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Rod Stewart Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 64



5.0 star rating Wendy from Courtice, On


I waited 50 years to see Rod and he didn’t disappoint. Ok he may walk instead of run, give himself rest breaks during the show but he gives so much to his audience and sounded great. Was transported back decades and loved every second. Cyndi Lauper was great too...funny, poignant, ever an activist.

5.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Wonderful feel good evening at Rogers arena! Fabulous show. So fun! Loved seeing Rods kids too!

5.0 star rating Randy from Pembroke ont


Seen rod 3 times over the last 30 years with shows like this I would go again great show should do an outdoor concert in Ottawa again

5.0 star rating Rainbowheaven from Ottawa, Ontario


He will NEVER be too old! I would like to see the blowhards who say he is , try to keep up with him! Trolls should go back to their caves and stop bothering humanity! Rod Stewart performance was perfect! His band were truly awesome! There was so much talent on that stage last night that it was magic!

5.0 star rating Vanessa from South Attleboro, MA


Rod Stewart put on an amazing show! His voice was just beautiful. He looked awesome and his energy and performance was fantastic!

5.0 star rating Candy from Toronto, Ontario


Wow what a show. Rod and his team never disappoint. Music is timeless and so are they. I highly recommend catching the show for a once in a life time opportunity!!

5.0 star rating Clarie Cressey from Fort Worth, Texas


Rod never disappoints! This was his best show ever and can’t wait to see what he has in store for this lifetime fan next!

5.0 star rating from Houston, Texas


Every thing some concert goers are complaining about is a shock to me. First of all Cheap Trick sounds great and was so much fun. Rod seemed generally happy to be performing even though it felt like it was 100 degrees! I can’t imagine how hot he was in his suit and tie, and under those lights. Nothing like the heat in Texas! Even after costume changes it was so hot! His back up singers were so much fun, and for those that didn’t enjoy them, I’m pretty sure nothing would make them happy. Taking us through the changes of his career brought back so many memories, and on top of all this he sounded better than ever! 77 looks good on him!

5.0 star rating Diana Loth from Houston, Texas


Can't describe how wonderful rod and his band were....excellent trick was great...left hoarse from singing time ever

5.0 star rating Barry from Nashville, Tennessee


Wasn’t much of a Rod fan but my wife has been a huge fan all her life. She talked me into going with her to see him with opening act Cheap . I have been to many concerts in my lifetime and would like to say this one ranks up there as one of the best I have seen. Being 77 years old, Rod put on a very energetic concert and had me standing on my old feet most of the concert singing along. Glad my wife talked me into going . I highly recommend this event. Thanx Rod for the road down memory lane.!!

5.0 star rating Frank Bailey from Nashville, Tennessee


First, I want to say that I've never been a big Rod Steward fan, but that has changed. We saw the Rod Stewart concert in Nashville on July 5, 2022. From start to finish, Rod was incredible. Yes, he's 77 years old. He gave it his all and did wonderfully. His "girls" were amazing and so talented, as were the male musicians. My wife and I smiled all through the concert. Anyone who gives this concert less than 5 stars must have drank too much. If he were putting on a second show tonight, we'd go again. Seriously.

5.0 star rating Carol Dean from Nashville, Tennessee


Loved every minute of Rod Stewarts show!!!!!! What a performance!!!!! Can’t wait to see him again!!!!

5.0 star rating Ray Kathmann from Cincinnati, Ohio


Fun sexy show Rod surrounds himself with amazing hot sexy woman. Not only great eye candy but very talanted.The stand in fiddle player was amaxing.

5.0 star rating Sally from Albany, New York


Went to see rod last night and he was fantastic. Five people in our group and not one was disappointed. Still love you Rod

5.0 star rating Amy Colby from Toronto, Ontario


Waited my whole life to see this man and he didn’t disappoint, Budweiser Stadium was shoulder to shoulder, I cried the entire time. Only sang one of his new songs from his Hercules album, the rest was all greatest hits. My life is now complete. I love you Rod!! Thank you., Thank you, Thank you.

