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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Zodwa Velleman from New York, New York


They performed in South Africa Kirstenbosch Gardens under the stars years back I remember them as if it was yesterday. They gave their all. You can never miss them

5.0 star rating Sara from Boston, Massachusetts


Watched them I Canada, and will be in Boston again. They always have something new and classy to give.

5.0 star rating Barbara Bellettiere from Ridley Park, Pennsylvania


My sister & I have seen Il Divo in concert over 20 times. I truly love hearing them sing, and this concert definitely did not disappoint. I actually attended their last Christmas concert in Atlantic City 10 years ago, and this concert far surpassed that one. In my opinion, it was not even in the same league. This concert was amazing. Listening to it made me feel like I was listening to a performance from the past. It was, surprisingly, a compilation of magnificent Christmas songs, as well as several of their wonderful tried-and-true numbers. I was elated to hear so many of my favorite songs. Listening to these talented men perform is like hearing angels sing. Their powerful voices are so phenomenal that I had moments where my goosebumps had goosebumps, and moments where I thought my heart was going to burst. This concert was so uplifting, bringing love, hope & joy at a time when we need it most. I highly recommend seeing this holiday concert if you can. It will make your heart very, very happy. God has truly blessed these men with an amazing gift and I hope they continue to share that gift for many years to come!!!!!

5.0 star rating Debra Pierce from Buffalo, New York


I was totally in awe of the wonderful voices and the choice of songs. It was a wonderful concert and enjoyed every minute a new found love of this group of fine artists. I cried a tear when they sang mama. I also enjoyed the memories they shared of the Christmas memories as a child. I also enjoy remembering the early years of Christmas with family that are no longer with us.

5.0 star rating Kathy Frazier from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Saw them in Tulsa on 12/10/19. Absolutely WONDERFUL!! Took my Dad and he was astonished at how Great they were. Loved all the Christmas Songs. Sound was spot on as were their harmonies! I look forward to seeing them again. **Just purchased their new Album Timeless. Very Good!!!

5.0 star rating M. Tracy from El Paso, Texas


SPECTACULAR CONCERT! Not to be missed!! The voices of these men are incredible! Loved their sharing their own memories of Christmas. Unfortunately, the concert was short. Did they perhaps cut it short due to El Paso. Paid $300 for seats, wish they had performed longer.

5.0 star rating D.Francati from Sarasota, Florida


This was my first time seeing IL Divo. I’m a newbie to their music, but to prepare, I had been listening to their songs on Spotify. Still, I was not prepared for how phenomenal and incredulously good each member is and the beautiful harmony of their collective voices. Seated in the middle 4th row, and experiencing how much each gives vocally to their performance is beyond words. David Miller has an incredible range and should be The tour was dedicated to their late friend and member of the group, Carlos Marin. Each paid tribute to him in their own, personal words and at one point in the show, had dubbed the voice of Carlos into an individual song. Additionally, their guest singer Steven Labrie was tremendous. He’s young, has an outstanding baritone voice and had an infectious smile and stage persona. The audience was very welcoming to him. I believe he would be an outstanding addition to the group.

5.0 star rating Dr. PK from Houston, Texas


My husband & I have seen Il Divo several times & always thoroughly loved them & their music. Carlos Marin was my favorite. I was thrilled to have purchased amazing tickets 3 rows from the stage. It was crushing to hear of his death. Such a tragic loss for so many. Last night’s concert was dedicated to Carlos & when the original Il Divo members sang the first song “You Raise Me Up,” it made me cry - for Carlos & for my father as it was one of the songs I chose to be played at my father’s funeral. David Miller, Sebastien Izambard & Urs Buhler sang beautifully & passionately as always. I love how the 3 of them came onstage & spoke about Carlos, how much he meant to them & how devastating his loss was to them. When Steven Labrie was introduced, I had mixed emotions, because no one can replace Carlos. He did a fantastic job singing, his presence & personality, but no one can replace Carlos. Rest in peace Carlos, I know you are entertaining the angels with your heavenly baritone voice.

5.0 star rating Cheryl Stone from Detroit, Michigan


This was my first concert to see Il Divo. I am amazed at the talent those gentlemen have. Their voices melted ike butter on a warm piece of toast. They are super fantastic!!!! I went to the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, Mich, the atmosphere was great as well as the sound system. I am so glad I was blessed to see them and hear their wonderful voices . I AM A FAN FOR LIFE...........

5.0 star rating Brenda & David Fonthill Ontario from Niagara Falls, Ontario


Seen Il divo again in a brand new theatre with the kick off of their new tour was a dream come true❤️. It was our first step towards what ever normal is now after Covid with its many lockdowns . How absolutely wonderful to once again to be attending their live concert . Their guest singer Steven LaBrie did a beautiful job with his amazing voice , we were very blessed to hear him sing allowing the other gentlemen to continue their tour in honour of Carlos. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert so happy to be there . Il Divo never disappoints , we have seen them many times in different venues including an outdoor event at a castle in Ireland . Their music has enriched our lives for the better . How blessed we are with grateful hearts to have attended their new day tour in Niagara Falls Canada on February 23, 2023.

