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Diana Krall Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (1.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 105



5.0 star rating Jim from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Her voice, and piano playing, combined with an excellent band was simply wonderful.

5.0 star rating Kathryn S from Kansas City, Missouri


Diana Krall and her world-class musicians performed an exquisite set Saturday evening at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. Krall was funny and entertaining, but her voice and piano skills were the highlight of the evening; I had the extra gift of being seated where I could see her hands, which added a visual component to the marvelous sounds. The jazz guitarist and "fiddler" were nothing short of amazing. So glad I was there to witness this special event!

5.0 star rating CK from San Francisco, California


My 3rd time seeing Diane Krall. Each show is as special with the changing artistic singing, piano playing the 4 piece band that was so entertaining. Fabulous. Will not be my last shoe, looking forward to more. Seating is very good here too.

5.0 star rating from Houston


The audience loved it too, judging from the standing ovation at the end. It is true the band was ‘featured’ more than might be expected, but they were great. I loved her playing as well. It is also true she did not say much to the audience, but: so what? Quiet Nights, Amelia and How Deep is the Ocean, all perfect; I wish I could hear those again.

4.0 star rating Ernst Bakerquist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The wife and I loved this show. Diana with a world class band...what's not to love? We did hear some hardcore fans complaining in the lobby, although most of it was "...didn't sing my favorite song(s), so this wasn't good...." Lighting, staging, and performance...all top notch. My biggest complaint was the idiot (and wife) who decided to fire up a phablet during one song, and talk out loud about whatever was on the screen. An usher finally had them cease and desist, but they ruined nearly the entire song for everyone near them.

4.0 star rating Dave & laurie from Washington, District of Columbia


Our first time seeing Diana Krall. was a little disappointed at first when only 4 other musicians came out with her but they proved me wrong with performance, especially Anthony Wilson the guitar player who played 4 or 5 different guitars. Diana is an amazing piano player!!. I had a perfect view to watch her fingers move along the keys like a hot knife thru butter. In a couple of the slow low key songs, you could hear a pin drop, which was awesome considering the amount of wine drinking lawn patrons. Oh, did I mention the violin player?......WOW! LOVED the whole show but would have liked a couple more up beat tunes. Still love you Diana!

4.0 star rating Doug H from Charlotte, North Carolina


My wife and I came to listen Diane Krall sing, what we got was the Band; was the featured act! The band was great! We enjoyed non the less but really wanted to hear Diane sing more!

4.0 star rating Paul Stewart from Nashville, Tennessee


Diana was wonderful as were all the musicians and the symphony. If anyone knows the name of the violinist that played with Diana please share, his playing was an unexpected and very welcome surprise. I would like to see more of him.

3.0 star rating John from Houston, Texas


My wife and I have been fans of Diana Krall sine 2000 love to listen to her sing; however, this past concert in Sugar Land was very disappointing. She was not engaged and let the band carry her. I bought tickets to listen to her not her bands jam session.

3.0 star rating Rmoqs from Wichita, Kansas


I love Diana's albums. I did not like the live concert. Here band played a lot and she let them jam, which was good. I wanted more of her. Plus the sound was not good. At first I thought it was just me, but my wife thought the same thing and I hear others around me say the same thing as we were leaving. Love the old theater but the sound system was not good.

3.0 star rating from Appleton, Wisconsin


The first show we've been to with no programs, selling T-shirts from 2012, doors opening late, show starting late. There was an odd exchange of comments, and some forgotten lyrics. She seemed lost in one number. She relied heavily on the band to get her through the show. Perhaps there were a few too many drinks before the performance? Something was off. She did settle in by the end of the set and gave a stunning encore.

3.0 star rating Dave from Aurora, Illinois


Disappointed. Read previous reviews and many seemed to have same thoughts as our party of 4. Less musicians, although they were good, and more of Diana. . Would have loved to hear Cry me a River and her main songs. Has she lost her passion to perform? She seemed lapsdaisical and we expected more energy and connection to audience. Should be advertised as Diana Krall Quartet if she has changed to no longer being the main attraction and now a jazz band. It was nice of her to give her musicians the floor. We had to get over the expectation that We came to hear her.

3.0 star rating Nancy Graham from Louisville, Kentucky


I wish Diana sang a few more songs. The ones she sang at the beginning of the show were enjoyable, but I guess I expected more, maybe some of her hits later in the show. But she did not. Aside from her beautiful piano playing, the only spark for me was the violin player. When I saw him walk out on stage, I thought to myself, he looks like Stuart Duncan, a well known bluegrass fiddle player. To my surprise, it was him, and he played some awesome, jazzy licks. So now I'm even more impressed with Stuart Duncan and his musicianship than ever before! My husband liked the guitar playing.

3.0 star rating Alain from Ottawa, Ontario


Diana was amazing when she performed and every member of the band as well. But... she did not perform enough. Too much solos and emphasis on each member. In the encore, Diana sang more which is what I was expecting for the whole concert. Very disapointed and did not feel I got my money’s worth.

3.0 star rating Hugh Byas from Hartford CT


A fan, the best part of Diana Krall's 2022 show in Hartford was her band and her pianism. She either had a cold or her voice has substantially declined. She also sang two Sinatra standards-- All the Way and I Got You under My Skin-- but brought nothing to do them. Perhaps no one can. She remains enormously likable and still connects with her audience.