5.0 star rating Len from Toronto, Ontario


What a night at the Budweiser stage! Cheap Trick started the night off and performed a great set. The crowd was appreciative. Rod came out to a thunderous ovation. It had been 4 years since we last saw Rod. This was my 27th Rod Stewart concert over the past 40 years. My First show was in 1981 at Maple Leaf Gardens, Ticket Price was $10.00. I must say, Rod was feeding off the love and energy of this Loud Toronto crowd as he had a little spring in his step and seemed moved by the response of the crowd. He sounded great! Still had a few mic stand twirls. Set list was amazing! The back up band was incredible and the Three Blonde back up singers did not stop! Their energy was off the charts! My 26 year old son was with me and it was his first Rod concert. He said it was the best concert he has ever seen. Rod 77 years young, I cant wait for the next show!

5.0 star rating Anna J Harper from Linwood, Michigan


I have waited since 1969 to see Rod Stewart and the concert was 10/10!!! His Energy and Voice were off the charts<3 The Stage was amazing with the many screens, very unique and added to the experience 10/10 The singers, dancers, and his bands performance was Outstanding 10/10

5.0 star rating Mike C. from Boston, Massachusetts


True not the Rod Stewart of yesterday but the Rod Stewart of today touched and engaged the audience. … and the band was fantastic adding a new life to the classics with a today flair. Our only negative is the pairing with Cheap Tricks, just not the right band and style mix.

5.0 star rating Debby Marsland from Boston, Massachusetts


Rod Stewart was awesome❣️ Still rockin at 77! His voice, still fantastic❣️ Sexy as ever❣️

5.0 star rating Jack OConnor from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Cheap Trick to open and more of the draw for me, but Rod and the rest of the performers he had with him made it a super rising entertaining concert. I would definitely recommend it. Showman!

5.0 star rating Leslie Derrington from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Rod Stewart was amazing in Hershey. Sang a variety of songs from all of his musical career. His voice is still strong and oh so incredible! The backup singers and band were so talented and added so much to the show. l grew up singing the songs of Rod and standing up Saturday night in the warm air at the beautiful Hershey arena surrounded by thousands of singing fans l was once again a young. teenage girl. Thank you Rod for letting me relive my 70’s memories, if just for one night. ❤️❤️

5.0 star rating Paula from Eastport, NY


I have seen him perform since I was in my twenties. Now, in my sixties, still such a wonderful performer. We saw him last night at Jones Beach.

5.0 star rating Sally Brown from Charlotte, North Carolina


Rod may be slowing down somewhat, but still a great showman and a great voice! Love that man!

5.0 star rating Jill from Baltimore, Maryland


Had the best time at Merriweather, in Maryland last night. I’ve seen Rod in concert more times than I can count. Has he slowed down, yes…he’s 77 years old! I expected that, I’ve slowed down too. He can still sing, move around the stage and the songs are just plain timeless. The place was packed and the audience seemed into it, so many songs the band just stopped and the audience would sing several lines back, love that! The band and backup singers were extremely talented and energetic! I’ve read reviews here saying , Rod had to sit, Rod had to go off stage three times- HE’S always gone off stage to change outfits and he’s been doing the sit down part of the show (when showcasing 3-4 ballads) for years! And so what? He thanked the audience twice for coming etc.. Love his sense of humor and love that he still kicks out the soccer balls! My only wish, he would’ve come out for an encore. I highly recommend seeing Rod in concert, forever a great live performer!

5.0 star rating Carol sullivan from Jjacksonville florida show last night


best show ever He is still the best ever

5.0 star rating Bruce MacDonald from Tampa, Florida


Second time seeing Rod and he didn't disappoint. Even sporting a recent knee injury and being in obvious pain he was fabulous. Played for 2 hours with a few breaks while the rest of the band carried on. All the favs including several songs from his time in Faces. Would jump at the chance to see him again. Rock on Sir Rodney!

5.0 star rating Paul from Tampa, Florida


This show was wold class! The music was exquisite. Rod Stewart is a must see!

5.0 star rating Lisa from Phoenix, Arizona


Rod Stewart's concert in Phoenix was fabulous last night! He put on a real show, close to a Vegas show. This was my 3rd time seeing him in concert. The last time was 1993. He was just as good last night as he was back in the 90s. At the age of 78 he didn't disappoint.

