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Chelsea Handler Reviews

Comedy & Stand-upControversial

Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 53



5.0 star rating David Barton from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Thank You Chelsea, I enjoyed your viewpoints and your message. Everyone should vote and we should help anyone who wants to vote make their feelings heard. I just wish we had more people stepping up and letting their voice be heard. Thank You again. The location was fantastic. Even with a baseball game happening across the river there was parking and dinning available. It might have been a good suggestion to have the audience mic preset-up but it worked out fine. Take care on the slopes and we look forward to seeing you again in Pittsburgh.

5.0 star rating Jordan Namitz from Reno, Nevada


I honestly found you and your opening set girl to be so fucking funny my back hurt the next day from laughing so hard! You’re the best! Bottom line I don’t care what other people think

5.0 star rating from Jacksonville, Florida


Outstanding show! Chelsea tells it like it is! She reveals embarrassing moments about herself, her sexual appetite, her dogs and her life in general. She speaks the truth about straight white men in this country. The perfect mix for a thought provoking and hysterical performance!!!!

5.0 star rating Candy Baker from Palmyra, Pennsylvania


I'm a long time fan of Chelsea Handler and this show did not disappoint! She was absolutely hysterical and the theater was packed! Her humor is incomparable and I haven't laughed that much in a long time! The Hershey Theater was perfect for this event -seats are great and the acoustics are fantastic. Can't wait til Chelsea comes back to this area again!

5.0 star rating Maggie from Minneapolis, Minnesota


From the opening to the end of Chelsea’s performance… this show was HILARIOUS. Chelsea does not hold back!

5.0 star rating Mel from Makanda, IL


I loved every minute of it! Got tix to Louisville after seeing her in Memphis. If you are cis gender, republican, white male you are likely to complain but honestly what's new?. I am of a different demographic and do my research. If you understand comedy as an art form, this show is genuine gradeA, top shelf, sticky-green amazing. I've been waiting my whole life for this and now I can make room for a new "bucket list" venture.

5.0 star rating Melinda Ware from Louisville, Kentucky


I saw her show in Memphis and she killed. Headed to Louisville, "the Palace" tonight to see a living legend 2x in one year. Thank you, Chelsea!

5.0 star rating Frank from Toronto, Ontario


Exactly as expected. Tells it like it is. Absolutely love Chelsea and her stories! Highly recommended!

5.0 star rating SJ from Toronto Ontario


Stunning 😭✔️

4.0 star rating Leo from Cincinnati, Ohio


I saw Chelsea in Cincinnati on 12/02/2023 at the iconic Taft theater. As a long-time fan I purchased tickets early and was lucky to be in the front row center. I thought the show could have had a bit more comedy and less reminiscing about her past but overall she did a great job. I really loved the woman who opened the show! She was hilarious! It was a special thrill to be able to high-five her at the end of the performance!!!

3.0 star rating Craig Solum from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I thought the "show" was somewhat thought provoking but only glazed over a few topics with a little comedy in between. I thought the host did well, I thought Chelsea seemed real and genuinely concerned with today's issues but again, not a lot of substance. Also, the seating for those who purchased VIP tickets was not thought out well. There were several speaker/monitors in our way and one couldn't actually see Chelsea and Jana. The usher did her best to accommodate everyone though.

3.0 star rating Brian Moscati from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


She was very open and honest about her views on politics. But thats what the whole conversation and show was about. Anybody was able to come up to the microphone and talk to her, which was cool. The show lasted an hour and a half. The tickets were on the cheaper side. Her quest did most of the talking. Humor was hit or miss. But to be completely honest, I probably wouldn't see this specific show again. All and all it was an okay show. I just would rather here about her druken stories then Trump. Also the theater was absolutely beautiful and amazing. The seats are perfect. You never have to look over someone's head because these seats are off centered from each other and at a slight incline. Also the restarunt Nola, about 2 blocks over was absolutely perfect. Overall great day.