3.0 star rating Rodrigo Dantas e Silva from Atlanta


We’ve been following Diana for year and this was our second concert in Atlanta. Four(ish) years ago it was amazing: Diana “the boss” did It all: played, sang and led an amazing band on jamming, having and providing a lot of fun! Yesterday (04/20/2022) there was something missing: Diana herself! She was still the maestro of the great band, but did not engage neither as a singer nor as a pianist. Her signing was insecure, avoiding higher notes and even felt out of key a couple of times. Her piano playing simply avoided the faster creative improv lines that she is capable of doing… we left the concert with mixed feelings: a little more than an hour of great music with great musicians, but only a good Diana. There is somehow going on with her. Hope she can figure it out soon. We miss “da boss”!

3.0 star rating Noelle Smith from Atlanta, Georgia


Krall was charming and a talented songstress. She never sang a hit that we were familiar with and featuring the band was uninteresting to me . Also the venue should not allow video and cameras . So distracting . We paid so much for our evening and we’re terribly disappointed in this concert and will not attend another Dianna Krall concert or one at this venue .

3.0 star rating Edie W from Newport News, Virginia


The venue was wonderful. My first time there. The band was great but disappointed that there was more band and less singing.

3.0 star rating Diane from Austin, Texas


After three songs I found myself praying they'd switch to an instrumental format. Diana sounded, er, awful. Her lower register is gone. Her stage patter was mumbled. On several songs, she came in at the wrong time. How many hits did she play? Zero. Very disapppointing.

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Boston, Massachusetts


This concert was no "wallflower tour" she barely played anything from that CD, very disappointing,. Her band mates were good but we went to hear her not them, they played more than she sang. This was my 2nd time seeing her and it will be my last as I felt disappointed the first time too but figured she just had an off night. She. Is so much better in my living room than in person. Plus she's a crab to the audience.

2.0 star rating Dee from Santa Barbara, California


Love , Love Diana Krall. That said . At the Santa Barbara Bowl she sang one song from her latest release Wallflower. The encore song was O Canada, nothing against Canada, but California Dreamin' would have been more appropriate. Sorry I left at O Canada. The ensemble of musician's was incredible, but I paid to hear her. My husband has been very ill so this was a special night out . We listen to her Wallflower release all the time . Just very disappointed it was represented that way. Still love her , but will stay home next time .

2.0 star rating Wayne Henderson from Dallas, Texas


My daughter and I went to see Diana perform, but it was mostly her guitarist that saved the show. I think she was not feeling well - her voice was raspy, off key and just not very good. I had high hopes it would be like her "evening in Paris" concert, but it was not to be. If you can't perform, you should cancel the gig and offer refunds.

2.0 star rating Carol Aff from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


There was very little of the Krall vocalization, which we came to see and hear. The band was excellent but they should have been supporting her performance, not the feature act. Ms Krall seemed to stumble through the performance, almost seeming confused. This did not measure up to her show at the Mann a couple of years ago.

2.0 star rating Charlie from Worcester, Massachusetts


Enough already. We came to the Hanover in Worcester Ma. to hear her belt out the songs and ended up listening to the backup base and drums as the feature She was not connecting to the audience and appeared to be only partially present . Too artsy for me. Been to several of her concerts but won't be back.

2.0 star rating Stephen Godfrey from Wichita, Kansas


Much to short of a program. Kept flipping her hair and crossing and uncrossing her legs. Didn't act like she was even with the program. More time devoted to her band players than her singing. We came to hear Diana Krall not her band. Over half of her time on stage, which was short, was devoted to her band members and not her performance. Certainly not worth what we paid for tickets Amazing performances by there base player, drummer, violinist & guitarist was fantastic. BUT...came to hear Ms. Krall not these gentlemen.

2.0 star rating D Dennis from Indianapolis, Indiana


We had seen Dianna perform before & loved it, as a solo act. This time, she had a trio with her, which is fine, but we came to & paid to see her perform, not the trio. Too much time & attention was given to the trio & not enough time was spent with Dianna doing what she does best - singing & playing. It was difficult at times to even understand what she was saying/singing, had we not been familiar with the songs. For the money we paid to see her, we were very disappointed. So were the other 6 guests that attended that we knew. The event was sold out, which I'm not surprised of but I feel sure that most of the attendees, if polled, would feel exactly the way we did. Our seats were wonderful & to make a full evening, we had dined at a nearby restaurant. Our anticipation level was up there based on her past performances so sadly, we walked away dissatisfied & disappointed.

2.0 star rating CE from Des Moines, Iowa


Diana Krall seemed to not be healthy for this concert. The concert started at least 15 minutes after its scheduled start. She was drinking water every chance she got on stage. The microphone she used must have bothered her because she fussed with it the entire show. Her singing seemed tired and almost 80% of the concert was instrumental when I was expecting her singing. The audience was also very bothersome. Many people had phones out and ushers could not catch them. People around us talked almost non-stop and I had to ask them to stop or I would get an usher. She did the most singing in the encore two numbers. Otherwise this concert was a jazz ensemble with lots of great solos from the violinist and guitar. Diana’s solos were harmonically interesting, but her rhythm section was not impressive. The bassist and drummer did not seem to mesh with what the group was doing. This was not what I expected and I was disappointed.

2.0 star rating Jay Robison from Saginaw, Michigan


Disappointed.As others have stated ,she didn't sing even the minimum that my wife and I had expected. There is a tremendous amount of talent between all the musicians and of course Dianna the lead vocalist. They didn't really perform as a "band". It was more like a tune up session. I am guessing she wasn't feeling well by the amount of Solo's she had her band mates perform. I hope is feeling better for her next performance.

