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5.0 star rating A.J. from Boston, Massachusetts


The venue acoustics were great. Both artists vocals were the best I had heard in years. As an avid fan of both, the sets were unbelievable.Todd's set list was a dream set- hit after hit and sensational covers. If this show and its encore didn't move you check your pulse. Can't recommend it enough...would travel again to see it

5.0 star rating Sonja and Zach from Boston, Massachusetts


My son and I saw this concert last night! It was awesome! I am in awe how they still have the stamina and the voice to this day! You go Daryl and Todd! You still have it and always will! Thank you for your talent ! We are blessed!

5.0 star rating Sandy from Boston, Massachusetts


Both Todd and Daryl were fantastic, played so many favorites. The band was from his show, Daryl’s house and they were right on point. The music was loud and nonstop with one intermission. The even played 3 songs together for the encore. . It was a fun entertaining night!

5.0 star rating Felicia Khan from New York, New York


Yes, I too was disappointed that many of my old favorites weren't sung...however, if you ever watch live from Daryls House, it's Unfiltered, Raw, live jam sessions where maybe the acoustics might be off a bit. Nevertheless, Daryl kudos to you, Todd and the band. 75 and still can jam the way you do is mind blowing!!! Your catalog & range of music stands decades. I didn't recognize many of Todd's songs & some of Daryls but could appreciate the sets. Thank you Daryl, please come back to NYC soon...with John Oats.

5.0 star rating Cathy from New York, New York


Daryl Hall does not disappoint on his solo tour with special guest Todd Rundgren. Voice in top form and MAN THIS GUY HAS SOME PIPES AT 75! Enjoyed every second! Bravo! 👏👏👏

5.0 star rating Robin Fields from Riviera Beach, Florida


Traveled thousands of miles to see this show and very glad we did. Todd surprised me with how fantastic he sounded live after all these years. He sang several popular songs, my favorite, his version of ‘ I Want You to Want Me’ from his With a Twist CD. It was spot on. He’s an incredible vocalist. Daryl reworked brilliantly several of his own songs including, “Everytime You Go Away”. I was taken to near tears to finally hear live his sons from Sacred Songs, a long LONG awaited treat. Daryl addressed the audience that he was dealing with some tech issues and I think that just made him, seem more real than ever. His voice was as beautiful as ever. The band was incredible.

5.0 star rating Bill Norris from Omaha, Nebraska


Don't let these two fool you. They are simply awesome! Take it in, and forget about life for a few hours. These songs are beautifully sung and played. Great show. Highly recommend it. Don't be the fool and miss this spectacular concert and these two hall of famers.

4.0 star rating Billy h from Boston, Massachusetts


Started out a little rough as DH was irritated with some sound issues and a speaker centered in the middle of the stage. Orpheum is ancient so I guess you put up with those things. As soon as he started going with Dreamtime, I was back 35 years to the last time I saw him. The dude is a legend, and still has it. He blew through a few new songs which were good and stayed engaged with the 60-70 something crowd. He finally broke out with Sarah Smile and One on One and didn’t disappoint…on the piano, behind the keyboard. Came back for Make my Dreams Come True encore and the place went nuts….followed up with Todd Rundgren (Darryl House Version) of Wait for Me and Can We Still Be Friends which were both spot on. Honestly, the final 30 minutes was awesome and made the night. Both guys still got it. Band was great.

4.0 star rating Felicia Khan from New York, New York

DARYL HALL RAW & UNFILTERED yes, I was obviously disappointed that he didn't perform most of the hits we've come to know & love, however this was like a jam session, raw, Unfiltered & just vibing in the moment. Daryl was also there to promote his new Album. You have to give it up to him, 75 & still creating great music. Your catalog expands through decades. Thank you Daryl. Please come back to NYC WITH JOHN OATS!