3.0 star rating Amy from Boston, Massachusetts


I was really looking forward to this show but it was a let down. Start with theatre: not comfortable at all- and I midget sized legs. The mics weren’t working and took about 7 tries to figure out. People were up and down all through the show and it was very distracting and I thought disrespectful to Chelsea and guests. As for substance: it was first show so I’ll forgive nerves etc. Chelsea herself is great. She reads the whole first chapter which was perhaps a little too long but she made it funny. Her interviewer came on and that’s where it fell apart. She didn’t know how to engage in a structured dialogue and often spoke more about herself. It was like a big therapy session. I think Chelsea would be able to create lightness and humor with the issues- and it did come out occasionally - but with her side kick, it didn’t work. I’d rather read her book.

3.0 star rating Chelsea is still one of my heroes. from Silver Spring MD


I think Chelsea came out strong, I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of her show. And I actually really like the chef she brought out to interview her. But that’s with the show down the slide. The chef should stick to her expertise, and Chelsea should’ve continued her strong showing. It just didn’t work well. That said, I’m so glad I went. Chelsea is still one of my heroes.

3.0 star rating George Balla from Houston, TX


Saw Chelsea on 12/10/2021. I have always enjoyed her especially on Chelsea Lately. I am a straight white guy and disagreed with some of her opinions. Love her stories though I like early Chelsea better that than angry Chelsea. Still looks awesome. The show was interesting but not all that humorous. I thought it was a comedy show.

2.0 star rating Christine from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Spent a decent amount of money to see my girl. LOVE her....But I have to say...MET said show started at 8pm..She didnt come out until around 9 AND lasted about an hour???? She READ part of her book to us...and then talked to some lady on stage that her therapy session....No standup comedy...Was very disappointed....Dont think I will be going to another show....

2.0 star rating Kara from Boston, Massachusetts


This show was not a stand up comedy. Not only was it not remotely funny, but it was slightly depressing. She just talked about her narcissistic self and her past tragedies. Definitely regret spending the money. Will tell everyone not to see her

2.0 star rating Audrey from Austin, Texas


During her Uganda Be Kidding me tour, I saw her perform at Bass Concert Hall in Austin. It was what one expects when attending a comic’s show. Standup! For her Life Will Be The Death of Me tour, I was thrilled to see ACL Mood Theatre in Austin on the circuit. Her presale tickets promoted as including a copy of the book was a bonus. I was really disappointed by the show. She read the first chapter of her book to provide context to the show. I enjoy book readings by the authors of books I love, but this was an odd start to a comedy show. Having to wait twenty minutes past the advertised start time certainly didn’t convince me that she’s attempting to examine her elitist lifestyle. I paid extra for floor seats, but was barely able to see her perform because she sat in a low, leather chair the majority of the show. She brought Connie Britton out to join her in this lounge room setting. While Austin gets excited about any “Friday Night Lights” actor, I paid to see a comedy show. They basically had conversations about drugs, therapy, Chelsea’s crisis of consciousnesses following the election of Trump, whereby she realizes she has gotten everything she has wanted and therefore missed being relatable. I’m empathetic to her coming to terms with the death of her brother, look forward to reading her book, but wish I hadn’t spent a day’s salary on something I could have easily watched the next time she is promoting the book on a talk show.

2.0 star rating Jane C from San Francisco, California


Was expecting comedy- she read her book to us 😴

2.0 star rating Sabina from Buffalo, New York


…to say the least.

2.0 star rating JT Stewart from Philadelphia, pa


I just saw her in philly with my wife. My wife and I used to watch Chelsea lately and I enjoy her sarcasm and wit, however, that’s not what we found at this show. Opener was relatively funny and then chelsea came on and she started strong for the most part. But it was exactly as people have recounted here, I felt like I was listening to boring small talk with her. It was more angry and polarizing than anything. I respect her views bc I feel everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how dumb but I paid for a comedy show, give me some funny not a lecture. And i don’t need to agree with your opinions to think you’re funny but please still be funny. And then to add insult to injury, she had shamelessly brought her new boyfriend on stage to bore us with their smitten love stories and plug his book and career. I wish I never went to the show so that I could still be a fan or if I found this review first. And why do I have to go to a message board to find an honest review on this show?

