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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Reviews


Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.5 Stars)

Number of reviews: 44



5.0 star rating Karina from Chicago, Illinois


LOVED this show & these 1-star reviews break my heart. None of this show is more sexualized than the movie version: "It is not for kids for sure. Very sexualized." "Joseph was practically having sex on stage." As does Donny in the film! Potiphar's wife is skanky no matter how you spin it. In the film version, girls are wearing nothing but mesh & nipple pasties! At Drury Lane, the girls simply look *fierce*, wearing nothing more inappropriate than you would see at a cheerleading competition. "Guys dressed in drag was just too much!" Time to open up your *narrow mind* henny. These fabulous men SHINED in their showgirl looks (in which no inappropriate body parts were seen; they were more covered than a man at the beach!). There is *nothing* wrong with showing children that they can dress any way they want to, & I'm sad to hear this is a reason patrons are not seeing this family show. No more focus on the haters-every single cast member was amazing, talented & this show was phenomenal

5.0 star rating Jane from Bolingbrook, IL


Fantastic! Marvelous cast! GO, GO, GO, GO !

5.0 star rating Laura from Naperville, Illinois


This interpretation of “Joseph” is a blast! The fact that the show was set in a different setting, Las Vegas, helped me to listen more closely to the lyrics and really hear the show’s message for the first time, and the cast is truly talented. Cast members sang, danced, and played instruments with such passion and energy. We sat second row and felt like we were part of the fun that was happening on the stage! Such a great time!

5.0 star rating Denise Upton from Elmhurst, Illinois


We have had a subscription to Drury Lane Theatre for 25 years & this was one of their best shows! Yes, this is not your traditional production of Joseph. We have already seen that & loved it. This show is highly creative with a very talented cast. It is quite funny & very entertaining. It is not the same old, same old production. If you appreciate live theatre & fresh ideas Go Go Go to this show!

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


We love Drury Lane - have been here many times. Very comfortable seats. My friend read a review, and happened to mention it just as the curtain was going up - so I had a little heads up! To say I was shocked at the opening scene was an understatement! Definitely NOT like the original (one of my favorites), but still definitely worth seeing. It is a parody of Joseph set in Vegas (they should have changed the title a bit so people would know.) But definitely a totally enjoyable experience with great singing and dancing, and tons of laughs. The Narrator is extremely talented, and her impressions alone make the show a must-see. Many young people in our audience. The Vegas characters can be a bit suggestive for young kids, but probably nothing the teens haven't seen on tv. Nobody seemed to leave at intermission, and there were many laughs, claps and cheers during the show. I would definitely recommend it to those wanting a different take on the original with lots of laughs.

5.0 star rating Ed Priz from Chicago, Illinois


I loved this show, much to my surprise. Wasn’t really keen to sit through a Sunday School musical, and so was delighted to instead experience a dazzling high octane version, framed by a secular and sizzling Vegas theme. Had a blast.

5.0 star rating Wanda Montgomery from Chicago, Illinois


I was expecting the original production and was surprised at first. I can see how the pearl-clutchers in the audience may have been surprised as it was not advertised as an alternate production. That being said, if you’re able to open your mind and heart, you will love this. The narrator, Christina Bianco, was fabulous! She sang songs while impersonating famous musicians and nailed each one. Joe and brothers were great as well with their song and magnificent dance. Costumes were resplendent and creative. I highly recommend this production.

5.0 star rating Diane Dantes from Chicago, Illinois


Absolutely incredible in every way!! Congratulations to the cast and artistic team at Drury Lane for creating a show that I didn't want to end! Much thanks for giving us one of the most enjoyable evenings we've had! BRAVO!!!

5.0 star rating Laura from Naperville, IL


Haven't laughed that hard since Book of Mormon! Yes, it changed but the music was well preserved & it was an EXTREMELY talented group of performers. It was more geared to adults than children, but I found it worthwhile & would see again!

4.0 star rating Michael-Colin Reed from Westchester, Illinois


This re-imagining of Joseph will shock, annoy and/or piss off both theatrical and religious conservatives alike. All traces of the original have been replaced with Vegas glamour beginning with swapping Egypt's pyramids for the Luxor hotel's and then stuffing it with every Vegas celebrity. Sexy cocktail waitresses, a lead who spends half the show clad only in his boxers and even gender bending showgirls combine to make this show "NOT the Joe you know!". This directorial self indulgence works due to the commitment of the incredible cast that dives into with with total tongue in cheek gusto. Excellently sung and danced, beautifully costumed, ingeniously lit and clever projections make it a non-stop feast for the eye and ear. Any high concept staging must begin with a commitment to serving the story and that's sadly where this production fails. By making Joe an outside observer to his own story, all dramatic tension is removed sadly making this Vegas buffet all dessert and no meat.

