Donald Trump, his behavior ,his sons and the entire Republican Party. As usual his humor is based on political facts. Bill also was talking about a lot of his usual topics, religion, parenting and the difference between generations! I laughed through his entire bit! I would definitely go see him again!

5.0 star rating Dave Vaca from Phoenix, Arizona


Saw Bill Maher in Phoenix on February 22. Great performance though a portion of the crowd didn't seem to get some of the humor. Maybe they were expecting 90 minutes of Trump bashing but the topics we're across the board. Loved the millennials portion. A must see show.

5.0 star rating Gavin Scott Pennington from Cincinnati, Ohio


Bill's pills may be hard to swallow but that doesn't mean he's wrong. There isn't enough people speaking up against the almighty church and the self-righteous right that attend them. At the Cincinnati show we had two hecklers who expose themselves within the first 10 minutes of the show and I assume were ushered out. One of them shouted from directly behind me and I wasn't able to see who did it but security was hot and heavy in our section for the rest of the night. Why anyone would attend just to show their a$$ is beyond me but thanks for the support! The house was packed and everyone else seemed to enjoy the show. Of course, you're going to get some of Bill's greatest hits but I felt he was more fresh than ever before. For someone who jets city to city, in between doing a live show every week, Bill really gives you a real-time conversational feel to his show. You're not just somebody sitting in the audience listening to overly rehearsed jokes. We need more people like Bill. See him!

5.0 star rating J Duke from Houston, Texas


Awesome 60 mins. We enjoyed the show and it was worth our 4 hr drive to see him . The material was great and the audience’s response was great. I could have seen him another hour lol , Great Show abs we co to us to see his show on HBO

5.0 star rating Kirk and Erikka from Buffalo, New York


One of the greatest political commentators of all time. Really calls it straight. I love how he gives you a real thought experiment and then drives it deep with a great crack at the end. Perfect timing!! Brilliant observations and gives not one inch to either extreme. LOVED IT!!!!

5.0 star rating Sara from Sacramento, California


I’ve watched Real Time with Bill Maher since I was a teenager and I love the show. Seeing him live was even better. He delivered blunt commentary with humor and wit. The laughs kept coming and he really connected with the audience. I would totally see him again. Thanks for over 20 years of brilliant honest sarcasm.

5.0 star rating Doris Hanson from Las Vegas, Nevada


Bill Maher did not disappoint. I have been a fan since Politically Incorrect, and he is the best! We never miss his show, and it was wonderful to see him live. We appreciated how he handled hecklers. I also appreciate his authenticity, intelligence, and wicked sense of humor. We look forward to seeing him again in the future.

5.0 star rating from San Diego, California


Great Job!! Enjoyed it.

5.0 star rating Kathryn A Jennings from Salt Lake City, Utah


Bill Maher, Thank you! Thank you for coming to Salt Lake! I needed to laugh so hard I almost cried. You were the perfect evening in a wonderfully imperfect world. I am a Berkeley born and raised native but because the universe has a sense of humor and I have a great career Salt Lake has been home for 33 years, thanks for visiting! I never spawned either and glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's cool and it would be great if both from runners keeled. Money well spent thank you!

5.0 star rating Linda from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Great show! Laughed the whole time! He is spot on with the irony we now live in!

4.0 star rating Rosemarie from Durham, North Carolina


Bill Maher delivered last night in Durham, NC at DPAC. Since we watch HBO and never miss his shows, a lot of the material was familiar to us. He handled a heckler in the audience so well. We love him, so he can never disappoint.

4.0 star rating DEC from Buffalo, New York


Great show. I am so glad I was able to see him in person. But, wow, the tickets were costly and the show was so short. I thought two hours would have been good... less than an hour and a half though.... so a little disappointed by that.