2.0 star rating JP from Vancouver, British Columbia


I’m not sure why Chelsea thought there were lots of gay men in the audience. Audience was mostly woke Karens. Handler is one of the funniest people on the planet and it is sad that she has to rein it in and smoke screen to avoid being cancelled.

2.0 star rating Isabella from Minneapolis, Minnesota


The show was just not very funny. Politics, kids and her dogs. That was it. All in a one hour! It was more like a one hour talk. Not worth the money.

2.0 star rating Andrew from Toronto, Ontario


This was my first time seeing Chelsea live and I feel she fell flat. Her material was lazy not a bit boring. Jokes about Bill Cosby, Covid and Andrew Cuomo were out of date. At points I struggled to stay awake and I thought the best part of the show was when she said good night.

2.0 star rating Lisa from Baltimore, Maryland


Shocking, but we actually get it without "it" being 'splained ad nauseam. We appreciate/enjoy edgy (Pryor, Gervais, Chappell, etc), but her show was dulled by her style (lack of style?) vulgarity. She has the makings of a really great show, very funny material, but she delivers to a middle-school bathroom. So yeah, husband & I found her live show a waste of time & money.

1.0 star rating Dan S from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I was really disappointed. Chelsea did not really share anything insiteful or original thought which provoked humor or a call to action. I had an expectation that she would offer intelligent humor on political topics to inspire thought. Rather, what we saw was what could be obtained by scorollingthrough an Apple News feed with all settings set to Liberal. To me it felt lazy on her part. She positioned this as her contribution to doing something and taking action. This show is evidence that “just showing up” does not entitle you to a microphone, much less expecting others to pay for the priveledge.

1.0 star rating Kathleen Kelly from Boston, Massachusetts


We paid $191+ for 2 tickets. It was awful. She read chapter 1, then talked about therapy. We walked out halfway through. Very disappointing! I want a refund. We thought it was a comedy show, not a book tour. Depressing more than funny.

1.0 star rating Erika from Boston, Massachusetts


I was pretty pumped to see this show. Chelsea of course had moments that were funny but to call it sit down comedy was a dramatic stretch. A lot about resolving deep personal issues with drugs by both Chelsea & Frankie Shaw. It was more like I paid $150 to attend a support group. So much potential and very poorly executed.

1.0 star rating Jonathan from Boston, Massachusetts


I had seen Chelsea Handler before and read two of her books. I was very much looking forward to seeing her perform again. Unfortunately, though, the show did not elicit many laughs from me or other members of the audience. My friends and I agreed after about 45 minutes that it was time to leave. I hope that her future performances are more entertaining.

1.0 star rating Kerri from Boston, Massachusetts


I've been to several other Chelsea shows and it is absolutely not worth the money this time. People were leaving in droves last night, it was that bad. We expected comedy and instead we got a serious discussions (much like if you were on Dr. Phil)sprinkled with wise-ass comments. It's great she's turning her life around, but please, for those of us expecting an actual comedy show, we would have rather put hot pokers in our eyes. Go back to drinking, Chelsea!

1.0 star rating Steve from Warrington, Pennsylvania


I was hoping to hear something funny and witty. Instead I listened to Chelsea talk about her guilt over making lots of money, why she needed a psychologist, and boring conversation between her and her host. This must have been her way to recouping her psychologist fees. Can't believe I paid for this. Watching laundry tumble in my dryer would have been more entertaining.

1.0 star rating Kathleen Kelly from Boston, Massachusetts


Do not waste your hard earned money. We walked out halfway through. We thought it was a comedy tour because the ticket says comedy tour. We arrived and they handed out books. Then, we went in and it started about 40 minutes later than the recorded message said. They couldn’t get the microphones to work. Then she read the first chapter of her book and talked about therapy and her brother who died when she was 9 and cried and her guest talked about therapy and being abused as a child. It was a book tour, not a comedy tour and I felt completely hoodwinked and would like my money back.