5.0 star rating Linda Voll from Brevard,NC


A fabulous event for me….a dream come true…I hope that they will return in the future!!!

4.0 star rating Mickey from Greenville, South Carolina


Excellent blend of voices, especially having to learn to work with a new baritone for the tour. He was excellent by the way. Idiot patrons who felt compelled to scream Whoo Whoo periodically and wave their lighted cell phones around did Not add to the ambiance. I dont know what was more inconsiderate and distracting the “Karens” who held their recording cell phones up, blinding those behind them, or the spotlights from the stage aimed directly in the eyes of the patrons,. But despite the distractions, the great music made it worthwhile.

4.0 star rating Irene from Detroit, Michigan


Great performance, but missing Carlos and Steve cannot fill that void. Performance started a little too loud, but seemed to be adjusted during the program. Fourth row seats were perfect and staff is always professional. Don’t know if I would see Il Divo again with Steve as the fourth.

4.0 star rating Gaen from Reno, Nevada


Love Il Divo- followed them for years. The orchestra at Silver Legacy in Reno, however, nearly drowned out those amazing voices. Sound mix was way off.

3.0 star rating Jf from Long Island, NY


They changed their entire act. Instead of a class act I felt it was sleepy with the dancers. The dancers added absolutely nothing except a distraction. The charisma wasn’t there😔

3.0 star rating Eileen Vollaro from La Quinta, California


With all the reviews indicating bad sound at the previous Il Divo concerts you would think they would correct this major flaw. Last night Il Divo's amplified sound and their orchestras amplified sound made the concert less enjoyable. The Fox theater in Riverside is a small venue and it was a way too loud experience which detracted from the singers. We have seen Il Divo at the Palms in Las Vegas and at the Dolby . This was not a good concert due to the sound.

3.0 star rating Jen from New York, New York


I had high hopes for this concert. I have been listening to Il Divo for 20 years! The whole concert was very loud. And distorted. I could not hear the lyrics.The singers were off key, which is unfortunate. I felt it was a shouting match with each one of the singers trying to drown out Steve who was overly loud. Steve is an amazing baritone. Definitely a poor team player. This show is not about you Steve! I think Steve should not be part of Il Divo. The dynamics are skewed. I also thought it was interesting how Urs, Sebastian and David seemed to come together a lot with Steve in the background. Il Divo is better off being a trio. Sorry Steve!

3.0 star rating Karen donohoe from New York, New York

" JUST OK..."

Whether it was the sound equipment or the singers, things didn't sound great. Also, too much singing in foreign languages. Didn't like their only one costume. They didn't seem at ease with the jokes. Nothing like when I saw them a year ago. And much more expensive. Had our seats changed due to lower attendance. Not happy. This was a 70th birthday surprise and we were quite disappointed....

3.0 star rating A fan from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Their voices, of course, are phenomenal and I love listening to them. However. I think David was dealing with a throat issue that evening, not surprisingly considering their schedule. I was so looking forward to seeing them live, but quite frankly I don't think they carry a live show well at all. When they episodically told stories or interacted with the audience it was quite awkward. Others in my party felt the same. I also wasn't particularly fond of the program. I don't think it highlighted their infamous harmony. Last, the orchestra was quite loud (maybe a venue issue) and drowned them out several times. I think I'll pass on future live events and continue to enjoy their albums. As an aside, I thought the audience was THE RUDEST I've ever experienced by walking out mid- encore, even after being called on it. I was ashamed to witness it!

2.0 star rating Vickie from Littleton Colorado


Love these guys, but after seeing them 2 years ago in Denver this performance was a let down. Their performance at the Buell Theater in Nov. 2016 filled my senses in every way possible. Tonight's show was a disappointment. Sorry guys....but I thought you would appreciate some fan critique! Buell was a much better venue.

2.0 star rating Leah Pacholke from Detroit, Michigan


We have seen Il Divo in concert 4 times. Last concert in 2016 at the Fox theater in Detroit was one of the best days of my life! I was floating around for days after the concert. They were everything and so much more at that performance! Last night we had the same front row seats and I was so disappointed. The concert was short and very Genaric. No solos. No “Mama” which is the song that I danced with my son to at his wedding in June. I don’t want to hurt anyone with a bad review...I just want the Il Divo I love to come back. We paid $800 for our tickets. I would pay it again in a second if the concert was as amazing as the one in 2016. But, unfortunately I am just so disappointed with the concert last night that I do t even want to go back. I feel so empty after last nights perfirmance. It was the show Itself that was so disappointing. Also, my front row seats were so close to the stage that way view was obstructed by the speakers and the conductor. I’m so sad today.