4.0 star rating Annie E from Chicago, Illinois


I was worried if I had wasted my money after I read the Chicago tribune review. They were so wrong. It was a wonderful spin on the story, the voices of the cast were amazing and I found they modern twist so funny at times I was laughing so hard I cried. This was an amazing production. A must see for sure if you want to be entertained. I haven’t laughed this hard since the Book of Mormons! There’s not a bad seat in the house we were in 2nd row but you can see fine anywhere. This may not appeal to families with children but any adult with a pulse should love it.

4.0 star rating SHG from Naperville, IL


I was completely suprised by this rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Once acclimated, I was very impressed by the talent and enjoyed it as a spoof. However, I agree with others who mention that it was too raunchy, which is a shame - Drury Lane has been producing ultra-classy productions and there's no need to stoop to that to provide top-notch, contemporary entertainment.

4.0 star rating Carole Collins from Downers Grove, Illinois


It certainly was different than what i expected. I git a heads up on the way to the theatre and it helped get me into a more open minded mood. I enjoyed the jazzy vegas interpretation of a dream. I think if the billing had been clearer, people a) would not have brought children and b) would have been expecting something other than the original and that would have made the reviews better. My omly complaint is that the music was too loud, i couldn't always understand the words in the songs and the theatre was cold. Orher than that, i would highly recommend. The men dtessed as chorus girls was really fun and not sexual at all. The interpretations of vegas legions were delightful. See it! Seats were comfortable and we went over to Oask Brook to Pours for dinner. Great time had by all in our group.

4.0 star rating Ken Hughes from Itasca, Illinois


all of the Joseph "haters" regarding the Drury Lane production need to take a chill pill and remember why you go to the theatre. Traditional? HECK NO. Fun, good vocals, good dancing, enjoyable evening? YES!! If there was one complaint it would be that sometimes the narrator (whose songs "move" the story along) does not sing clearly enough to hear all the lyrics...........BUT her impressions of the famous Diva's that she's impersonating were REALLY good. So if you just want to sit back, hear some great singing, great dancing, and enjoy a nice evening out at the theatre, I would tell you ................Yea, go check it out. It was fun

4.0 star rating Mamasue from Chicago, Illinois


After reading the negative reviews I was concerned about seeing this show. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the new twist. Do not go into this play thinking you will be seeing Donnie Osmond. If you go in with an open mind and take in all the talent on stage, you will have a really enjoyable evening. The vocals, dancing and acting were great. Some reviews showed concern about the "scantily clad" girls. Although I would not recommend this for a 5 year old, if this were a movie, it would have been rated as PG not even PG13. I've seen way worse on general TV. All in all, I left the theater smiling, happy and singing the songs which I've grown to love.

4.0 star rating Sharon from Glen Ellyn, IL


My daughter came in from college to see this show with me. We've both seen Joseph a few times and the Donny Osmond soundtrack is a fave on long car rides, so imagine our surprise when it is quickly revealed the giant pyramid on stage is the Luxor and the show is set in Vegas. We thought it a fun and entertaining twist on the musical and the vocals were outstanding, particularly the brothers' harmonizing in "Those Canaan Days". We did feel, however, that people who came to see Jospeh for the first time may have been disappointed.

4.0 star rating Lar from Naperville, IL


Tonight we just saw Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you expect the typical Joseph... Show you'll be disappointed. However, if you like entertainment & spoofs of shows/movies, you should enjoy this performance. Grant it the setting in Vegas is weird, but with all the other context in the show you'll understand how it fits in. Our audience tonight, Critics Night, laughed and clapped at the actors/actresses performance. My wife and I stay till the end and we're glad we did ! Songs, voices, choreography all good ! Suggest give it a try !!

3.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I was very surprised by the adaptation — Vegas no less !! I enjoyed the play and would definitely see it again — laughed and laughed !! I felt there was a bit too much skin and a bit too raunchy, especially since there were so many school children in the audience. (Drury Lane has gotten a little too riskee in the last year or so !!) However overall the cast was wonderful and it was a very enjoyable time !!