2.0 star rating W West from Charlotte, North Carolina


I looked over her career and realized why she has NEVER reduced to CD her "jazz ensemble" playing and there is a reason why; NO ONE WOULD BUY IT! I attended her concert last night in Charolette and she did not/would not sing. She gave us a great review of her band (not what anyone came to see at all); false advertising if ever I saw it. "I cried a river over you" was my thoughts after attending. Let's have a show of hands on how many people want a refund. If you had advertised that you were showing off your band, I would have paid 20 dollars not 400 dollars. Fraud and terribly disappointing. If you think your public who made you millions wants to hear a jazz instrumental night of music for you to make 1 million plus, think again.

2.0 star rating J Jenkins from Orlando, Florida


Extremely Disappointing. I went to see her perform some of her songs, but all I heard was jazz rides from her band on mostly every song. They were good, but taking rides on every song was a bit much. It was all jazz musicians and very little Diana. She may have sung two songs. She seemed like she was going through the motions. I'm glad she only did about 1 1/2 hours. Miserable selection of songs and performance. I was ready to get out of there. I was so looking forward to seeing her.

2.0 star rating Lisa Johnson from Salt Lake City, Utah


I love Diana’s voice and piano skills and had no idea that it was going to be her with a band. That was not advertised here in SLC when I bought the tickets. I agree with others. I was disappointed to hear her band members solo with very little Diana. The tunes she did sing just with the piano were marvelous and intimate but I didn’t attend to hear her sax and guitar player jam all night. Didn’t get my money’s worth.

2.0 star rating Denise Bere from Salt Lake City, Utah


Very disappointed by this concert. Started 20 minutes late. A lot of band member solos and very little singing from Diana Krall. She seemed bored to be there and it was difficult to understand what she was saying when she rarely addressed the audience. Not a good concert. Expected more from Ms Krall.

2.0 star rating JFP from Seattle, Washington


We've been big, big fans of Diana for many years and this was to be our first chance to see her in person. There was an opening act...did not know that. Then we had to wait a half hour after he left and Diana came on. Diana just jammed with her band - not really singing - for 45 minutes until thunder and lightning cancelled the show. Oh, I did not mention the drunks behind us. I should have read reviews of her past concerts which are consistent with our experience.

2.0 star rating Angle & Timo from San Jose, California


Mountain Winery - Saratoga, CA. Beautiful evening and venue but the show stopped there. We came to see the talented Diana Krall but what we experienced was a 30 minute late singer who seemed to be more engaged with a disorienting substance then with her audience. There was a lot of fussing and flipping her hair and often idle piano keys. EVERY song was dominated by her musicians solo's which was not what we paid to see.. She seemed to be off in space and not too interested in performing many of the songs that made her so popular. She offered very little interaction with her audience. At one point her Guitarist was conferring with the Saxophonist to figure out how to fill the gap in her performance. We left after an hour into the show and joined several others also on our way to the parking lot...Our ticket cost in Section 21 for two seats was +$400 and the experience was beyond subpar! This morning I read several similar reviews from other shows that she has recently performed and it blows me away that she is not reading the same!! Unfortunately, this was wasted time we can never get back!!!

2.0 star rating Christopher Kiser from Portland, Maine


We have been looking forward to seeing Diana for years. Her band is amazing and when she sang she sounded great. But, she did not sing much. It was also confusing on when the concert was over… Separately, the lady at the entrance was focused on reading our IDs to ensure they matched our COVID Vaccination cards but she did not have a light or her glasses and was having troubles. Ugh. Tickets???? Not important.

2.0 star rating Alice from Hartford, Connecticut


What a disappointment. She was whispering/ talking lyrics, ahead of the music and very out of synch. Would have enjoyed staying home and listening to her old CDs more. My friend thought she was drunk, it was that bad. As previous reviewers noted, most of focus was on band solos. Thought for sure she would sing "Autumn in New York" as that was the ticket promo, but she didn't. Have been a fan for many years, this was third time I saw her perform and it will be the last.

2.0 star rating Sandra Zielinski from Hartford, Connecticut


She seems to have lost her passion to perform. Her ability to engage the audience was absent and I wish I had my $80 back.

2.0 star rating Boston Krall Lover from Boston, Massachusetts


I saw Diana in concert years ago in Boston, she was FANTASTIC. This show was so very disappointing. She barely sang, and when she did her voice seemed tired and sore. Though I love DIANA and we went to see and hear her. I have loved her music since her first recordings. It appeared that her band was attempting to make up for her inability to carry her own. So much potential and so little delivered. Diana, please tell us what was going on with you last night.

2.0 star rating Sue Rebich from Charlotte, North Carolina


I have been a fan of Diana Krall for many years and was thrilled when I saw that she was coming to Charlotte. The show should have been booked as a Jazz trio with Diana Krall. She didn't sing as much as one would expect. When she did sing, it was often unintelligible. There were times when she seemed confused. There were also times when she seemed to "wake up" and we caught glimpses of the Diana expected. Each of the trio members were very talented, but I did not pay to hear them for what seemed like 3/4 of the show. I'll continue to listen to her recordings, but not attend another live performance.

2.0 star rating Julius Dominey from Charlotte, North Carolina


The music was wonderful. Clearly professional musicians who played as a very tight group. I don’t know if it was a technical audio issue or if Diana had an issue with her voice but the overall effect greatly detracted from the quality of the performance. I’ve been a fan of Diana’s unique vocal interpretations of many songs. It was disappointing to miss that part of the performance.

