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Wicked Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 98



5.0 star rating Laurel Ralph from Charlotte


I have seen this show 3 times on Broadway...First time with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. I loved, loved, loved it....I am going to see it again when it comes to Charlotte....This is a must see for all ages.

5.0 star rating Mary from Norfolk


I've seen the show 3 times now, and have seen the NYC broadway production. The Norfolk show is just as great as the NYC show.

5.0 star rating Jim Cunningham from Denver


I have seen this show twice (both at the Buell) and am thinking about seeing it a third time. The music is fantasic, and the characters and story line are strong and entertaining. It is especially enthralling for those of us who grew up with the Wizard of Oz.

5.0 star rating Anthony (Tony) Melli from Austin


The Wicked The Texas Performing Arts Program The Wicked – was spectacular and even more, The depth and exceptional skill of all performers – was a compliment to the musical score. The sounds of orchestra with the powerful singing – all balanced The Wicked story to tell, That old tale of the Wizard of Oz and the witches – did on the audience cast a magic spell. Act One I did comfortably observe in the auditorium – where extravaganza on eyes and ears fall, But for Act Two I had special need to be in the lobby – for the pangs of indigestion on me call. But in both places the performance gave great pleasure – by precision and beauty that prevailed, Yes Bass Concert Hall with production of The Wicked – the very best of all my senses assailed. The astounding amalgamation of the performing voices – with special effects of staging so precise, Whether in auditorium or my observing from the lobby – Texas Performing Arts well worth any price. The Bass Concert Hall with the best of accommodations – lend an atmosphere oh so unique, Thus Wicked production went well beyond all measure – gave honor to Performing Arts mystique. Tony Melli 01-31-2012

5.0 star rating Lori stroud from San Diego


I saw the show opening night and it was awesome. My daughter and i had a spectacular night!

5.0 star rating Natasha from San Diego


I went to see Wicked with my 13 year old daughter in San Diego and we both thought it was an awesome show. The music was superb; the acting was great and the storyline just sucks you right in. I would definetly recommed seeing this show.

5.0 star rating Disappointed from Salt Lake City


It was a wonderful production but the theatre was so hot everyone had to use their program for a fan! Extremely uncomfortable!

5.0 star rating Ken Kell from Linden, CA


I have seen Wicked three times and can't wait to see it again in Jan. I am taking my Jr. High Choirs and Advanced High School Choir students to see it again.

5.0 star rating T. Richardson from South Bend, Indiana


What a wonderful performance! I loved all the characters and performers. The lighting and sound were perfect for the Morris Theater. I was captivated throughout the whole show, and I fell in love with Elphaba (Jennifer DiNola), Glinda (Hayley Podschun) and Fiero (David Nathan Perlow). Terrific casting. In the first half I was grinning ear-to-ear, charmed by the performers and story. The second half was more dramatic, but just as enthralling. I learned the music before seeing the show, and I believe the performers interpreted the creative talents of the authors, composers, directors, choreographers (etc.) to perfection. It was nice to be entertained to levels beyond all of my expectations. Kudos to all involved with bringing this talented troop to South Bend!

5.0 star rating Corie from Orlando, Florida


Awesome show. Excellent performance. Great theatrics. I enjoyed the show very much. It was funnier than I had anticipated too.

5.0 star rating Maggie from Mobile,Alabama


We haeded for our seats at the very top in the cornor. When our group was asked if we wanted better seats. So we walked down to the second row. I was freaking out, by the first song I was crying. Wicked is my life, and watching it from the second row where I see the actor/actress face's was a fairtale. But at the end during curtain call I starte t cry again. And I realize that this is what I what to do. You see I been acting for 6 years but show made me see that I really what to act for the rest of my life. Thank you!!!

5.0 star rating R. Ward from Tucson, Arizona

10 STARS!!!

This show is AMAZING! The actors are so incredibly talented. We laughed and cried. What a wonderful twist to The Wizard of Oz. I would see it again!!