4.0 star rating Heather from Ontario Canada


Hubby and I travelled from Ontario Canada to see this pairing at Carnegie Hall. Loved the venue! Todd was amazing and had a great rapport with the audience. I expected more from Hall. He apparently doesn’t do sound checks and it showed. He spent much of the time complaining about the sound and coming across as an ogre to his sound people. This was very distracting. He still has an amazing voice but respect for the venue was lacking. Daryl’s House on YouTube is better but I’m glad I got to see Carnegie Hall and Todd. That’s why the 4 stars.

4.0 star rating KTB from Bronx, New York


As an avid fan of Daryl and John, I've been to many of their concerts over the last 40 years. I'm also a huge fan of Daryl's solo stuff. I went to this concert expecting to hear his songs, many of which are on his new CD. I was in my glory to hear Daryl perform songs from Sacred Songs, which I've never heard live before. However, it ended up being one-third H&O music. H&O fans have plenty of opportunities to see them but it's rare to see Daryl alone. Daryl's voice sounded stronger than I've heard in years. Also, while Todd Rundgren was good, I thought he'd open with a few songs then do the duet with Daryl. Instead his set was as long as Daryl's. Overall, excellent show but not exactly what I expected.

4.0 star rating Ronny Kornfeld from New York, New York


Montclair NJ show...Todd was flying right out of the gate...ripping guitar solos...over the top vocals..Daryl seemed apologetic about his solo catalogue songs which was why I was there...the Hall and Oates shows got stale years ago and he is reborn with these shows...Philly soul roots shine...fantastic encores with Todd on Wait for Me and Didn't I Blow Your Mjnd This Time...only 4 stars bcuz band sound was muddy...needs better sound crew 4 sure...

4.0 star rating Bruce Goodman from Baltimore, Maryland


The concert was very good overall. Todd Rundgren still has a great voice and range. I didn't recognize but about 4 of his songs, but his hits were good. The acoustics in the Borgata event center definitely needs some improvement. It was also obvious that Daryl was having some sound issues. Daryl was entertaining and his house band was awesome. The lead guitarist was great as well as the sax player. In general the house band was great ! The only dissapointment was when the artist changes the song from the original hit version to update it . The song was a hit and should be done as it was originally recorded. We had a great night and we're glad we attended the show !

3.0 star rating Chuck Feltch from Boston, Massachusetts


Opening act Todd Rundgren slayed The Orpheum Crowd with a sizzling 65 minute opener, filled with his many Pop Hits and Some Rockers to boot. Daryl Hall, in contrast, seemed tentative and this was exacerbated by sound & equipment issues! Most of his offerings were from his Solo Catalogue which did not engage the audience, which clearly came to hear Hall & Oates Radio Hits.

3.0 star rating Alan Michaels from Boston, Massachusetts


Todd Rundgren surprised with a terrific set and a voice that still has range. He played some of his biggest hits and was really engaging with the crowd. Really great set and if it was just Todd it would've been 5 stars. Daryl on the other hand has such a negative vibe. He seemed uncomfortable on stage and was constantly complaining to the roadies and sound mixer. He played a bunch of self-indulgent tunes nobody cared to hear. BIG disappointment from someone who has one of the best voices in the genre. If you see this tour, walk out after Todd's set.

3.0 star rating Christopher Frawley from Miller Place, New York


Enormous talent (and matching egos) struggled to overcome poor staging and sound at the venerated Perelman stage. First class musicianship and execution were marred by a lack of attention and respect to the venue. The overall volume - way too loud, the sound collapsed into the midrange with the drums ridiculously too loud in the mix. Darryl stated "I never do a soundcheck" - well it showed big time in a place that should have sounded great. Virtually no separation of instruments. The lighting was also dismal. The spots on the main performers were way to dim. There were bright round lights behind the band that shone into the audience making it hard to see the performers. The lighting team was trying too hard with what looked like cheap effects. A minimalist approach would have been better. Both performers played solid sets. A more Darryl's House vibe with Todd integrated would have been better, but it was a more traditional opener and headliner. Too bad. A missed opportunity.