2.0 star rating Bob Bretherton from Atlanta, Georgia


Her studio music is awesome.. Her live concert last night in Atlanta , Truly bad! If she told to come back for free I wouldn’t go. She stole her fans money.

2.0 star rating Robert F from Jupiter, Florida


My wife and I were beyond disappointed at this evenings performance 04/25/22 at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. Echoing what many reviews noted on this site, Ms. Krall seemed utterly detached, disoriented, and borderline incoherent at times during the performance. She forgot her place at one point, the right key at another, and didn't provide leadership for her band on many of the songs. Much of the concert depended on riffs from her excellent guitarist, Anthony Wilson, as well as the bassist and drum musicians, but even here Ms. Krall at times wasn't available to pick up on the cues of when she should enter back into the music. The concert started late which is not a problem in itself, but the sense of disorientation by the leader, and the lack of energy and leadership was so distracting that it became impossible to enjoy. Sadly we wondered if there may have been a medical or substance issue leading to the issues noted; they were that extreme. I'm truly sorry to write such a bad review for such a wonderful musician.

2.0 star rating Michelle from West Palm Beach, Florida


I’m really not sure why Krall is doing concerts. She hardly sang and nearly every song sounded the same. On the odd occasion she spoke it was impossible to make out what she was saying. I felt that she was having a private session with her fellow musicians and we just happened to be there. She came on very late and offered no reason! I listened to a couple of her songs on the way home and they bore no resemblance to what she put us through last night. My advice is don’t bother going to her gigs.

2.0 star rating R Kniffin from West Palm Beach


Echo above critiques. Firstl, took the stage 15 minutes late, unheard of at the Kravis Center. She had zero enthusiasm and we left early. Her group, bass, guitar and drums were top drawer, we paid to see her.

2.0 star rating Meredith from Miami, Fl


I had been excited for months about seeing her live. Months. I even stayed at a hotel nearby. For 90 minutes it was mostly her musicians delivering the entertainment. Her band is extremely talented, but I did NOT pay to see them. Diana seemed listless and barely sung. Mostly letting her band members do solos. Really disappointed. Had I known it would be like this I would have saved my money.

2.0 star rating Glyn Moulton from West Palm Beach, Florida


No interaction with audience. More than half the performance listing to bass player and guitar player perform. Will not go back again. Many reviews are the same.

2.0 star rating Isa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


So disappointing! Mediocre acoustic in mezzanine at Au-Rene theater, songs boring. Not the Diana Krall I used to enjoy so much! The place was full but people were leaving. I was waiting for that moment when the music finally gets you , never happened!

2.0 star rating S greenberg from Washington, District of Columbia


Diana Krall Concert had very little of what I came to see namely Diana Krall singing her standards. It felt like a jam session and the Warner is not a venue for a jam session. Her band were doing solos with Diana playing piano and singing occasionally and when she did, it was not very well. She isn’t hitting the notes or carrying the tunes. She’s an amazing pianist but that’s not what I came to see. Lots of folks walked out midway. Last Diana Krall concert. I’ll see.

2.0 star rating Darin Potts from Houston, Texas


Not sure what was going on here. I don’t know if she is having vocal issues or was sick, drunk, etc. but this concert was perfunctory at best. Accompanying musicians were good and her piano playing was solid but she was rushing the tempo on most of her songs and vocals were lazy. I’m a huge fan of her albums but, if this is representative of her live performances, I’ll never watch another one. Terribly disappointed in a musician for whom I previously had a lot of respect. I feel cheated and regret the experience.

2.0 star rating Rocco from Houston, Texas


I have been a fan of Diana Krall for decades. Her voice was that of muse whose voice touched parts of my soul like no other. Her tunes have resonated thoughout my space when I needed to decompress and chill. Suffice it to say, I was so thrilled and anxious to see her perform live in Sugar Land, TX at the state of the art SMART FINANCIAL CENTER. Her performance, from the very start, lacked energy. It appeared that she forgot that she was the performer for this event. Her voice did not have the magical, and passionate, quality that I was accustomed to. With the exception of a few of her standards, all her music was new to me. Additionally, she appeared to rely on the solo performances of her group (bassist, drummer and guitarist) to carry her and fill in most of the time. They were remarkable. This said, they were not the reason I spent so much for the two tickets I purchased. I couldn't believe that her set was over for what was approximately an hour and a half. Surely, she would come back for an encore performance. She did, it was one song and she left. If you are a Diana Krall fan, remain one by just continuing to listen to her albums and don't have a live performance destroy the illusion you have of her.

2.0 star rating Chris Reeder from San Antonio, Texas


Very disappointed in her energy and appearance. Her hair covered her face like "cousin It". She wore a dress that covered her entire body. She never got off her piano chair. The quartet didn't do her any justice. We left after 1 hour, it got boring and it all sounded the same. She needs to be more personable, energetic, show off her beauty more, get more instruments in her orchestra to make it more exciting. I should have brought my lazyboy chair so I could take a nap. Waist on money. Her music is better than average but performance is a failure. I hope she gets my feedback; I doubt it

2.0 star rating Lolo smith from Grand Prairie TX


Love her albums but the concert was so disappointing. First couple of songs felt very unorganized. Momentum picked up after that and her band definitely saved the show. Felt like I was watching an informal jam session. Not like her albums. Didn’t know if I should be feeling sorry for her and maybe she’s been sick? No clue. My need for sleep on a workday evening became priority and we left early.