5.0 star rating Steve Harman from Dallas, Texas


I attended the performance this afternoon at Bass Hall in Fair Park in Dallas with my wife daughter and her husband. We were not disappointed, the music, performances, and sets were exceptional. On a personal note, as a dad who chose to pick up a book from her daughter's personal library, WICKED, and then to read it as an emotional connection to her while she was on her first year away to College...the performance provided us another connection we (I) will treasure. Once again, we enjoyed the artists, storyline, and performances and would recommend attendance.

5.0 star rating Maggie from Mobile,Alabama


We haeded for our seats at the very top in the cornor. When our group was asked if we wanted better seats. So we walked down to the second row. I was freaking out, by the first song I was crying. Wicked is my life, and watching it from the second row where I see the actor/actress face's was a fairtale. But at the end during curtain call I starte t cry again. And I realize that this is what I what to do. You see I been acting for 6 years but show made me see that I really what to act for the rest of my life. Thank you!!!

5.0 star rating Brenda H. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Just saw Wicked 7/12/13...loved it. Great acting and singing. Wonderful scenery. John Davidson, singer played the Wizard. Haven't seen him since the 80's when he had a TV show. Loved him then and now. He is a great entertainer. The women who played Glinda(good witch) and the Wicked witch. Were absolutely wonderful...great voices/singing. A wonderful show/evening. My husband and I enjoyed the show very much.

5.0 star rating Sarah S from Toledo, Ohio


This was an amazingly breathtaking performance. I would love to go see it again!

5.0 star rating Nancy Lee from Boston, MA


Saw the show at the Boston Opera house & it was terrific! Superb voices from the "witches", great cast, good to see John Davidson as the "Wizard"! A must see show!

5.0 star rating Casey from South Whitley, Indiana


This was my first time seeing Wicked and it far exceeded my expectations. The cast was AWESOME and did such an amazing job. I will definately see this show again. The show catches your attention from the very first minute! I saw this play at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis with my best friend and everything was great from the lobby to the play! We were seated a the top of the 2nd balcony (1 row from the back) on the right side and our seats were perfect. I can't imagine there would be a bad seat in the place. The music was brilliant and the cast was perfect. Thank you for making my night such a memorable one with my best friend!!

5.0 star rating Kay from Ohio


I went to see the show yesterday and was absolutely amazed! The cast was great! Everything was perfect! I would definitely love to see the show again! <3

5.0 star rating Therese from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


You deserve this great performance. It is worth stopping the world to be a part of a magnificent performance. The whole production, every piece of it, engulfs you as though you are worthwhile to receive this gift of quality talent. Do give yourself this gift of being part of an above average Broadway performance in every aspect. You will walk away enjoyably numb because you just experience professional perfection.

5.0 star rating Michelle Saenz from San Antonio, Texas


Seeing wicked wAs incredible with Kristin the blond from rv . Awesome in San Antonio

5.0 star rating Sue B. from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I have seen this show three times, Calgary, Edmonton and London, England. Fabulous. When I heard it was coming to Spokane, I figured it was worth the drive.

5.0 star rating Emily from Edmonton, Alberta


Seen this show in London March 2013, It was amazing!! :) You need to go...

5.0 star rating Tracy Schillig from Nashville, Tennessee


Best musical of all time. It has everything, comedy, drama, romance. I absolutely loved it and have been raving all over Facebook to my friends. I will definitely return to see it again.

5.0 star rating Jason from Boise, Idaho


I got dragged along with my wife and her family to see the show. Not typically one of my favorite activities. I was amazed! Entertained to say the least what a night. There is no show that I have ever seen that I would sit through two nights in a row. Until now! Loves it beyond words

5.0 star rating Madison Lee from Meridian, Idaho



5.0 star rating Echo Lenss from Spokane, Washington


I haven't seen a Broadway show in over a decade and Wicked was exactly what I needed. The costumes were flawless, the sets were exciting, and the singing was mesmerizing. Especially Elphaba! I never wanted it to end. I would highly recommend this show to all my friends.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Sacramento, California