4.0 star rating Phoebe from Santa Barbara, California


Bill at the Arlington, January 26, 2019. He's always worth seeing. Smart and funny, but something was off on this night, a bit. Hecklers, yes, but Bill Maher is a savvy guy. He can handle that. But I felt he was disappointed in the sold out SB audience. The audience was a bit on the mild side. Why? I don't know. Bill seemed to have cut his show short. Suddenly, it was over. Can find no articles or reviews with explanation or opinions. Would love some. No newspaper reviewed the show? Maybe there is something dull about SB.

4.0 star rating Sindy from Denver, Colorado


I ran the spotlight for his show Saturday night. Luckily Bill didn’t move around too much on the stage and I was able to enjoy the show. Very funny!

4.0 star rating Jennier Swain from New York, New York


An audience member, sitting near front, decided to opine on Bill's commentary- she stood up and talked. RUDE RUDE RUDE. we didnt come to see her. i thought bill was shocked. Show was great but i think he closed pretty quickly after the excitement of another member of the audience getting up to yell at her.

3.0 star rating CEF from Vancouver, British Columbia


I watch Bill Maher's weekly TV show so was looking forward to seeing him live. While it was enjoyable, there wasn't much new material. It was also very short - only 1 hour 15 minutes long with no warm up act. The tickets were 110.00 each - plus 20 bucks for parking. Not great value for the money I'm afraid.

3.0 star rating Nick and Leah from Victoria, British Columbia


Disappointing. Many quips we have heard from his television production over recent weeks - very little new - emphasis, fixation on Trump. No substantive Canada content and yet so much on personality contrasts (Trudeau / Trump) and culture he and his writers could have assembled for a Vancouver audience. Still love what he is trying to do to save the world - but he needs to keep each gig fresh and relevant to each audience.

3.0 star rating John from Toronto, Ontario


Always wanted to see Bill Maher in person. It was a good show and vintage Maher but I was surprised that he referred to notes on a lectern so much and it was so obvious. Most comedians just talk talk talk by heart. You would think he would do the show enough that he could just do the 90 minutes without notes. I would say his TV show is a cut above his in person performance. I wonder if his show changes much from city to city and when he revises all the material. I was also surprised to seeing only a handful of people wearing, which I was. I guess Covid and it's more transmissible variants have been eradicated from Buffalo.

3.0 star rating L. Smith from Oxon Hill, Maryland Prince George’s County


I’m a Bill Maher fan and feel he serves an important role in political commentary due to his independent views. This why it was disappointing to see him live 4/22/23 as he was tired and his material was just a rehash of his show. HBO should send a crew with him to write, do makeup, wardrobe and lighting. Bill uses the Real Time music at the end and beginning of the show which reflects poorly on HBO. The only part of the show that had any energy was when he was imitating Trump. Sad!

3.0 star rating Lisa from Las Vegas, Nevada


You can definitely tell the writers strike is still happening. Since I am long time fan and have seen all of his shows, I’ve heard all the material. Like he watched his old monologues and picked jokes from them. Was hoping he’d talk about everything going on since he broke for summer. Instead it was Q-Anon, Hillary, and other old stuff. DO NOT buy those seats at the round tables down in front of the stage! They are about 24” diameter the other 2 people are practically in your lap. We went to concierge and got seats father back despite paying VIP price. Much better!

2.0 star rating Phil from Madison, Wisconsin

BILL MAHER 4/22/2018

If you have watched Real Time. You more or less seen his stand up. Word for word from his show. Kept looking at his notes. Most if it was about trump. Which was easy pickings. Not very edgy at all. All taken from his show. For the price of the tickets you could buy HBO and had a better experience.

2.0 star rating Monica from Los Angeles, California


I am a huge Bill Maher fan and I was so looking forward to seeing him live but got very disappointed. If you watch him all the time, there wasn't anything he said that I hadn't heard before. It wasn't worth 70.00 per ticket. He acted like he was stoned, kept touching his face. I like him in a suit & tie

2.0 star rating from Surprise Arizona


Love Bill but old jokes and pokes we heard before. Over $100 per ticket. Honestly we prefer to watch him on HBO. Not at all worth it. It would have been much better if the format was like the TV Show. Not just stand up.