3.0 star rating Lar from Naperville, IL


Tonight we just saw Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you expect the typical Joseph... Show you'll be disappointed. However, if you like entertainment & spoofs of shows/movies, you should enjoy this performance. Grant it the setting in Vegas is weird, but with all the other context in the show you'll understand how it fits in. Our audience tonight, Critics Night, laughed and clapped at the actors/actresses performance. My wife and I stay till the end and we're glad we did ! Songs, voices, choreography all good ! Suggest give it a try !!

2.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


We took our family to the show last night and sadly .. this is not the Joseph of the 90's. This cast is talented and they used the original songs but that's where the similarity ends. To reduce this timeless story to a dream a guy has in Vegas left me feeling very let down. Those in our group who didn't see the original had no idea what the story was about by the end. Also, I would not bring children to this production. Guys dressed in drag (including Joseph) was just too much!

2.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


There was so much going on, it took away from the story. I was looking forward to the original Joseph. Did not like this setting.

2.0 star rating Amadeo Gonzalez from Chicago, Illinois


It is not for kids for sure. Taken out of context. Very sexualized.

2.0 star rating Katie Tumavich from Chicago, Illinois


You can tell the director had a special vision for the show. However, in trying to execute the vision, the story became less coherent. Most of the original plot seemed foreign to this new world. I'll give some brownie point back for finding lines here and there that tied in with the new setting. Ultimately, it wasn't enough to win me over on this version. The actors and choreography were fantastic. Joseph played the reimagined part brilliantly (I sympathized with his looks of confusion during Act 1), the Narrator was a powerhouse, and Benjamin stole my heart. The costuming/hair&mu were great and it was fun to watch the set transform. The show wasn't raunchier than any typically staged version. The most offensive thing to me was the selfies. I'm 22. I understand the ~art~ of the selfie, but in this context, it was distracting and eventually annoying. Overall, it's an entertaining retelling of a classic with a bit of a misdirected heart.

1.0 star rating Becky from Wisconsin


I plan an art/theater weekend for Middle School kids every year. I started researching plays about a year ago, and when I saw that Drury Lane was doing Joseph, I was thrilled because I know it's a safe, fun musical. Well, last night, sitting in the theater with 45 8th graders, watching men in thongs do a showgirl act, watching two scantily clad characters simulate sex onstage, and just generally being horrified and uncomfortable, we pulled all the kids out of the theater at intermission. This resulted in some very uncomfortable parent exchanges, and fear that I would lose my teaching job. Thanks Drury Lane.

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Great cast, horrible horrible disgraceful version of Joseph. 1st time at Drury Lane which I thought was a nice, classy place. However attending this musical/how they "added a new twist" which is code name for made it filthy and disgusting and inappropriate for any young children to see. This version should be only performed at a very small BYOB theatre with shows starting at 2am. Sad misuse of great talented cast. I'm so disappointed that I attended this "version"

1.0 star rating Jenny from Westmont, IL


Received these tickets from my parents and didn't even think to look up the reviews. Joseph in Vegas, dressed in drag? Our 13 year old was so excited to go and so disappointed when we had to leave early. This is nit for kids or adults with taste. We bought the video w/ Donny Osmond to show her what it was suppose to be. just because it's Drury in Oakbrook doesn't mean it will be good or in good taste. I've been doing to this theater since I was a kid. Tacky and raunchy. Save your time and money.

1.0 star rating from Woodridge, Illinois


This is not Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The whole biblical story of Joseph was pulled out and changed to man staying at a hotel in Sin City (Las Vegas) and having weird dreams. Note: This play is definitely not kid friendly like the original was. This is full of scantily clad women, men in drag, men without shirts rubbing on each other etc. The music is the same as the original but makes no sense of what is happening on stage. I had a look on my face that said 'What the heck is going on?" Why is Jacob a Mob boss? How is Joseph related to all the other brothers? Is this whole thing just a crazy dream? It must be why the kept emphasizing 'Any dream will do'. On a plus side, the performers had excellent voices. I wish they had done the original version. I say stay away and buy the DVD version with Donny Osmond.

1.0 star rating Leanne from Glen Ellyn, Illinois


I'm almost speechless. It was AWFUL. Set in Las Vegas - ridiculous. Completely disjointed. Singers were screeching. Men in feathers doing the can can - presumably to be shocking but more revolting. Not remotely family friendly. Completely blasphemous. Not sure why any of the actors would sign on to this. Do not go.