Love, love, love this show! So very entertaining! My daughter surprised me with tickets on Mother's day, we loved seeing this together! The singing and the actors were fabulous!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Baltimore, Maryland


My school went to see Wicked while we were up there. I thought that I wasn't going to like it and I wanted to go see Les Miserables, but i am so glad my teacher made us go to see Wicked. I wanted him to take me back the next day and watch it all day. I could not stop talking about it. I hope they make it into a movie or record the performance as played on stage and sell a copy of that. I would buy it!! I loved it!! Thanks for the great show!! :)

5.0 star rating Grace Estes from Dallas, Texas


I saw this for the first time on Broadway this summer I was so amazed and just to let talk know I can play all the songs from the musical on my clarinet y'all are the best cast and hope to meet you o e day that's my dream. Anyways the clarinet parti in is so fun t play. I love all the songs in musical. Good luck on your tour❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

5.0 star rating Susan A from Boston, Massachusetts


Excellent show The Witches were wonderful, Would see the show over and over again. Jessica Vosk super as the Wicked Witch , Gina Mason certainly Glinda. The Opera House perfect for this play seats were great, theater cool and comfortable. Took grandchildren and all were so pleased .Witches deserved standing ovation

5.0 star rating Janice from Boston, Massachusetts


This was a terrific performance. Thwe cast was super and certainly the writer is SO creative

5.0 star rating Diane S from Boston, Massachusetts


I've wanted to see this show for years. I could see it 100 more times. The cast was captivating and the voices memorizing.

5.0 star rating Howard Lenow from Sudbury, Massachusetts


I have never seen Wicked, but I have listened to the original sound track over and over. My wife and I went for opening night and we were both thrilled that the actors had such powerful and beautiful voices and that the staging was so creative and spectacular. This was one of the best broadway shows I have ever seen, (aside from Hamilton, of course), and I could not recommend this production more highly. Our seats were second row, dressing cirlce and were perfect. Just go. You won't regret it.

5.0 star rating Kerri from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw this at Boston Opera House! Its an absolutely breath taking performance. Glinda the witch was entertaining and eye capturing. Elphoba was absolutely eye stopping, what a talented performer!!! Her singing was breath taking.. I would go back to see this again in a heartbeat. Love Love Loved!!!!!!

5.0 star rating from South Bend, Indiana


Ive seen the show twice before and this cast brought a new life to my favorite show

5.0 star rating MH from Boston, Massachusetts


I've never been to a musical and this was excellent. I was very impressed with the two women who starred in the show. My wife has been asking me to go to see this for years and finally we went. Very happy we did.

5.0 star rating Kate from Boston, Massachusetts


I have seen this show many times- in NYC, Providence, Boston (3 times). This Elphaba was by far the best I have seen! Amazing show- worth seeing!!!!

5.0 star rating Emily from Los Angeles, California


This show was SO F*IN GOOD. I expected to enjoy it, but boy were my expectations exceeded. As I watched it I thought THIS is why people love this show, hahah. I'm a decade late to the party. Anyway, this particular production was absolutely superb and honestly perfect. Not one complaint. Both Elphaba and Glinda were AMAZING; singers, performers. Glinda is absolutely hysterical. The sets and lights are amazing, and the ensemble really brings the show to life; the first act especially, just constant entertainment, very alive and dynamic. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Go see this show!!!

5.0 star rating Terri from Toronto, Ontario


loved Wicked, please bring it back

5.0 star rating Kathy Russo from Detroit, Michigan


Everything was wonderful...singing... lines...even humor! Great job on Sunday 8/12/18 evening performance!

5.0 star rating Jennifer McDougall from Toronto, Ontario


What a fantastic show! I've been a lifelong Wizard of Oz fan, and this show was just incredible, the way you got to experience the other characters. The sets and costumes were top notch, the two ladies in the leads were incredible, especially Elphaba. It really was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

5.0 star rating Cathy Comfort from Coeur d'Alene ID


This musical is fast-paced, gorgeous, full of pathos and humor. Dialogue is superb, songs are breath-taking. Takes the simple old Wizard of Oz to a depth and breadth that I wouldn't have thought possible. It's the WofO for grown-ups. But not just grown-ups. Saw people of all ages in the theater, and everyone was enthralled. If you only see one musical in your lifetime, make it this one! A true gift for the senses.