2.0 star rating Todd from Chicago, Illinois


I agree with some of the other reviews about stale jokes. I love his show, but because of that I've seen every joke he did the first half almost word for word. Second half was much better, not as much Trump stuff. Anybody that goes to see Bill already can't stand Trump so a little bit of that is fine but 45 minutes of the Trump jokes straight from the show was too much. Still glad I saw him.

2.0 star rating Kevin from Montreal, Quebec


I am a Bill Maher fan but was not impressed with the show. There was nothing I haven’t heard before. It seemed to me like he was just going through the motions, I guess our city is good for a pay check with putting in the work.

2.0 star rating Robert F from Vancouver, Canada


80% of the material you would have already heard on his late night show. Love the guy, but should have been some new material…especially with the writers strike there should have been plenty to talk about.

2.0 star rating Lee & Sonya Smith from Charlotte, North Carolina


We are Bill Maher fans. We saw him before and loved his show. Last night was nothing we haven't heard him say on his show, which we always watch, so we were disappointed.

1.0 star rating from Santa Barbara, California


Bill Maher uses this term to describe Trump, but this time I'm using it to describe his performance at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara this past Saturday. Everybody walked out of the theater in silence, probably thinking what my friends and I were thinking...what was that all about?? His attitude was terrible. The show lasted a little over an hour. He had a couple of hecklers in the audience, but a good comedian always has some good comebacks. He was so mad, at one point, we thought he was going to walk off the stage. He hurried through his material and it was stale. I'm a liberal and a big fan of Billl Maher but this was a very disappointing performance.

1.0 star rating JC Lewis from Red State, USA


Since I can't find another venue to provide a review of you, I'll use this one. Enjoy your theater district, which apparently doesn't exist in the middle of the country. Perhaps the theaters we have don't constitute a district. I'll chalk your hostility against middle America up to a vacuous belief in identity politics, a bias toward things you don't know, and a prejudice toward people you haven't met. You laugh at fly over country and claim they envy you; have you ever visited any of these towns or met any of these people? I guarantee they don't envy you. You just aren't that great. If you have met any of these people, and still believe any of your commentary about Red States' 'wanting to be you', then you are truly an asshole.

1.0 star rating Joe Bob Wickersham from Reno, Nevada


Terrible material without trump to pick on.

1.0 star rating Local Lady from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Is there anyone who can be funny WITHOUT using the F word? Bill if you have to resort to swearing to get a laugh, you’ve missed the boat. I though you were more intelligent. Boy was I wrong!

1.0 star rating Ron Epstein from Atlantic City, New Jersey


I love Bill Maher's Real Time show, but seeing him in concert was a huge disappointment. The guy was "winging it." For starters, there isn't much new material here. If you watch his Real Time show you have heard most of his stories and bits. In fact, I hear that the current HBO comedy special is his stand-up act and I'm thankful we chose not to watch it before going to this concert. What really disappoints me is that it's costly to see Bill Maher perform. And for him to get up there and deliver 90 minutes of the old material is pretty lazy. On top of that, he's old and looks tired. We recently saw him perform in Newark NJ and it looked like he just got off the plane and was suffering from jet lag. His material wasn't very funny and a good portion consisted of chastising those that wore masks. When you get to a certain age you should just stop doing live shows.

1.0 star rating Max Mosion from Ottawa Ontario


We were quite disappointed with Bill’s set as the content for his shtick appeared to be a summary of what he uses on his television show. There was nothing fresh that he brought to his act and furthermore his inability and lack of concern for his audience to hear him was reflected in how he used the microphone it seemed to be weighing on him. I also thought it looked a little shoddy when he had to leaf through his notes to deliver his routine. In my opinion this show was someone taking advantage of his reputation and was just a quick stopover at our expense. Bill you were Double Dipping!


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