1.0 star rating David from Portland, OR


My wife and I flew down to OC from Portland to see DK at Segertrom - third time seeing her. She was out of sorts, distant and not engaged with the audience at all. When she tried any interaction it was with incomplete thoughts, flipping of her hair and “oh well”. Her backup trio was outstanding but to hear them play for 75% of the evening with her sitting and staring at them was not what we paid to see. Probably last time seeing her live.........

1.0 star rating Alma from La Mirada, California


We bought tickets to the Diana Krall concert at Segerstrom Hall, Costa Mesa on Nov. 4, 2018. We were expecting to hear Diana Krall sing. What we got was a group of musicians doing a jam session meanwhile the singer just stared at them, flipped her hair and moved her feet constantly. She hardly sung. She looked and sounded spaced out. Her speech was slurred. Her sentences were left unfinished. We kept waiting for her to snap out of it, but it just was a waste of time and money. We just attended a $400 concert, our very worst concert ever! She has such beautifully recorded songs and voice. Too bad she can't perform anymore. The highlight of that night for us was having dinner and listening to a great band in the outdoor area before the concert. Her reviews on costamesatheater com show that too many of her fans have experienced the same behavior and felt it was a complete waste of their money. Segerstrom Hall is a beautiful venue, we have attended great concerts in the past

1.0 star rating Cheande. from Boston, Massachusetts


We’ve been wanting to see her for years. Got tickets for the show at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford Ma....the theatre: that’s another story! She was 25 minutes late...didn’t know where she was...very disoriented...seemingly incoherent...could not remember the lyrics to her songs...jumped around like she didn’t have a plan. I don’t know how her musicians kept up with her erratic behavior. We left an hour into the performance...very disappointing!

1.0 star rating Joe from Boston, Massachusetts


she was terrible, no energy, didn't know the words of songs, walked out about 1/2 hour into the show.

1.0 star rating J. Leisure from St. Louis, Missouri


My wife and I were so excited to see Diana in concert again.We had seen her at the Fabulous Fox with Chris Botti and what a show. This time is was so disappointing and the only reason we didn't walk out was we kept thinking it will get better. It got worse. She acted like she was a band member instead of the artist. At one point she forgot what she was playing and we had to listen over and over to the band members do their solos. If you are planning on seeing her show you would be better off buying her CD and going to a very nice restaurant. Very expensive tickets for a very disappointing performance.

1.0 star rating JD Duncan from Memphis, TN


Orpheum, Saturday night, Memphis TN. VERY underwhelmed and disappointed. Show started 15 minutes late and was essentially a hour and 20 minute jazz jam session with little or no Diana. She DID sing "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars", but that was about it...NO "The Look of Love", "Just the Way You Are", "The Boy From Ipanema", "S'Wonderful", "You Go to My Head", etc, get it, the songs we ALL wanted to hear. Can I get my $98 back?!@!!?

1.0 star rating Cristy C. from Fayetteville, Arkansas


I really wish she would have acted like she wanted to be there -I kept waiting for her to belt it out but she remained seated on her piano bench - too many solos from her band, not enough of Diana. Disappointing.

1.0 star rating Downtowner in Tulsa from Tulsa, Oklahoma


I'm an avid live music fan. So I've seen dozens and dozens of concerts all over Tulsa. The PAC is a beautiful, acoustically balanced venue. But... Diana Krall was a complete disappointment. If we could have scooted out early, we certainly would have. But we were in the middle of the massively long row. That didn't seem to stop other fans, who bolted before the scant 80 minute show concluded. The title of her show having "Quiet" in it wasn't deceiving. You could BARELY hear her band. And they used a very mundane, routine formula in virtually every single song where she would sing one verse, then each of the 5 instrumentalists (including the drummer) would launch into a free-form jazz solo. This was so mind numbing, that you literally FORGOT what song they were performing when it came time for her to sing the next verse. CRAZY. Love her "recordings", but absolutely think she is awful live.

1.0 star rating Ruth Rosado from Round Rock, Texas


My husband enjoys Diana Krall’s albums and DVD concerts. I excitedly bought tickets to see her perform live, as a gift to him for our 32nd wedding anniversary. However, what we got was truly disappointing. It was more of a jam session by the band that consisted of far too many long and painful back-to-back solos. We paid to see Diana Krall perform and not so much for her to feature her band all night to do back to back solos. Most of the performance was devoted to her band players rather than her. The performance started at least 15 minutes after its scheduled start. Of the time on stage it appeared that less than 20 minutes was her singing and playing the piano. She dedicated much of her time sitting at the bench with her hands folded in her lap as she featured her band. She kept flipping her hair and crossing/uncrossing her legs and appeared to be in a fog. Bottom line: After last night, we will never pay to see her live again. It is retirement time for her!

1.0 star rating Jason A. from San Antonio, Texas


I only wish I had seen this page before deciding to go to this....well, I guess you could call it a Jazz Ensemble. Krall can either not sing very well or decided that she just wasn't going to. I would have thought maybe there was something wrong (one person walking out said she might be stoned) but looking at the rest of the reviews here, I cannot help but think that this is the biggest sham since Milli-Vanilli. Her band was fantastic, and if I had bought tickets to see them I most likely would have stayed, but Krall spent most of her time hyping up the band, playing the piano for short stints (there is some talent there), and mumbling into the microphone... not to mention she was singing songs she admitted to not knowing the words to AND asked the audience on multiple occasions if they were going to sing?? I thought that is what we were paying HER to do. Sorry... I have seen Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble... Krall is no crooner and not in the same league. A real bummer.