5.0 star rating Becca from Omaha, Nebraska


2008-Chicago-I was speechless and overwhelmed. The character development and how the performers portrayed them was phenomenal! Hoping to see in Omaha (my hometown) this Spring. I would recommend dining outside of the "old market". Parking is expensive and the Orpheum (while gorgeous and newly renovated) is downtown.

5.0 star rating Sam from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This show was absolutely awesome! The songs and voices were beautiful and powerful. Show was funny, costumes were gorgeous, set was magnificent. You do not want to miss this!

5.0 star rating Monica from Cleveland, Ohio


This show is remarkable, humorous, and the singing is phenomenal. It was my first musical and it is totally engaging. It allows you to view The Wizard of Oz from the witches point of view and it correlates well with the original story. I would highly recommend this show! It's a must see and I will definately go see it again!

5.0 star rating Jackie Grospitch from North Olmsted, oh


This is the second time I've seen this production, and I would watch it over and over!!! The cast and characters did a great job!!! There is no bad seat in the house!!! Great evening in downtown Cleveland, OH with great friends and a wonderful show!!!

5.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


This was the 5th time I have seen the play with all different casts. All of the performances on November 1st were fabulous!!! Jon Robert Hall was the best Fiero I have ever seen! Always relevant and inspiring. If I lived in GR, I would be at the Wicked Lottery every night!!

5.0 star rating from Cincinnati, Ohio


Saw the show tonight for the first time and loved it. Elphaba was the bomb! I have to recommend this to all who haven't seen it before. You've got to see it once, though friends returned 8 or 9 times. Now, I have a question for the stage manager at the Aronoff Center. Forgive my absolute nurdity for even noticing, but the prominent clock on stage has written dead center SIDERAL TIME. Why the mispelling? It should be SIDEREAL TIME, though I guess most don't notice because most have no clue what SIDEREAL TIME is. Simply defined, it's a measure of time used by astronomers that is based on the stars, not the sun (as in our 'solar time'). It allows astronomers to better track movements in the sky.

5.0 star rating Alexander Dillamond from Chicago, Illinois


Absolutely loved it!

5.0 star rating Ali Rosario from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Amazing night with my daughter..... we absolutely loved every moment of it.....

5.0 star rating Linda Johnson from Seattle, Washington


I just saw wicked, it was fantastic! Terrific music, the songs were captivating and so well performed. I would highly recommend this show to all ages! The performances were incredible. There's so much talent on one stage! Go see it!

5.0 star rating Combatzn from Portland, Oregon


Saw this show at the Keller Auditorium in Portland. We see several shows here a year and my wife is very finicky about sitting in a crowded theater with rowdy patrons that take up more than just their seat, don't respect personal space, are loud and entitled. So she is not very enthusiastic about coming to the theater, so it was quite a shock when she said how impressed she was with this production and that it was by far the best play we have seen. I thought the staging, singing and dancing were outstanding as well as the timeliness of the plot. You wonder if the play write had a time machine and could see our future leaders and their press people. As well as scapegoating and lying. Oz may not have done anything for the Tinman but this Oz is very inspiring and entertaining. Defy gravity and see this play.

5.0 star rating Sandy from St. Louis, Missouri


This was my 4th time seeing this great musical and I cried and sobbed during the ladies’ performance of “For Good” Best musical ever.

5.0 star rating Kimberly. from Little Rock, Arkansas


Wicked far surpassed anything I was expecting. The costumes and set design were spectacular. The music was wonderful, and the humor (particularly Glinda) was a fun surprise. I think the day that I was there, 1/19, the understudy played the role of Elphaba. I simply cannot imagine anyone doing any better. (Glinda too!!) It is by far my favorite musical. This show is FABULOUS!