5.0 star rating Lynne Baker from San Diego, California


He was just as good as the last time I saw him some 39 years ago !

5.0 star rating Wayne Elyk from Vancouver, British Columbia


Great 👍 Great show Great voice was entertaining with his band and girl singers ..also the sax.s player unbelievable Was a must see this icon . A must see this show ..thanks Rod.

5.0 star rating Brad from Vancouver, British Columbia


The only thing equally amazing to Rod last night was the talent he had on stage with him. The band was tight, the tenor saxophonist was brilliant, and the skill of the girls playing violin, harp, Irish dancing…etc, little lone singing was truly magnificent! Rod was amazing, having a shout out to friends Tina Turner, Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood (who lost everything in the Maui fires), and wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag to support them. At 78 I was blown away by how well he still moves (even if he had a few breaks for costume changes), and how his voice is still timeless. All in all it was a marvellous performance by everyone and we were highly entertained. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? Thanks for the everlasting memories Sir Roderick!!!!!

5.0 star rating Julie from Vancouver, British Columbia


We enjoyed the show from start to finish..Rods energy was amazing...Hubby saw him 47 years ago in Vancouver...All the support team created a fun polished atmosphere...Hubby caught one of the balls and it was hilarious how much good cheer he received from the skytrain passengers on our way home...One guy even told us that he also was at the same concert all those years ago...All in all a very electric vibe with the act and all that attended.

5.0 star rating John Campbell from Vancouver B.C.


Had the pleasure to see Rod Stewart for the first time.Amazing performance by him and his supporting cast.Talked to many people who were there and everybody gave high marks for his performance .Age should never be a barrier to anyone as he clearly showed last night.If you ever get a chance to see him live do it you will not be disappointed.First class performance ..

5.0 star rating Bob the concert guy from Vancouver, British Columbia


Last night was truly an amazing show , I am still on a high from last's concert in Vancouver from the pipes playing Scotland the brave when rod and the band took to the stage until he left about two hours later after an awesome encore of stay with me a solid 23 song set that included all of my favorites Rod Stewart songs of the 35 years that I have been a fan . I got to see it with a childhood bestie that I have known since I was 8 years old and we were both impressed. Not my first time seeing Rod Stewart in concert but if it's my last what a memory.

5.0 star rating Jeff from Vancouver, British Columbia


Since the 70s back in London I’ve seen him 6 times. Twice in London at Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium. 4 times in Canada. The show on the 12th was fantastic. He’s still Got it a 78 years old… incredible!

5.0 star rating Fran Dowson from Vancouver, British Columbia


My 3rd time seeing Rod, twice in Toronto many years ago. Over the years, I have been to over 70 concerts, and this was one of the best, a real show! The band and the lady singers were outstanding. I was in the accessibility section so the view was great. Cheap Trick were so loud and not a good fit as an opening act for this show. If I never go to another concert, This was a perfect ending! And Rod has still got it!

5.0 star rating Norm from Montreal, Quebec


Great concert fantastic musicians Rod was up to the challenge he on key and great show

5.0 star rating Donna from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Rod was amazing!! He sounded great and his show was non stop energy and fun. I have seen him at least 10 times but this was by far his best show. Everyone there seemed to have a great time!!! I hope he continues to tour.

5.0 star rating T. Robinson from Las Vegas, Nevada


This is the second Rod Stewart concert and he is awesome. I have given him and his band five stars. However, the six dancers did nothing for him. I didn’t pay this amount of money to watch them I paid to see and hear Rod Stewart. If they are suppose to be backup singers, ok, but the dancing isn’t needed. They were a distraction. I would give them one star.

5.0 star rating Nancy T from Chicago, Illinois


Yes Sir Rod still has the moves!! Can still keep up with himself. Very entertaining show. Except why in the world would he leave a two hour show? 20 minutes early not even say goodbye thank you for coming. Just lights on leave the show Not even a whimper of an encore that was disappointing.

4.0 star rating Chris from Fall River, MA


Loads of fun songs! Rod was talkative and had a great band with fantastic sax player. Dedicated songs to veterans and the kids who marched around the country railyinv for safer schools. Would definetly see this show again given the chance. Good view even from back row floor seats. If you see a concert here suggest you book a restaurant a few weeks ahead because they all had hours long wait lines

4.0 star rating Dave Tottenham from Boston, Massachusetts


Very entertaining ! showman!