3.0 star rating John John from Boston, Massachusetts


Worse seats in the world (week later i am still in pain). Todd showed amazing endurance for a 70 yr old. The acoustics for Daryls band which played for both Todd (first hour) and Hall (second hour +) showed their talent, but the performance was un even at best. I couldnt make out any of the guitars nor sax. Overall I was very disappointed but gave them 3 stars our of sympathy. Daryl came across as somewhat cocky. I paid over 400 for 2 tickets, 100 for food and drink and 300 for a limo ride.....crappy $1000 night

3.0 star rating Patrick Robinson. from Seattle, Washington


Todd Rundgren proved once again why he's still an incredibly vital music maker at 73. Rightfully inducted into the Hall of Fame, his voice was clear, powerful and he was having fun, even getting into his very old material bringin it a new life. Daryl, who Todd inquired about on stage..was either sick, tired, or drunk. Either way his voice was WAY off (he does suffer from Lyme disease), and the whole show he did lacked energy with polite applause until he launched into Can't Go For That in an overly long version. THAT got the crowd engaged. But overall.. it was sad to see this icon struggling. He had feedback problems ("I don't do soundchecks" he said), guitar problems and vocal problems (he literally talked through some lyrics).. I wish him well and hope at 75 he still has some gas in the tank. McCartney does. so maybe. Still it was disappointing. Todd was worth the price of admission. A wizard, a true star.

3.0 star rating Pat from Glendale, California


My thoughts are similar to many already expressed. I didn't realize Todd's vocal power or his guitar skills, n)ice surprise. Both singer's were difficult to hear, understand. The sound was really off, distorted, poorly mixed. A lot of feedback throughout the second set. Really a shame, it had great moments . An acoustic song, Daryl on grand piano and guitar was painful to hear, the mix was so bad.

2.0 star rating Iris from Chicago, Illinois


Was truly looking forward to the store, took us two hours to get downtown finally get to the theater. The base was way too loud even in the restrooms everything was vibrating. Many people were purchasing ear plugs to minimize the base sound vibration. I wish so much acoustics were better. We ended up having to leave early because of the sound.

2.0 star rating David from New York, New York


All I can say is WTF …. As a massive fan of Daryl… this was so disappointing… acoustics were awful…. Set up poor… there were empty seats and I saw people leaving Todd overindulgent … Daryl disorganised … brought my family hoping to inspire my 17 year old with an icon of songwriting…. Ended up embarrassed. What can I say ….. Daryl is messing with his legacy here …. Skip it… Or wait for the next series of Daryl's House which he said he was going to do… the production will be as it should be… this show does not travel well.

2.0 star rating Doris Purvis from Northern Ireland


I changed my flight and accommodation dates so that I could attend this concert. The event was disappointing. Todd Rundgren was fairly good, although I couldn’t make out many of the lyrics of his songs. He seemed to be the support act but was actually better than Daryl Hall- the main act. I really enjoy Hall and Oates music and Daryl’s house, which has introduced me to several musicians, I had not heard of. Daryl’s part of the show was spoiled by his distracting signing to the technician, which he did almost half of his performance. He had little rapport with the audience and anyone expecting a range of songs from his back catalogue was to be disappointed. The show was largely self- serving and many patrons were to leave early. (Some of the ladies in the audience were rather attention seeking - and really old enough to know better.) All in all, a disappointment. However, the band was flawless and magnificent both with Todd and Daryl’s performances. 👏👏👏👏

2.0 star rating Chris C. from Ameabury, Massachusetts


Todd sang way better than I was expecting.There was definitely a lot of help from the band's harmonizing.Daryl belly ached about his reverb. If you can't sing anymore reverb won't help. Daryl's cover of "Here comes the rain again" forced us out of our seats ...not in a good the EXITS!!!