5.0 star rating Stuart from Baltimore, Maryland


Everyone can relate to the internal turmoil that Elphaba experiences. From number to number she takes the stage and shines. We sat in the mid-mezzanine right and had a great view as the mezzanine overhangs the orchestra by about 2/3. I would agree with a previous review that some of the microphones seemed to be turned down a bit in the first set. Although some may hesitate to buy tickets off broadway, this is a broadway show that shines. After the show at the stage door, the cast was glad to see about 50 people staying to greet them.

5.0 star rating Johnny from Charlotte, North Carolina


First time seeing show. Enjoyed every second.

5.0 star rating Jennifer from Greensboro, North Carolina


We bought excellent tickets and wound up in between some less than favorable groups. When we went up for intermission Kathy, a volunteer, asked how the show was. We replied with ALL honesty that is was amazing so far apart from, jokingly, our neighbors. She jumped into action and located the busy and super attentive (and awesome) manager Tom who relocated us immediately!!! So unexpected from an off the cuff joke but also so overwhelmingly positive. Thank you!!!! And a HUGE THANK YOU to the cast. Wonderful production!!!

5.0 star rating Dave from Cincinnati, Ohio


I was compelled to write this review, my first one for a performing arts event. I've seen Wicked at least two times in the past in Cincinnati. This 2021 version was the best and very memorable. Performers, stage, costumes, and orchestra were all great. I'm looking forward to when the tour next occurs in Cincinnati!

5.0 star rating Melanie from Tucson, Arizona


I did not know what to expect at all. I'd only heard the soundtrack and read Wikipedia articles. To say I was blown away would be an unjust understatement. Everything was flawless from the orchestra to the acting to the dancing and the vocals. I will never forget it, especially since I plan on seeing it again and again.

5.0 star rating Isabel Mccullough from Omaha, Nebraska


I have seen this production and can barely wait to see it again..anyone who has the chance should not pass it up, you will not regret it ; a wonderful memorable treat..I loved it!

5.0 star rating Karen from San Francisco, California


I saw Wicked a few years ago and I loved it. I keep missing the next showings but I won’t stop trying. I am a big fan of The Wizard of Oz so I had to see them before they became who they were and how it happened. The cast did a beautiful job of telling the story. Thank you all so much

5.0 star rating S Kaufman from Chicago, Illinois


Thanks Chicago Theater for picking me for one of your lottery drawings. I was visiting my son for Thanksgiving and was very happy, to get to see the performance. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of Wicked beforehand. Theater was beautiful, performance was spectacular and actors were outstanding. Definitely a must see. I would not hesitate to see again. Thanks again for making my weekend.

5.0 star rating Michele from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A definite must see, the show was fantastic the singing was exceptional & the venue was magnificent!! A magical evening!!

5.0 star rating Pam from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Saw Wicked last night at the Academy of Music and it was terrific - such strong performances and amazing voices!!! Venue was so nice and seats (Mezzanine Box) had a great view!

4.5 star rating Jenna from Fernandina


The theatre is sacred and the performers work hard to give us a great show - the least we can do is respect them and dress approriately to the theatre - this is not a BBQ or rock concert - Jacksonville needs to dress better - no jeans, flip flops, large women wearing sleeveless anything.

4.0 star rating Mason from Nashville, Tennessee


Wicked is a fantastic show! But you should buy your tickets through the REAL official website. This way you pay the actual price for the tickets and can be guaranteed they are legit seats.

4.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


I saw the performance at the San Diego Civic Center. The characters are very engaging and entertaining. The songs were so powerful and sung so beautifully that I had goose bumps through the entire show. There were some mishaps with the sound, but the outstanding performances outshined any mistakes. My favorite character was Galinda (or Glinda) because her physical comedy was incredible, not to mention hysterical. If you were a fan of the Wizard of Oz and do not mind seeing another interpretation regarding the history of the characters, this is the perfect show for you. Sit back, be amazed, laugh and enjoy the show!