1.0 star rating Carol from Austin, Texas


Band and venue were great but Diana did not live up to expectations. She listened to the band more than she sang. Must be having relationship problems because all songs were unhappy. I wondered a couple times if she had a drink too many before the concert. Lyrics and commentary seemed to fade off occasionally. Save your money an buy a CD.

1.0 star rating Betty Hall from Lubbock, Texas


Very disappointed. This was supposed to be the highlight of our 37th wedding anniversary but the concert was not at all what we expected. Krall’s voice did not sound good and she hardly played the piano, relying instead on the band. The band was good but we came to hear Diana Krall. The solos became repetitive and it seemed as if Krall was distracted and not really present. We did have a lovely dinner at Piccolo Mondo with some dear friends prior to the concert. Perhaps Krall was ill?

1.0 star rating from Kansas City, Missouri


Great venue. Short show. Not alot of enthusiasm from Diana. She could of played and sang more of her standards. The band was very good but to mcuh time was spent wih individual solos. The violin started out interesting but by the end of the show it sounded like screeching. For $135/ticket we'll buy her next CD and go out to dinner.

1.0 star rating from Appleton, Wisconsin


Although not a super-fan of Diana Krall, I anticipated an enjoyable evening with friends, listening Diana actually sing and play her well-known songs, ACCOMPANIED by her stage musicians. With the exception of this talented ensemble, there was nothing at all pleasing about this disingenuous performance. Instead, we witnessed an amateurish execution with incoherent mumbling, unfinished sentences, and an overall disengaged demeanor, which was an insult to her audience. Much of her time was spent sitting at the bench with hands folded in lap as she featured her band. I don't know if she intentionally omitted most of the lyrics of her song "Temptation", or simply forgot them. Is she weary of performing live, unable to hit the notes [limited range to begin with], fulfilling a concert obligation by merely putting in her time, or simply does not care? Her fans deserve better. This concert is not worth the price of admission.

1.0 star rating GH from Kansas City, Missouri


Still waiting on Diana to preform.... love listening to her on Amazon Alexa, however, save your money. Diana was a “ No Show”.... Obvious instrumental solos to kill time, no banter, basically was there to collect a check.... disappointed fan!

1.0 star rating Greyskull from St. Louis, Missouri


My wife and I love Diana Krall’s voice and interpretations of classic songs and standards. We excitedly bought tickets to hear her sing - what we got was a short, discordant fusion jam session by the band that consisted of far too many instrumental solos and an overly long painful back to back solos by the guitarist and “fiddler” reminiscent of an an adaptation of Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced” - not at all characteristic of her portfolio of wonderful music. Of the ~ 75 minutes on stage - less than 20 minutes were singing. I guess we should have tried to look at early reviews but we left feeling cheated and had just sat through some kind of rehearsal instead of a performance we paid a lot of money to see. Bottom line: started late, ended early, seemed very disorganized and she was going through the motions and not a part of the performance. After last night, most likely will never see her in concert again such a shame since her voice is so much better live than in studio.

1.0 star rating Stick with the over-produced albums from Appleton, Wisconsin


Not sure if Diana was drunk, or on heavy meds, or doesn't care about her fans, but please pull her from the touring circuit. The lower half of her limited vocal range was gone, the higher range was unpleasant vowel stabbing, the rest was incoherent mumbling. Speaking sentences were left unfinished, lyrics often forgotten, it was as though she didn't even know when to come back in to sing out a song. Piano solos were nice, but repetitive and lacked any spark. She was insecure, confused as to show order, and acted like this was her first time on stage. The early self-deprecating jokes were cute, but got old after 20 minutes. We were looking at our watches at 45, and thankful for the show's end at 90 minutes. Then she came back for a near-20- minute encore (why) in which she woke up a bit and seemed to realize she was in a concert hall with an audience. Repertoire was a balanced mix from her albums, and the band covered for her complete lack of engagement with us or them.

1.0 star rating Jeff Holker from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ugggh. Complete waste of an evening, sadly, after three rousing performances in past visits to Minneapolis. NO energy ... minimal singing ... too many instrumental solos (did we attend to see Diana or her guitarist and percussionist? they are a fantastic band, trust me, but not why we paid for the tickets...) ... 1:15 total elapsed performance time ... Bottom-line, she looked half asleep (I had binoculars!) and/or on some serious meds. Sad evening all around aside from a great inner pre-show with friends. STAY AWAY and give the ticket money to you favorite charity...

1.0 star rating Holly from Louisville, Kentucky


First time I saw Diana Krall and was completely disappointed. I agree with others' assessments - very little singing from Diana, and she looked/acted/sounded bored to tears. In fact, I actually thought she was on some sort of meds, because she barely could finish a sentence in between songs and at one point stopped in the middle of a song to say, "I need a drink of water." Sad to say that we left early, and I couldn't have been more disappointed. Don't bother seeing this show.

1.0 star rating Brandon Scott from Louisville ky


A great artist but we walked away disappointed. Her band carried her but she did Not seem interested in being there Said Sorry and oh sh*t - which was not very professional Will not go to her concert again

1.0 star rating R F F from Richmond, Virginia


Pros: Carpenter Center, Excellent Seats, Acoustics Outstanding! Cons: At a minimum, Half of the performance was long band member solos, I paid to hear her sing! D. Krall showed no enthusiasm in this performance, either bored or needed to board her jet back to NYC home for late dinner. The concert lasted approx 60 minutes, she might have sang vocals for total 15 minutes. Not what I expected very disappointing. Bottom Line: She obviously has better things to do....these concerts are probably required by recording contracts. Save your money, listen to her pre-recorded music.