1.0 star rating Shelia from Detroit, Michigan


Completely disappointing. We wanted a stand up comedy experience and it was NOT even close. It was a complete waste of time and money. Chelsea read off of her book in the beginning. Not organic AT ALL then invited a journalist on stage and the interview was terrible. Disappointed.

1.0 star rating Teresa from Detroit, Michigan


Attended the show in Detroit at the Fillmore and after 30 minutes walked out!! The platform of the show was depressing and very boring!! I expected humor and all she talked about was her issues and tragedy as she was being interviewed by some other unknown girl. If you want people to known how you have changed Let people read that in your book. Will not ever pay to see her again. Highly disappointed

1.0 star rating Underwhelmed in The D from Detroit, Michigan


Wow, what a disappointment!! Chelsea’s performance was lazy at best! She opened the show reading from her book?? Then she takes a seat for the rest of the show and is being interviewed by a not particularly creative or insightful young woman. It was if she didn’t even care that she had an audience! Why give us the book if she was just going to spend 20 minutes reading it to us! The format of the show was I found her to be narcissistic and not funny at all Save your $. Totally not worth it. Kind of makes you feel taken!!

1.0 star rating from Detroit


She should be embarrassed to charge money for this so called comedy tour. It was like watching a daytime talk show about her life. Reading from her book for the first 20 minutes was not enjoyable at all. I highly recommend you to keep you money instead of wasting it on this. Comedy is supposed to be funny, this was not funny at all.

1.0 star rating from Detroit, Michigan


This was some weird set up with her sitting comfortably and being interviewed by someone who was clearly fed the questions, so it felt like she set up herself (via the interviewer) to brag about her mental state successes through and her new profound enlightenment. We don't know her well and wanted to watch a comedy which this was not. A few witty comments but most of it was too long and boring.

1.0 star rating Faye from Chicago, Illinois


Saw the Chicago show and thought it was terrible. Her readings were flat, fast, and emotionless. Then she sat and swapped stories with her guest, who did most of the talking. A few laughs here and there, but not worth the price paid to listen to random conversation

1.0 star rating Jan from Denver, CO


I was hoping that Chelsea just had a bad interviewer in Denver and that is rhe reason the show was lame and boring. But as I read these I realize this just isn’t the case. Sadly, this is a bad concept for Chelsea. Many people walked out of the show in Denver. My only regret is that I wasn’t among them.

1.0 star rating Erika McDonald from Denver, Colorado


Beyond boring. At one point there was a guy a few rows back from us who stood up and yelled at her to please stand up and tell jokes! Yes, when you go to a comedy show it’s what you laugh. Do NOT waste your money.

1.0 star rating Aimee from San Francisco, California


My friend and I both went into this expecting a comedy show and instead observed a self indulgent therapy session. It was a highlight to see Sarah Silverman on stage but even with Sarah the show fell flat. I am not even sure of the point of the show. Can I have a refund?

1.0 star rating Jeff Collett from San Francisco, California


It was a book tour not a comedy show. She read chapters word for word out of the book. If I wanted to know what the book was about I would read it. It was boring and not funny.

1.0 star rating Cec Russell from San Francisco, California


I had looked forward to this show for awhile- it was my birthday. We had great seats! Right off the bat Chelsea read a chapter out of her book- and although some might be funny, this was a comedy tour not a book reading at Barnes and Nobles. That lasted 20 minutes. The Sarah Silverman came out and I was hoping for some comedy, but it was really a lot of Chelsea’s introspective thinking and Sarah asking her questions. All seemed very contrived. It wasn’t offensive or crude, just boring. We left after the first half. I couldn’t sit anymore with the super fans hanging on every word, that wasn’t funny.

1.0 star rating Corinne McNeely from Seattle, Washington


I just read that Chelsea's net worth is 40 million.If she really wants to do a mitzvah she would refund everyone their money.I was going with a realistic expectation of actually laughing.It happened once and it was more like a smile.Her interviewer was struggling and I thought they lacked chemistry.I think I might have been more entertained eavesdropping on someone's conversation at a bar.Sorry to my daughter..who is a huge fan.I'll have to take you to Wicked now.