4.0 star rating Stephanie Grant from San Diego, CA


I saw the performance at the San Diego Civic Center. The characters are very engaging and entertaining. The songs were so powerful and sung so beautifully that I had goose bumps through the entire show. There were some mishaps with the sound, but the outstanding performances outshined any mistakes. My favorite character was Galinda (or Glinda) because her physical comedy was incredible, not to mention hysterical. If you were a fan of the Wizard of Oz and do not mind seeing another interpretation regarding the history of the characters, this is the perfect show for you. Sit back, be amazed, laugh and enjoy the show!

4.0 star rating Carol from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I saw this in New York City, and really enjoyed the show.

4.0 star rating Jimmy from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Was really good. I feel that Elphaba only got the part because she is green. Other green people would have done a better job. Other than that I had a wicked good time.

4.0 star rating Kim Joens from Houston, Texas


This was my second time seeing Wicked, first was in Houston. I have to say it was a lovely venue but a little smaller than what I was used to. We had an understudy to an understudy, as I understood it, for Elphaba and she was off a little in the first Act on some songs, and not on cue with Galinda. In the Act II she did much better. This happened in Houston to, but it was the first understudy. I know sometimes this cannot be helped.

4.0 star rating from Washington, District of Columbia


I originally saw Wicked in March 2010 in Richmond, VA, and it was fantastic! The person who played Elphaba there could have given Idina Menzel a run for her money. I saw it at the Kennedy Center yesterday and was not impressed. Lissa and Jennafer had zero chemistry. Jennafer needs to articulate better; many of her lyrics were unclear. Lissa’s voice and acting aren’t great. She seems to be trying to imitate Idina, and she didn’t do it well. The rest of the cast was excellent, but I’m disappointed in the quality of the main players.

3.5 star rating Nicole from Norfolk


Saw the show last night in Norfolk. I had seen it at the same location on it's previous tour to our area. Loved it as before. Elphaba was a powerful singer, Glinda was hilarious in a "blonde" kind of way. Thought this wizard was better than the previous tour, but thought the ensemble was weaker overall.

3.0 star rating Shawn r from Ottawa


School gossip, love triangle, Twist ending. It's got it all. A little too long and boring for this fellow. Second half much better paced than the first... Wife and I both had a hard time making out some of the lyrics. Didn't impact my enjoyment, but it did for her. Girls, leave the guys at home and have a great night out. You'll both have a better time.

3.0 star rating Matt S. from Chicago, Illinois


Seeing Wicked tonight for the second time, fourth for my wife. This incarnation had all the fabulous sets, lights, musicians, but the entire performance was drained of its energy by the sound personnel. I checked max dB levels (not counting the wizard vocal effects) with band and vocals combined they were topping out at 85dB. That's at a climax of a song! During dialog I had readings in the upper 60's. We were literally leaning in all night to hear both band and vocals. It was insane! I could actually hear the compression on individual vocals and what sounded like a heavy compression on the vocal group. That's not all bad, but the whole level needed to come up 6dB and the vocals more like 9dB. Really disappointed. BTW, I was sitting in the fourth (last) row of the loge 15 seats off center, so there should have been plenty of sound there. The sound that was there was clean and clear, just way to soft. Come on man, find the master fader and turn it up!

3.0 star rating Netty from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I saw "Wicked" on Broadway and it was my all time favorite! I had told my daughter about it and when it came to Pittsburgh she bought us tickets for Christmas. Well, I was sadly disappointed! It feel flat compared to the one in NYC! My daughter couldn't imagine why this was my favorite show and I explained it just wasn't the same. Since then I have talked to others that felt the same way!

3.0 star rating Dimples from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw the show in Boston tonight. Show was fine. Sound mix was poor and distracting. Gah-linda's mannerisms were spot on and Elphaba had a lovely voice. Show runs a wee bit long for my taste. Your millage may vary.

3.0 star rating Ed Kohn from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Amazing show. Awesome voices and talent. One thing. I had good orchestra seats in the fifth row but on the aisle. All night long I could see stage hands behind the set. Not good.