1.0 star rating C from Chicago Suburbs


I likened this show to watching the movie Battle Field Earth. It is so terrible that you can't help be be amused. Well, at least for awhile, but after a time it begins to wear on you. While the cast had plenty of talent, the restaging of the show in Vegas was absurd, and the impressions of celebrities ruined nearly every musical number. I was excited when I saw that Drury was going to be doing Joseph and looked forward to it for some time. Now I feel cheated. This show was nothing but a parodoy and should have been billed as such. Drury usually does a great job, but they really dropped the ball on this one.

1.0 star rating Lisa from Chicago, Illinois


I have never been more disappointed in a production than I was in the abomination. The last thing I wanted to see was Joseph in his boxer shorts. Where on earth was the Dreamcoat? This production was raunchy. There was nothing redeeming about this show. These plays become classics because we enjoy them so much. Someone needs to go back to the original drawing board on this show. It will be a long time before I see another production at Drury Lane that is how disappointed I was in this remake.

1.0 star rating Marsha from Naperville, Il.


Wishing to share my love of the music and story of Joseph and the Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoat, I took my granddaughter along tonight. I had been telling her about it and the beautiful music. I was in a sickening state of shock to view the worst butcher job of a classic musical that I have ever seen. Watching Joseph prancing around in his boxers and all the cheesy Vegas impersonators.

1.0 star rating Donna from Chicago, Illinois


I purchased tickets to take my Mom out for her birthday. We were excited because we never were able to see it when Donny Osmond starred in the play. This play is not anything like the original but it has the same name? The actors/actresses are talented. However, the costumes were hardly there, the seats we were in, section 3 row AA seats 1 and 2, had obstructed views and beads/feathers from the costumes shot at us with the earnest dancing scenes. I am embarrassed that I took my Mom to se this. I left there, ordered the original version with Donny Osmond on DVD so that Mom and I can finally enjoy it. Never, ever will we recommend this to anyone.

1.0 star rating Bill from Chicago, Illinois


I have been a season ticket holder for thirty years and have never been so disappointed. I wanted to see the original Joseph and thought that was what I would get when I bought the tickets. This show was awful. They completely ruined a beautiful story and I was embarrassed for all of the families in the audience, many of whom left after act 1. I hope the lesson is learned and South Pacific better not go down the same road or I will not ever buy tickets again!

1.0 star rating Steven A. Matuszak from Hinsdale, Illinois


Drury Lane's modern-day aberration of Joseph is not representative of the true spirit, the essence, the message, and the experience that its original creators intended to convey,, and I feel deeply sorry for any Joseph newbie--anyone seeing Joseph for the very first time--whose initial exposure to Joseph is this one at Drury Lane. Honestly, it's like not seeing Joseph at all! Thank goodness that I actually went "solo" on opening night to scout out this play for what would have been a large group (family and friends) outing later in the season. My $60 single ticket saved our family from the $240+ we would have wasted had we made the mistake of attending together this too techy, too fleshy aberration. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Thinking of seeing this mess? Look elsewhere folks. Be smart. Wait for the next REAL production of Joe to pop up at another venue. The lady next to me swore she was not renewing her 4 season seats. The Mom and daughter behind me left at intermission. Kudos to you, Mom!

1.0 star rating Zak Stevens from Chicago, Illinois


Don't waste your time and cash, unless you're in the mood for shock and disappointment, especially if you've ever before experienced a truly magical Joseph production.. In this mock version, the story--or what is supposed to develop as a story--loses its way (and the often very quiet audience!) in a series of fits and distractions all due to the producers' addiction to flashy tech and--what some DL higher-ups will undoubtedly defend as an "avant-garde" approach--a Las Vegas theme that cranks out an incessant stream of celebrity impersonations. Yes, narrator Christine Bianco is talented...but is this the right. vehicle for Joseph? Sorry. Really bad call. A Vegas hotel room as the setting? "Something is rotten in Denmark"... and in Oakbrook, IL. Way too much flesh bouncing around up there in this over-modified, sexified PARODY of Joseph. NOT for families or even tweens. Heck, I wouldn't even see this with my adult in-laws or neighbors! Sorry. It's like not seeing Joseph at all.