1.0 star rating Elena from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Perhaps its time to listen to her just via Spotify or Tidal. We spent $1000 to go and listen to her singing along with the group. Instead, we listened to her group trying to carry songs for more than 10 minutes, getting tired from music that was improvised as they were playing along and most of the times bad. If she didn't feel like performing, she should have cancelled the show. This is the 2nd and last time we had the experience with Diana Krall. Two years ago, in the summer, we had the chance to see her performing in an open theatre in Juan Lepins, in Southern France. We left 40 minutes after the beginning of the performance. Maybe, we got unlucky twice, but we definitely will not take the chance for a third time.

1.0 star rating Michael T. from Fort Myers, Florida


One word: Disappointing! This is the third time we have seen her, and this is the worst performance we have seen. They played less than an hour and 20 minutes, she played ONE well known song, Temptation, and she sang very little. If I were considering seeing this tour I would tell you to save your money for the next tour that may be better. Her other two shows we have seen were fantastic, this was a huge let down. Our seats were ok, I would have preferred to be on the floor. Not a show for kids... talking will get you the evil eye from the granny next to you. Diana - hoping the next tour is better than this...

1.0 star rating Evania from Orlando, Florida


First concert ever that I wanted a refund. Came to hear her sing...her band got more play than her vocals. Too many solos for drums, bass, violin. Have all her albums and first time seeing her. So many people left disappointing.

1.0 star rating G.Morrison from Charlotte, North Carolina


Disappointing! Loved hearing Diana singing and playing the piano, but it was mostly her band playing. They were good, but it was way too many instumental solos. She also acted like her hands were hurting and also said ouch during her performance. We had a great dinner at The Capital Grille and excellent seats. I will not pay the price to see her again!

1.0 star rating Scotty from Calgary, Alberta


Went to see her and she didn't play half the show. Didn't go to see her band. she seemed very out of it And not wanting to be there. She didn't play the piano much. It was worst concert ever. Wouldn't ever go see her again. Went to the Guild for supper prior to the concert, which is great restaurant food was terrific.

1.0 star rating Scott from Salt Lake City, Utah


Terrible... was Diana Krall actually there?

1.0 star rating Michael from La Conner, WA


Horrible. Bought tickets for my wife’s birthday. She loves Diana Krall. We went to the 9/15/19 show in Bellingham, WA. Every ‘song’ was basically one verse from Diana, followed by a 5-6 minute ‘riff’ by each of the four musicians. When Diana sang, it was pretty bad. When she spoke in between songs, it was a rather incoherent stream of semi-consciousness. She reminded us of her band mates’ names at least 6 times. I realized about 1/2 way through the show that all of the ‘songs’ were the same tempo; same beats per minute. Which felt like it was accommodating the musicians - the riffs even became repetitive. We were dead center in the row, or else we would have left after 10 minutes. It never got better. I’ve never felt ripped off by a performer until the night I saw Diana Krall. She really should have turned over all the receipts to her four musicians. I couldn’t help thinking of that scene in This is Spinal Tap after Nigel left and the remaining band couldn’t fill a set list.

1.0 star rating Big dad from San Jose, California


I saw here at the Mountain winery, saratoga, ca with a group of 8. Same experience as many of the other reviewers. It was mostly a jam session with her sidemen. She seemed uncomfortable. We thought that it was due to the outdoor night chill. Now I know that we experienced what other audiences did as well. This is not the Diana were heard on record.

1.0 star rating Kevin Payne from San Jose, California


OK, the musicians themselves were great but this seemed like a rambling, repetitive jam session with almost no singing and a generally incoherent Diana Krall who couldn't seem to string together a sentence or have much idea what she was going to do. She didn't sing much, never got up from her piano bench and had no stage presence. I don't understand how the SJ Mercury News raved about her performance when most people jetted to the parking lot before her encore and applause was generally limp at best. Aside from the beautiful weather, this was an evening (and a couple of hundred bucks) wasted.

1.0 star rating Sean Kelly from Rochester, New York


Went to the show at the Auditorium Theater in Rochester on March 30th. I've been a long time fan since her start and saw her about 22 years ago at Artpark. Right from her first phrase in the first song I knew something was off. Her words were slurred and her performance was not tight. It generally got worse from there where during her first talk with the audience she totally froze and had nothing to say but "well I forgot". The band didn't look happy either. They mostly performed while looking down at the ground. This is a real shame and I don't get it. It seemed as though she was under the influence, or just not wanting to be there, or a combination of both. I wanted to leave mid show, but stayed, but left abruptly before the encore. Truly disappointing.

1.0 star rating SAK from Reading, Pennsylvania


My wife drove 60 miles and was excited to see Diana for our first time. Out thoughts were this was a terrible concert, the selection of songs was poor, the first 3 songs were unrecognizable and were like ballads that put us to sleep. She spent little time talking and engaging the audience, and was out of sorts. When she did say anything she was very difficult to understand as she talked in incomplete thoughts and spoke so softly she sounded like she was drunk and continued to flip her hair all night. Her backup trio was outstanding but to hear them play for 75% of the evening with her sitting and staring at them was not what we paid to see. The entire concert, including one song for an encore, lasted 90 minutes. Unfortunately we’ve just read other similar reviews from other recent concerts. We were extremely disappointed, something definitely isn’t right.

1.0 star rating John McMillin from Glen Cove NY


She didn't break a sweat last night. Talked and listened to jazz band play. But when it was her turn to sing you got the minimum. Show over in an hour.