4.0 star rating Mike from Boston, Massachusetts


I had seen Rod once before in Mansfield MA, pre-COVID and he was spectacular. This show in August 2022 was a little more subdued. That said, the man is 77 and still out their rocking. Sure, he was propped up a bit by his band and backup singers, but that's okay and understandable. If you're a Rod fan, you'd have liked the show. As an aside, Cheap Trick absolutely rocked...they have not lost their fastball at all.

4.0 star rating Brenda King from Atlanta, Georgia


I have been to many concerts, but had never seen Rod. My goal at 71 is to see as many concerts that I have missed over the years. I really wanted Rod to sing more of his most popular songs, but he looked very tired. I wasn't a fan of all the extras playing and singing with him even though they were all very good. It seemed to me the music was to loud. Rod was hard to hear when he sang. I have seen Cheap Trick before and I liked their choice of songs. Rod did have an encore. Some people mentioned he didn't.

4.0 star rating Joey from Montreal, Quebec


78 and still kicking it ! I have loved him forever , never miss a show. Although he is getting on in age , not looking forward to the day he retires. A bit disappointed he did not sing *we are having a party * Not as energized as I am used to , but what will I look like at his age. Still an awesome artist . May be due for a haircut . :)

4.0 star rating Pat Merrick from New York, New York


Rod and CheapTrick were a big part of my childhood and teenage years. I never saw Rod and he was amazing. He gave us everything. I saw CheapTrick in 82 and 86. Both great shows and Friday night they were great again. Great memory. Thank you guys. Beautiful night. Awesome venue too...

3.0 star rating K.R. from Winnipeg, Manitoba


I had seen him several times before and for his age definitely still a good show but too mellow for me. best song for me was his Muddy Waters song. all in all glad I went good to destress

3.0 star rating Barb from Ottawa, Ontario


Rod 's voice was awesome. Band was amazing . The ladies can play multiple instruments, One of them played bongos,harp,maracas , tambourine ,keyboard, symbols and ,banjo .. We had a side view if stage . My son got a glimpse of Rod changing when the door opened. It's okay Rod we were 300 section. I think it was a little short,maybe just because, I could just have listened to him all night. Back up singers were lively and fun. Oh ya and the man can stilll kick a soccer ball. Thanks Chez106 for the tickets

3.0 star rating Daniel from Toronto, Ontario


Finally got to see the man himself. What an entertainer ! Bass guitar needs to review sound tho - completely muddled most of the time except in softer passages. The speaker system needs to be tweaked.

3.0 star rating Eleanor from Ottawa, Ontario


Overall great show. However felt Rod was struggling at times foe energy. Glad I went. Had great seats. Wont go again if that should happen but I doubt it. He on;y comes here every 10 yrs so ....................

3.0 star rating TCExperts - Doug D. from Santa Barbara, California


Loved the songs from his best album "Every picture tells a story" and the Tribute to Veterans. I've seen hundreds of concerts and can't remember a time when the lead person did not introduce all the band members and thank the audience before saying goodbye....until Rod Stewart in Santa Barbara last night! We sat with the audience a long time after the concert in disbelief. Many people were disappointed. Maybe he was sick or didn't appreciate the empty seats at the SB Bowl?

3.0 star rating Jodi Brandt from Santa Barbara, California


It was my first time seeing Rod Stewart in concert and I have to say that although he sounded good there was too much emphasis on back up singers. He left the stage for three songs and the concert and it’s entirety was one hour and 45 minutes. I wish for the second half of the show instead of bringing out white chairs for everyone to sit on that he would’ve just used a small black Stu for himself, I think it would’ve brought less attention to the fact that he needed to sit. The craziest part was there was no encore. Instead there was a music video from some all girl band that I don’t even know. All and all we still had a great time!