2.0 star rating Mark from Boston, Massachusetts


The sound system was so loud as to obscure the singing. Who thought that having spotlights pointing into the eyes of the audience was a good idea? And the performers evidently encourage people using their phones to record the performance. Extremely distracting.

2.0 star rating from Ottawa, Ontario.


Had a big hope to hear the great voices at the Southam Hall in Ottawa. Same story like others mentioned. Loud distorted sound, voices don't blend well, no unison, no sincerity, lights constantly pointing at the spectators' eyes, short concert, a lot of talking and unnecessary jokes. Big disappointment!

2.0 star rating Catherine S. from Indianapolis, Indiana


Il Divo has been package that includes beautiful men in Armani in gorgeous venues, each with identifiable but different voices that alone or when powerfully layered left me dazzled. The Murat venue felt desperate for me and I wonder how they related to it as well. The show seemed forced, they looked tired, the band was quite good but crammed into tiny compartments. Some of their original songs did not include their guest singer in the parts that Carlos sung and the new arrangements were not as pleasing. Not sure what they will need to do to go another twenty years like Urs said on stage. I wish them the best because they are capable of it.

2.0 star rating Maria Moore from Atlantic City, New Jersey


I was so disappointed. The group was out of tune all evening. One singer was horribly hoarse and another seemed to not be able to hear his ear piece? The result was embarrassing. It was not pleasant to listen to.

2.0 star rating David from Naples, FL


What a disappointing performance -- the acoustics were horrible, the band was too loud, and several singers were consistently off-key and had trouble harmonizing with the others. This was not the group that I had so enjoyed listening to over the past 20 years. Something was way off -- and I won't be buying the new album they incessantly pushed throughout their performance. However, I could listen to the voices of Steven and Urs all night - they were wonderful.

2.0 star rating Fran from Naples, Florida


2 of the singers need to retire. Both off pitch all night. Band was too loud. Spot lights directly in the audience eyes. They hawked their new album at least 5 times. I will not buy it.

1.0 star rating Bruce Milne from Vancouver, British Columbia


Unbelievably bad sound at the Il Divo concert last night. I sat next to two women who put their fingers in their ears. The artists belted out amplified sound and their orchestra was amplified too. WTF. This is the Queen E. With temperamental acoustics at best. it’s hounded like that brought football stadium speakers to the doo. Truly retched even though the best before cougars pretended not so. At 149 a pop for tickets. It was truly the worst concert ever. They are talented guys. Bad bad bad bad misplaced production.

1.0 star rating Nicholas Jarvis from Clarkston Mi


We attended the Il Divo concert in Detroit last night. All I can say is we were very disappointed. We sat in the center front balcony and the sound was much too loud and distorted. From the very first song I wondered if something was wrong with the microphones. From previous reviews it appears Il Divo wants to pump out this very loud sound. Will not attend their concerts in the future.

1.0 star rating Rick from Toronto, Ontario


Attended II Divo performance in toronto last night. To sum up, it was boring! They seemed to be going through the motions and their desire to perform did not seem genuine. Terrible venue as well. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is not made for live singing. Overall very disappointed. Won’t ever go see them again

1.0 star rating Mas from Houston, Texas


The concert was short. Usual concert should be 2-2.30 hrs. Last night on 8/29/22 was only 1.5 hrs! The sound system was bad that was too loud that I could not hear their singing. The singing was fighting with the sound system. Also the Il Divo members were talking too much on the stages. We paid for the tickets to listen to their singing but not their talking! the lighting was bad that occasionally the spot lights were pointing to the audience.

1.0 star rating Charles Moon III from New York, New York


The harsh, bright lights continally shone in our eyes and the relentless booming bass and similar over-amping of the singers voices often made the lyrics unintelligible. Frankly, the first 15-20 minutes of the concert were sung in Spanish, even if the song was originally composed with lyrics in English, with which I'd imagine the majority of the audience was familiar. Until "Amazing Grace" at the end of the program, when the audience really cheered, audience applause was lukewarm and the patter/chatter among the four was adolescent at best. Even the outfits of they wore, heavily coordinated last night, as opposed to a lighter, more individual look from concerts of bygone years, were rather cheesy looking. The group seemed bored with itself -- it has lost it's glow and as a result has lost it's sure sense of how to present itself. I'd say Il Divo is, just as I am, rather past its prime. What a disappointment!

1.0 star rating Jim McCarron from Newport News, Virginia


Saw The Concert Last Night. Music Was Way To Loud . Smoke And Flashing Lights Everywhere. Bright Lights Shining. In Viewers Eyes. Very Disappointed. Total Waste Of Money!!

1.0 star rating Rob from Detroit, Michigan


Won't be at another concert since the sound was so bad you couldn't hardly hear anything, Completely Distorted, Find a New Soundman that knows how to run the Board! the Subs were good but the Loudspeakers sounded like Shit.


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