1.0 star rating T from Seattle, Washington


1. My son spent $250 for 2 lousy 2nd balcony seats only to sit through 1 hour and 15 minutes of Chelsea processing her grief! 2. Show was supposed to start at 8 pm but Chelsea didn't appear on stage until 8:25. When she finally did appear on stage, she did not interact at all with audience and read from her book for 20 minutes. The "Show" was over at 9:45! 3. People started walking out early in the show and continued walking out 4. Moore Theater owes refunds to everyone who was as disappointed as we were. They should have promoted this as a "Book Reading", not a comedy show.

1.0 star rating Jamie Brady from Nashville, Tennessee


I went to show thinking the reviews wrong. But when she walked out with that book and started reading word for word. Like we were on kindergarten. I said oh no.. I let her continue, could overlook that if is was funny.. Nope, nothing. Crowd was 75% gay men and women. We had s group of 10 We all walked out, she got our money.. but not our time

1.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Opener was great and hilarious. Chelsea was boring. Would have left after first half hr if I wasn’t with a group of people. Waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating Cheryl from Seattle, Washington


The show starts off with Chelsea explaining she thought the moon and the sun were the same object, and if you think that was the dumbest thing she said you’d be incorrect. As a feminist I was embarrassed and disappointed. Embarrassed by the fact that Ms. Handler pretended to be championing women’s’ rights while ironically spouting the same bigoted points of view her targets used to openly suggest. The fact that her targets were white men rather than people of color or women doesn’t make her point of view any less misinformed. Worse than that I was disappointed by the sheer laziness of her “show” which was a lot of whining about her dogs, lauding herself for being rich and throwing red meat to a crowd of sycophants. There was zero effort put into being witty, clever or funny. Not a single laugh in what was billed as a comedy show. This evening amounted to a $250 ticket to attend an angry rich white woman ranting about white men wearing flip flops. She has talent and used none of it

1.0 star rating from Honolulu, Hawaii


Instead of vaccinated and horny, it was more like agitated and angry. If you are a drunken woman, you will probably enjoy the show. Otherwise, you may quickly become tired of Chelsea's egotistical rant going on and on berating men then describing over and over how she wants to be penetrated by them. If a male comedian was berating women in the same way, I would not like that either. There are many other ways to spend money than on these show tickets. If I could, I would give the show minus 4 stars because I think we should have been paid to attend. She says she is in therapy. Hopefully that's true and that she doesn't miss any sessions.

1.0 star rating Mikhael Sonjariv from Vancouver, British Columbia


And to think with the gorgeous weather, we could have been outside enjoying a great evening. But instead ... this. First off if the gates are to open at 9 for a 930 show, don't make us all line up around the block like cattle then keep us there until after 10pm. Second I don't know what rock they found the opening act but please, put her back there. Then Ms Handler comes out, finally. Hopes were high but were dashed not too far into this excruciating evening as her humour seemed to be appealing to the lowest common denominator. Guttural and crude and she could have been so much more. All nicely wrapped up by a batch of young people sitting right beside me who had to keep a running commentary of YEAH and SCREAMS and HOOTS, WHISTLES etc after every single comment. If there was a gem in Ms Handler's delivery it was drowned out by these groupies and their screeching. So for me, its a big zero for this show, disappointing from the moment we had to join a 2 block long lineup.

1.0 star rating Cari Goode from Chicago, Illinois


Her routine was poorly prepared. She was not funny. I gotta see a comedian to laugh. It’s very disappointing waste of money.

1.0 star rating Cheryl from Toronto, Ontario


Total waste of money. A complete snoozefest. Thought this was suppose to be a comedy show but turned out to be a book promoting tour. Lost me as a fan.

1.0 star rating Jack from Kelowna, British Columbia


Poor show. Not at all funny - don’t spend your money on this.

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