2.0 star rating John from San Diego, California


Saw this concert at Humphrey’s in San Diego. Overall the sound was horrible, though a bit better during Daryl’s set. Todd Rundgren took about 3 songs to find his voice, starting off his set flat and off key. His vocal recovery was partial and he never quite got to the point where he could hit the notes. Playing his songs, the band played uninspired almost like they were mailing it in. I was impressed with Todd’s guitar playing, really the highlight of his set. Daryl’s sound mix was noticeably better and the band came alive a bit, matching his energy level. While Daryl’s vocals were better and stronger than Todd’s, he still couldn’t hit the notes entirely and often resorted to changing his voice to get the words out. He played a good mix of hits, solo work and covers. Overall the concert was at or below average. The audience was talking and partying throughout, clearly more interested in the experience of the evening vs the music, and during the encore there was a steady stream of people leaving, with maybe half of the 1,400 attending left for the last song. My wife was part of an informal conversation in the restroom, where the ladies all agreed that neither artist had enough vocal chops left to inspire a future purchase of tickets to see either or both of them. Can’t say I disagree with their sentiment.

1.0 star rating Dpapas from Chicago, Illinois


The most misleading and disappointing experience ever. Daryl and Todd Rundgren were hard to watch. We expected Daryl and his band to give us a live concert similar to his YouTube sessions with a guest appearance from Todd. One hit song from Todd during his awful hour-plus opening of questionable music, and a dreadful performance with a set list of unrecognizable music without any audience engagement from Daryl. Daryl was well aware he was not delivering what the audience paid for --- he actually had the nerve to ask the audience that very question. We walked out during the last set.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


I’m 72 years old, been going to at least 6 concerts a year for over 50 years. This was the worst concert I have ever seen or shall I say heard. Sound for first set with Todd, was terrible. Only heard the drums, could not understand a word he sang. Second set with Hall, same on first song, was motioning to sound man, then sounded much better, but still not what I was expecting. Terrible sound for Carnegie Hall, even second set with 3 piano/organs couldn’t hear them! Watched all his Daryl’s House shows, and have been to his club in Pawling, NY, but this was garbage! .

1.0 star rating Jeanine from New York, New York


We were looking forward to a fun night at this concert The sound was worse than a high school gym, set was a mess with poor lighting and the worse sound . Todd Rundgren sounded shrill and never adjusted and his words were muddled Daryl came on and said he doesnt do sound checks and stayed visibly annoyed throughout the show barking reprimands at one point he laughed off a Chicago review that called him uptight! Needless to say we left very early a wasted night

1.0 star rating Chad from Charleston SC


The wife and I were expecting to hear Darrel’s hits songs. Unfortunately he played songs we never heard before - Very disappointing experience. Todd Rundgren was extremely hard to watch. His voice is just not there. It’s was very hard to understand what he’s saying and his pitch/tone is off. Needless to say, we left early. The lesson learned here - search the tour song list before purchasing tickets.

1.0 star rating Vance from San Antonio, Texas


What a disaster of a show! We all went to the concert excited to hear Hall & Oates classic hit songs, but left wishing we never went! There was no excitement in the crowd because there was not one song that showed any energy from either musician! People were reading on their iPhones during the show (including me) because there was no excitement coming from Daryl Hall it TR. People were leaving our area during the concert, and by the time the encore came all the seats around us were empty. Once we saw the set list we all blew out of there as well before his encore. Terrible songs, terrible sound, terrible event. Cheers

1.0 star rating Alleda from San Diego, California


Time to stay in your garage you perform much better in there. Todd was much better but both performances had no excuse get a better sound mixer your suppose to be professionals and should know better. Acted like you were just going through the motions with no regard for your audience. We actually thought Daryl was sick and forced to perform. Time to give it up or take a note from Mick Jagger and have some respect for the people who are spending money and their time to see you. Where’s your pride! I saw Peter Gabriel in Norway he was awesome, Adele in Paris, fabulous. Duran Duran in Hollywood simply amazing. In fact my husband did Van Halen videos and I launched MTV in the 80’s and have represented a few rappers. Love music but worse concert I’ve ever attended, left early because it was that painful to watch.

1.0 star rating Chuck from Reno, Nevada


We listened to entire Todd Rundgren Set (1 hour). Thought he was terrible until we heard Daryl Hall. Both guys sound; microphones were the worst sounding since Mr Microphone. Todd at least sounded sober. Daryl was drunk, i have no doubt. Left 1/2 way through his set…aweful!! Band sounded great!!!


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