1.0 star rating Reggie Love from Hartford, Connecticut


I love this performer and have seen her in concert before and I was very disappointed in the performance and wondered if she were ok. She wasn't her usual upbeat stylistic self, in the beginning she was unintelligible. She deferred a lot of the music to the backup artists and as talented as they are, they dominated the performance. Anyone can have an off night but unfortunately this appears to be a pattern for this tour based on other reviews. I hope everything is OK. Still love this talented lady...

1.0 star rating Ed Nitkewicz from Greenvale, New York


Saw her last night at the Tilles Center on Long Island. She did seem under-engaged and we also wondered if she had been drinking. I suspect her jazz band would play well in a bar or small club. I was disappointed because I wanted to hear more from her. The band was great but I would probably not have paid to see her as part of an ensemble.

1.0 star rating Alan from Atlanta GA


Went and saw her in Atlanta - she managed a whole 1hr & 20 minutes. It was mediocre at best and all you heard was guitar, base and a little bit of singing. I have heard much better jazz quartets from no name artists - such a shame, she needs to go back to Canada and disappoint them

1.0 star rating 20 year fan from Clearwater, Florida


Title says it all. I feel bad for the band having to carry her every night. She's a long way for "Live in Paris".

1.0 star rating DAN GREECHAN from Sarasota, Florida


I have to assume a health issue . Not fair for an artist of her ability to basically not show up.

1.0 star rating Valerie from Sarasota, Florida


I encouraged 2 friends to purchase tix that were in the back of theatre. They were $90 or so. I know that tix to her shows are usually the highest at the VW. She sang as little as possible, so softly, most of the show was given over to her trio, who were excellent I didn’t pay 90$ to listen to her group. I’ve seen her many times here and in DC. I’m wondering if she is unwell. Hope not. But I’ll never see her again. I did notice several people walking out after 30 to 40 minutes. Can’t believe she had a standing ovation but it appears that audiences in Sarasota always give a standing ovation.

1.0 star rating Barbara J Baute from West Palm Beach, Florida


Started 15 minutes late, no audience greeting, sat down and sang a song. When finished she introduced band members who performed frequently and very well. They carried the rest of the show. She thanked friends and audience for coming. Spent her time flipping her straight hair which is distracting from her . Seemed disengaged. I hope she can improve her stage performance. She is able to Play the piano beautifully. Venue is wonderful.

1.0 star rating Ann Tepper from West Palm Beach, Florida


The worst show ever. It was torturous to sit through. We left after an hour as did many others. She hardly sang, mumbled when she spoke and her band did most of the playing. Don't waste your money or your time. Plus she was 15 minutes late to start. So unprofessional.

1.0 star rating Carol from West Palm Beach, Florida


Saw Diana Krall last nite @ the Kravis. So disappointing, her voice is practically gone, barely sang & when she didn’t her combo played. She talked to the audience, could barely hear her. The combo were decent but we didn’t pay $90 to hear them entertain. Anyone wondering if they should see her should save their money. We saw her many years ago @ Carnegie Hall. At that time she was excellent, voice was wonderful. She should seriously consider retirement.

1.0 star rating Chris from West Palm Beach, Florida


Went to see Diana Krall at the Kravis April 25 2022. We had great seats to a nearly full theatre. She started 20 minutes late, barely acknowledged her audience and barely sang. I did not pay to hear her band who dominated about 70% of the concert. She forgot her lyrics, mumbled and approved to be wasted or ill. Things got worse about 40 minutes in when many patrons left. We stayed the entire time hoping we would hear a few old favorites--maybe three total. Looking back, I wish I had read some of previous reviews before shelling out for this one.

1.0 star rating DAN GREECHAN from Sarasota, Florida


Saw her 3 years ago and she was great. Flat, disinterested, not much singing. Poor performance.

1.0 star rating Lane Commander from Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Saw her at Broward Center for performing Arts 4/26/2022. Wife and I would've walked out if we could've. Let me first mention that I am not a great fan of jazz and much prefer her more popular music. She really phoned in the performance and seemed totally disengaged from audience as though she was doing us a favor rather than performing her side of the bargain. She mumbled and flipped her golden locks whenever she addressed the audience so that we did not understand one word she said although others appeared to. She let her stone-faced trio jam for long periods. We would've walked out after about 15 minutes if we had been sitting nearer the aisle. I don't think I will ever be able to listen to her recordings again with the same enthusiasm I had before this concert.

1.0 star rating Smarter than the average bear from Newport News, Virginia


Thankfully I had the smarts to read the reviews first and after seeing her socialistic mandate , I'm so glad I didn't waste my money. I bet a lot of you wish you could do that too. I will return to the Ferguson center because the venue is outstanding.

1.0 star rating Tom from College Park, MD


Attended her concert in Baltimore on 5/2/22. Worst concert I’ve been to in years. Went to see her sing and play, but mostly it was about riffs from her band mates. She had no energy and seemed to just be going through the motions. She hardly played any of the songs that made her popular, and constantly deferred to her band mates. Maybe she’s tired from a long tour. Regardless she needs to do more if she expects to keep her fans. Don’t waste your money!

1.0 star rating G. Disdier from Washington, District of Columbia


Been a fan of Diana Krall’s for over 20 years. Concert disappointing, part maybe due to end of her tour. Seen many of her concerts at Wolftrap. Warner an awful venue! And what’s with the use of cameras and video, major distraction!! Will never go back to Warner and end of our live Krall concerts. Dull and every song sounded the same.

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