1.0 star rating Al from Park Ridge, Illinois


My wife and I went to the Friday preview performance with another couple and left wondering why this version of Joseph was not advertised as a parody and in some small late-night theater that features amusing but off-color shows. We put up with the technical glitches but had no idea of the plot. I still don't know how lyrics that refer to "corn" and "Israel" fit in with scenes of a Joseph grinding on top of a stripper and scantily clad showgirls, brothers dressed like pirates, and a father looking like a gangster from Robin and the Seven Hoods. Talented singing was wasted by the emphasis on celebrity impressions that were just awful and difficult to understand. This performance was a fraud on the audience who came to revisit the classic or see the show for the first time. Maine South High School's version of the show years ago was more professional and entertaining. This show was embarrassing and a waste of talent, time and money. Drury Lane, what were you thinking?

1.0 star rating Alan from Northwest Ohio


If I wanted to see Vegas impersonations, I would have gone back to the Strip for more discount tickets to American Superstars (and once was plenty for that one). Somewhere – masked in all the indecipherable lyrics during impressions of Britney Spears, Elton John, Cher, showgirls and the like – was supposed to be the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Instead of following the classic story (whenever we could recognize it), we ended up more focused on whether it was a good or bad Céline Dion impression, or whether the guys' privates would pop out of their showgirls’ costumes. If you’re a church group, this is not your parents’, grandparents’ or pastors' Joseph performance. In fact I’m not exactly sure whose Joseph performance it was. Certainly not for kids, and our 15-year-old-theater-performer daughter gave it a 2/10. Save your time and money and just go watch Christina Bianco on youtube, then imagine sitting through 2 hours and a finale full of that. Enough said.

1.0 star rating Laurel from Ohio


We were so looking forward to our family trip to Chicago to see this production and it was a huge disappointment. The Vegas theme just didn't work for me and by the light applause in the audience others felt the same. You could not understand the majority of what the narrator was singing due to her impressions and the story was completely lost. Just when we were thrilled it was over, the final bows took a turn for the worse when the mediocre impersonations seemed to go on forever as the cast stood by awkwardly. What a shame!

1.0 star rating Cindy from Chicago, Illinois


I was hoping to see the original musical and just ended up watching a remake that was so inappropriate for young audiences. I wasted my money on this show so please don't do the same. It's a screwed up version of the original.

1.0 star rating Amanda D. from Warrenville, Illinois


This was NOT Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! I wish that I could give this 0 stars. I have seen Joseph before, and thought that my husband would enjoy it for a date night . We were both very confused, especially when a bunch of Vegas acts like Brittney Spears and Celion Dion made appearances. To be honest, The name of the performance should be changed to "What drug was Joseph taking in Vegas". It really should say something about it being a twisted version of the original in the Title and description. It was flat out weird. Waste of time and money. The costumes were embarrassing and the plot was hard to follow.

1.0 star rating Sue from Chicago, Illinois


I was expecting a nice show. As others have said this was a Vegas style show. In one scene Joseph was practically having sex on stage. Half the time I couldn't understand the words to the songs because the performers were so busy trying to impersonate Vegas stars the words were not clear. I would not recommend this show to anyone. It was a waste of time and money,

1.0 star rating Janet D from Chicago, Illinois


I was very uncomfortable watching this show with my children. I certainly didn't expect to see Joseph's brothers in drag as Vegas showgirls, pasties and all. My husband had ordered the tickets as soon as he saw the ad because it's a show we know and love. He didn't read the fine print which said this production contains sexual content and provocative clothing. Not only was that certainly the case but, ironically, the interpretation was immature. "Any Dream Will Do" was ruined by sophomoric overacting as were several other songs. The overuse of Christina Bianco's impressions led me to wonder if the director rewrote a show, any show, that would highlight her talents. We paid to see Joseph, not this R-rated flop.

1.0 star rating Meg from Mt. Prospect, IL


This production of the classical musical was a major disappointment due to the liberties it took to change the backdrop of the story. We came expecting to see a clean, family friendly version of the beloved play and were horrified to see the crudeness that was presented in the form of Las Vegas show girls, and inappropriate content. Many children were present and the content was not appropriate for any child or young teenager. No where in the advertising were consumers made aware that they would be seeing this offensive remake. We walked out after the first act, offended by the content presented based on a Biblical story. Very tempted to request a refund. I will have a hard time trusting what I see at the Drury Lane in the future. We've never been so disappointed with a production in our life. Don't go if you're expecting the true "Joseph" as it was originally meant to be.

1.0 star rating Tracy liska from Chicago, Illinois


It was horrible. It was set in a Vegas setting _ which was ridiculous. The music was great. The actual play left me so upset I wanted to cry. They really blew it this time. Wish I could give it a minus rating.


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