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Bill Burr Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 52



5.0 star rating Tom McLean from Ottawa, Ontario


They say Bill Burr is a Comedian's comedian, in that other stand-up comedy performers study and admire his skill and technique on stage. On March 6th Mr. Burr showed that he's also a people's comedian, smoothly engaging the crowd in the NAC theater as he delivered entirely new material, a lot of it Canada-specific, and went 45 minutes over the 1 hour show time. Certainly it was clear Burr was playing with some new material as he covered topics from ghosts, to the way men and women commit murder, to dictators and their silly antics. Throughout, the crowd was roaring, and I lost my breath several times as Burr dove through his bag of observational humor while offering hilarious impressions of people caught in funny situations. At show's end, Burr conversed directly with the crowd, asking about Canada's different provinces and telling stories about his trip so far. More than worth the money, this show is a must-see and great for a date night. Don't bring kids. Thanks Bill! GFY

5.0 star rating Nesha Doyle from Chicago, Illinois


I am a fan FOREVER! Bill burr makes me laugh so hard my stomach, head and cheeks hurt! I love seeing him at the Chicago Theater. Please continue to come back.

5.0 star rating Olivia Porter from Chicago, Illinois


Bill's 2016 tour was a little off but this time he rocked! Vintage Bill is back!!

5.0 star rating Kimberley from Phoenix, Arizona


I had the best time last night ! Bill Burr for president, most definalty! If you ever have the opportunity to see this man live in person you must I mean you absolutely HAVE to go. You will not be disappointed. He put on the best performance from his introduction all the way through until the very end he KILLED it ! Laughing entirely! My 1st time seeing him in person and it was every bit as great as expected , he did not disappoint! I Can't wait to see him again. His opening act was fucking amazing too. LOVE IT! Too funny ! Best show EVER !! Thank you Bill Burr - you win , hands down đź‘Š Phoenix LOVES you !!

5.0 star rating Jerry Fenski from Dallas, Texas


Ok last night in Dallas we witnessed a comic at the top of his game. It felt like he was as much improvising about the crowd and Texas as he was working material. Laughs from start and left wanting more. No question the most solid show I've seen live. All hail Burr.

5.0 star rating Kimberley from Minneapolis, Minnesota


All new material, Bill had everyone laughing from start to finish. The set was tight and ready for a new special. Bill is my favorite comic and never disappoints. His humor is relatable even as a LAYDY and I was cracking up just talking about it later. Would not take children or my mother to the show although the crowd varied in age from early twenties to mid-seventies.

5.0 star rating Kristen from San Francisco, California


Bill Burr hung tight last night in San Francisco at the beautiful Nourse Theater- weaving in between nuance with ease- even amidst some kook heckler. His transparency made him oh so relatable and that spitfire comeback had the crowd rolling. Keep it coming old man. Like a fine wine- you get better with age. The surveyor imitation using the mic stand had us in stitches. Thanks for the orchestral seats - we were anticipating a drumroll by yours truly. Next time, Homey! The gorgeous architecture of the venue was similar to Great American Music Hall or the Warfield. Tastefully antiquated art deco and crown molding framing the large ceiling. Such a classy venue to welcome Mr. Burr back to our beloved SF! I would not bring my daughter nor my Mother. Their skin is a little less thick and minds a bit too prestine for his content.

5.0 star rating Beth Rio from Santa Rosa,, California


My introduction to Bill Burr's humor was on Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars..." Since then, I've loved nearly everything I see him on. I jumped at the chance to see him in person. He was on fire from the moment he walked on stage! He is so comfortable on stage and with the crowd - handled comments from audience brilliantly. He referenced his favorite topics, the ones we've all come to know and love....over-population, oversensitive people, extreme PC....and threw in plenty of current topics that were also tailored to locals/SF. Saw him in the old Nourse Theatre which looked its age, but you forgot all about the hard seats, "grandma's house-smell," and disaster-waiting-to-happen emergency exit layout of the place by Bill's second utterance. But the location of the theater was great (Hayes Valley), surrounded by ample great eateries and good parking options. Not sure i would go out of my way to go to this theater again.....unless Bill Burr came to town! Can't wait to see hi again!

5.0 star rating S. Trauman from Nashville, Tennessee


Great performance ! My husband and I came down from Louisville to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We are big fans of Bill Burr and we both felt like he was at his funniest. Well worth the $400 we paid for tickets. We were in center section 5th row. Perfect seats. Can't wait to see him again. ST Louisville, ky

5.0 star rating Wendy Smith from San Francisco, California


San Francisco May 17, 2018 show. If you ever have the pleasure of seeing this qucik witted, candid, side splitting comedian Bill Burr I suggest you do it. It's not very often you are surrounded with laughter from his first joke to the last. Bill Burr is a comedical genius who shot off one hysterical joke after another. Bill Burr for President. Seriously do yourself a favor whoever reads reviews take this to heart and go laugh your ass off seeing this man perform. Thank you Bill I have a great time.

5.0 star rating Ed Gutonski from Pittsburgh, Pennsyania


Funny as hell!! Performed longer than thought best $50 spent in a long time!