3.0 star rating DL from San Jose, California


A little disappointed... 5 of us went 8/24/19, 8:00 show. All of us had a hard time hearing the words in the songs- it was plenty loud enough.... almost to loud - we all had a hard time comprehending the lyrics in the songs. Maybe it was where we were seated? Anyway it made the show a bust... all the actors did a GREAT job and the sets were very nice. Also, the very end is kind of confusing... I won’t give it away, but all in all it was a fun girl’s night out.

3.0 star rating from Cincinnati, Ohio


My wife and I have seen Wicked a number of times and I have no idea what happened today but the sound was just terrible. At one point during a song the entire cast got muted for a second. There was absolutely NO low end. No deep notes hit. Even the drums sounded anemic. The dialog was audible. Agree with someone else who posted on here: I used my Apple Watch's sound meter and was registering 60-65 generally and song climax and finales where the entire cast was singing hit's quite soft for a show. My daughter usually wears earplugs at shows but didn't need them at all. Disappointing!

3.0 star rating Randy V from Cleveland, Ohio


The show itself was really good. The players did great job and worked well together. The lighting and props were Broadway quality. The one major flaw was the sound for vocals. In many of the songs, the words were not clear; in particular when singing higher notes. I thought perhaps it was just me but a few other people noticed this as well. In a Broadway play, the lyrics are a critical component to telling the story and unfortunately, some of the story was missed for Wicked at Playhouse Square in Cleveland on Sunday, January 2 '22.

3.0 star rating AJ Lo from Atlanta, Georgia


Just came back from seeing the show. Acting and stage props were great!! BUT, many of us were REALLY struggling to hear the dialogue and singing. I even took a peak at my SPL meter on my phone and in "LOUD" sections, it was about 80 db. That's casual conversation level. No impact at all. It sounded like it was through one speaker with no subs. Rather disappointing after paying that much for great seats in the very center, 7 rows from the stage. Whenever the percussionist used the shells, it was louder from the pit than all the music and singing, 7 rows back!!! If they're trying to keep the audience quiet, it's working because we're all struggling to hear the vocals in the first place. I mentioned it to my wife during the intermission and surrounding audience turned and agreed.

3.0 star rating Lynn from Nashville, Tennessee


This was my 4th time to see Wicked. I was surprised at the lack luster energy from Glinda. The Popular song was terrible…her performance was nothing to the hilarious performances from every other Glinda I have seen. Her voice was weak.. She ruined that song and the whole meaning of the girly scene. passion or desire to even make the audience laugh. i spent more for my ticket to see this than all the rest and I left feeling disappointed. I heard many others saying the same thing. Fiyero voice was beneath being able to carry that kind of role. Zero charisma. Elphaba was average. Over all , way below average. but i didnt get one single goose bump. My advice is there needs to be much more rehearsal or replacement for Glinda and Fiyero.

3.0 star rating from Knoxville, Tennessee


This was not the Wicked I have seen before. The casting was poor….I wanted more out of each of the characters. I felt like the singers were struggling to reach their notes. I was very disappointed to say the least

2.5 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


The show started thirty or so minutes later than scheduled due to technical difficulties, but I wish they would have completely fixed the problem before they started the show. Throughout the entire show there were mic problems with mainly the instruments and volume control, but there were also a couple vocal mic issues. The first few seconds of As Long As You're Mine were cut off sadly. I paid $190 for our two tickets, so I'm sad that the show wasn't the best it could've been. Technical difficulties aside the show was great! Glinda was hilarious and all of her quirks were absolutely perfect. Madam Morrible was splendid as well. Elphaba had the capability to be amazing, but the changes she made to her songs shouldn't have been made. Maybe she just had a bad night. Fiyero started off iffy with Dancing Through Life, but he finished strong. He was perfect in As Long As You're Mine. Basically it was worth seeing, and it would've been more enjoyable had I not known what to look for.

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Seattle, Washington


Sets were great but the story and action were focused too much on long scenes that featured the signing of the soloists. Don't think it was exactly kid friendly...especially from the balcony. Thought it was pretty much a " cookiE cutter" musical.