3.0 star rating Janet Sicoff from Santa Barbara, California


Rod Stewart walked off the stage 30 minutes early and never came back or thanked the audience. Everybody was upset and could not figure out what had happened to him. First time at Santa Barbara Bowl and it was a disappointment. Have never seen an artist do this. Did find a great restaurant before the show Milk and Honey on Anapamu

3.0 star rating Monica Conklin from Santa Barbara, California


Saw Rod Stewart Sat. Night in Santa B Bizarre. That's only way to describe it. His fans love him and support him His voice was great Just want to know WHY? He just left the stage?

3.0 star rating Elly Barr from Tampa, Florida


Rod was great! You could see he was tired, voice not as strong. The band and back up singers were fabulous! Rod disappeared for a few songs which was OK. At the start we were told to expect a 2 hour show with some extra numbers but what we got was 9:00- 10:40 and some numbers dropped! The encore was the worst I've ever seen!! Just rubbish and he didn't even say goodbye!

3.0 star rating Leila Heim from Vancouver, British Columbia


My 4th time seeing Rod since 1979. Every time he is lovely, fantastic show, great voice, great band and back up singers. This time the sound techs messed it up especially on the faster numbers. Bass was so loud and drowned out most words. Also, the pair up with Cheap Trick was a terrible choice, just loud, screaming old men. Horrible. I missed Rod’s usual encore of “ I am sailing”- what happened? His biggest hit missing? Rod still remains my favorite, too bad the sound was so bad it required me to wear ear plugs for half the concert.

3.0 star rating Janet Espique from Indianapolis, Indiana


I absolutely love Sir Rod. For a man of 79 he does give a good show. We were told to expect a 2-3 hour show. Rod had no opening act. A third of the show was performed by his band and backup singers while Sir Rod rested or changed clothes. It’s okay, he is older and needs breaks understandable. What saddened me and most of the audience is that we thought the band was taking an intermission. The whole show only last 1.5 hours. Couldn’t believe Rod and the band just left the stage. No Goodnight or Thank you to the audience. Everyone was clapping and cheering but Rod never returned for an encore. I was a little disappointed as these were very expensive tickets and the only Christmas present I asked for this year. I love you Sir Rod but you broke my heart.

2.0 star rating Bob Brown from Toronto, Ontario


Rubbish, he's loosing it. Seen many rod concerts even when in the faces. This was probably the worst. Too much emphasis on individual band members and back up singers. Not the usual energy from rod. Too old now. Give it up rod.

2.0 star rating Pedro Crawford from Santa Barbara, California


Give it up. I know he's 74, but he didn't come out for an encore, was surrounded by capable, mostly younger musicians who were forced to sit on stools half way through the concert because Sir Rod had to take a break (not including his frequent off stage breaks). It is time to retire. Wouldn't come out for an encore despite loud, adoring crowd.

2.0 star rating Diane from Las Vegas, Nevada


Rod look tired, unprepared and anxious to get the show finished. I was so looking forward to show and left disappointed - everyone was waiting for a huge encore which didn’t happen. Bad opening night.

2.0 star rating Deb McNamara from Houston, Texas


The show last night was a complete disappointment. I have seen Rod several times. Last time was in Vegas and he was good. However, that was a few years and time has not been good to Rod. The show was basically a Vegas style production with very beautiful talented young ladies and men doing the work for old Rod. He mouths the words of the song and attempts to make some “Do you think I’m Sexy” moves but, he is well past his singing expectation date. Don’t take me wrong, we are all getting old but, some of us know when to retire gracefully. Stay home and save your money. This is not the Rod we once knew. Also, Cheep Trick was horrible. Talk about a bunch of old white men trying to be cool. This was not an entertaining evening.

2.0 star rating Tawni S. Glover from Jacksonville, Florida


My sister saw Rod Stewart last year and said it was the best concert she has ever seen. We went and paid a hefty price for good seats at Daily's Amphitheatre and between the 6 breaks he took off stage letting either the band or his 5 backup girls take the show, it was ridiculous. He didn't attempt ANY high notes on his popular songs and went with a lower version of the verses. He was not very active on stage and although he is 79, my husband at 80 could have done better. All I can think of is that he was very sick. I was fearful that he might pass out up there. Something was very wrong~

1.0 star rating Janet from Alexandria , Ontario


I loved the whole show, for a man of 73, he was great

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