2.0 star rating from Charlotte, North Carolina


Having seen wicked a couple times in Chicago a couple years ago, I was beyond excited to go again. This performance did not live up to prior shows. Singing felt off, acting wasn't great, not much chemistry. To be fair, I left after act 1 (because it was that bad) so it could've gotten better in the 2nd act. Just a disappointing experience.

2.0 star rating Jimmy M from Detroit, Michigan


Disjointed plot. Mumbling actors. Performace including intermission was over 3 hours. Much too long. I should have left after the first 30 minutes.

2.0 star rating D Samuel from Detroit, Michigan


Great night with friends and wife. The Music was production was great but the vocals. I swear I was watching it in a foreign language, nothing was understandable. When they were talking it was okay but the signing sounded like caterwauling. So very disappointed. Was looking so forward to it. but all in all it was just okay.

2.0 star rating Disappointed from Austin, Texas


Went to see the show Friday, March 29 2024. Alison Bailey as Glinda carried the whole show. She was magnificent. Most other cast - also great. But who let the absolutely tone deaf woman play Elphaba?! The singer playing Elphaba was off tune on nearly every song, it grated my ears and felt embarrassing to watch… the only song she got right was the duet with Fiyero (Jordan Litz, I believe). Everything else - a steaming disaster… what an embarrassment…. This was the first show I saw at the Bass, and I’m now much more skeptical of the quality of the venue…. I guess better see Broadway shows on Broadway.

1.0 star rating S Brenk from Salt Lake City, Utah


The music was uninspiring. The story line felt as if the playwright got bored and slapped/crammed everything else together in the second half. One of the main characters was on tune only about 75% of the time. The theater was uncomfortably warm the entire performance. For what I paid and the 5 hours in the car to get there, the only redeeming aspect of the experience is the time I got to spend with my son and daughter in law. Parents….if you don’t mind a play opening with adultery, a father who hates his daughter because the color of her skin and the subjugation, manipulation and dehumanizing of men the entire play by all means take your children.

1.0 star rating from San Antonio, Texas


This “musical” is totally awful. Ridiculous plot, obnoxious characters, and cast members who scream instead of sing. I would have left at intermission, had I not paid a fortune for the tickets. There are three positives: excellent pit orchestra, beautiful costumes, and gorgeous sets. These few good points don’t make up for the fact that “Wicked” is a worthless show. Don’t waste your time and money.

1.0 star rating Peter D from Dallas, Texas


Can’t even bring in a drink to deal with this waste of time and money. Musical are ridiculous and so are all of the rules and restrictions at Fair Park Music Hall, never going back there again, ever.

1.0 star rating James Irving from Kansas City, Missouri


I have seen Wicked four times. The first three times gave me goose bumps. This time was disappointment from beginning to end. The problem was not the performers. They were OK, but the sound system was poor and poorly managed. The performers were often difficult to hear and understand. They were often drowned out by the volume of the music. And none of the performance was near the volume level of the first three times I attended. I assume the sound system is old and antiquated there but needs to be updated ASAP. To be honest, in my row of seats, I observed multiple people watching something else on their phones. I assure you that was not happening at any other performance I have seen. Even the performance in Wichita was immensely better. We traveled for this show and bought six tickets for other people. Kind of embarrassing.

1.0 star rating Shane from Boston, Massachusetts


The music was just god awefull the cast seemed to be yelling their lines. the voice of Glinda was like nails on a chalkboard we left at internission one of the worse plays I have ever attended. leave this for children only

1.0 star rating Izzy. from Chicago, Illinois


I paid a lot of money to see this play in Chicago. I was expecting the best choreography, special effects, the best actos and actresses. All I had was a poor performance, very basic play. I watched videos from this play in other countries and those videos were amazing but not in this country. So sad. 👎👎👎👎👎

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Enchanting BRILLIANT timeless

The performance of 'Defying Gravity' at the end of Act I will give you chills.

Almost 13 years after it's debut, you still can't go wrong with Wicked, a perfect adventure for the whole family! Eugene Lee's scenic design coupled with Susan Hilferty's costume artistry will have you engrossed in their magic throughout the production.

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