5.0 star rating David Marshall from Kitchener, Ontario


The Man came to town. How he found Kitchener? Long story but as Bill says, he just jumped on a bus. He used mostly new material from what I could remember. With all the mental fortitude I could muster I tried to remember a hilarious moment near the start of his performance but Bill erased my memory with so many gut-wrenching jokes. Bill craft is near or at the top as he melded Canadian content into his performance and dealt stealth blows to a few loud mouth patrons. I woke the next day as if I had a full blown 80's 20 min workout on my abs and face from laughing so much. Burr's opening acts were also top- notch. I paid about 70 bucks for more than decent seats...great value. The Kitchener theatre is top notch, not sure if there's a bad seat in the house. My second time seeing Bill Burr live, with the first coming in Hamilton a few years ago. He's a must see and he might be just the best out there!

5.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Loved the show at Just for Laughs Northwest at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC yesterday. He did an excellent job of Canadian, local content without being patronizing (I think my favorite treat of the show). His comedy was spot on and as a fan it was awesome to not hear repeat jokes - like many comedians in concert. Truly worth the ticket and the travel!

5.0 star rating Colin Mac from Vancouver, British Columbia


Seen a couple specials on tv a few years back and when I heard he was coming thought great I will go. Caught the ferry got a hotel even took a loss on two tickets I bought for someone else. But man what a show if I was not smiling my checks were stiff from howling to the tear point So glad I went he is good at what he does and would do it again

5.0 star rating Stephanie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


There was no slow build up to the funny bits—Bill was hilarious from the very start. I am so impressed by the way Bill didn’t settle into becoming a cliche of his younger funny self - at the same time he still sounds completely authentic and remains the funniest guy of all. Awesome show!!

5.0 star rating Jb from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


First off...the show was almost 3 hours long. Lots of laughs...funny stuff about the 'burgh and the people here. Seemed a little right winged. Which was surprising.

5.0 star rating Richard Rieck from Cleveland, Ohio


Bill Burr definitely should be in the conversation now with Chapelle and some of the other greats. He did not disappoint last night in Cleveland and he hit on some pretty tough topics like guns , feminists, abortion and past and current Presidents that had everyone laughing their ass off. He says what we are all thinking and he is definitely one of the greats so if you get the chance to see him trust me you wont be disappointed.

5.0 star rating Immune from Seattle, Washington


Bro roasted the whole planet and on such a high level! Some of the jokes were over some peoples heads, he literally went off it was amazing.

5.0 star rating Greg from Montreal, Quebec


Excellent, but thé entry procedures and line ups…never again. Play Laval Bell Center for 4 sets brah.

5.0 star rating Nunya Biznass from Boston, Massachusetts


He absolutely killed from opening bit till the end.

5.0 star rating Jaime from Boston, Massachusetts


Bill was hilarious as usual. Making fun of just about everyone and bringing us back to the good old days before social media. As for Fenway…. No! The ticket said it started at 7, it didn’t till 8. So you get charged a $48.00 “convenience fee” for an hour and a half, and it wasn’t convenient when they still made you go to the box office to go pick them up! So what the hell was the convenience? The batting nets and stacks of speakers in the way didn’t help. The crowd chanted “shut them off” meaning the lights… Fenway just needs to get their act together and stop over charging. But, Bill is definitely worth every penny. I would suggest seeing him somewhere else. It was a historic show. But, taking our phone and smart watches during the show was a bit much.

5.0 star rating Joy Waltman from Cincinnati, Ohio


My husband and I loved the show! We saw Bill many years ago in Indianapolis, and this one did not disappoint.

5.0 star rating Troy from Des Moines, Iowa


Comedy in an arena is always tricky. Very few can do it and only the upper echelon can really pull it off. Bill Burr is one of the upper echelon. It was trademark Burr and he made it seem more intimate. He came out of the gates firing. I laughed for the first 10 minutes without stopping. A show this long (it was well over an hour) is bound to have some lulls, but this man is not afraid of silence in the arena. Essentially he killed for 98% of the show. And the other 2% I was still laughing because it was Burr. Been looking forward to this a long time and he exceeded my expectations. This is a must see. If you can get tickets, do it. Who knows how many more chances you’ll get?

5.0 star rating Susie Roedema from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Was amazing love him but could have ended with a better joke.

5.0 star rating Ian McClure from Orlando, Florida


I love Bill Burrs comedy, and I’ve watched specials on Netflix and clips on YouTube. I hoped for a great show at the Amway Center in Orlando, and he delivered. However, I felt really guilty for laughing at some of the content because I had a lot of people around me who were overweight and Bill drive a tractor trailer through their lives. My lesson learned is that when you watch at home, you have no guilt to enjoy comedy. When you go live and the people sitting closest to you fit the profile of the “joke”, it’s an amazingly uncomfortable feeling. I loved how he approached politics and attacked both party leaders and how he slammed religion, having identified that he didn’t know how it would go over with the audience, in a very religious area. In the end, Bill Burr did what Bill Burr does. If I were to rate him lower, it wouldn’t be fair, because I’d base it on my own uncomfortableness of who I sat near.

5.0 star rating Kory Lake from Salt Lake City, Utah


Bill have me all I needed, What a wonderful show we had in Salt Lake City! If you are a fan and you didn’t get to be apart of this terrific show, You missed out! Everything was great a laugh a minute. If you are a person that is easily offended, this is not for you. But if you’re alive and can appreciate good comedy that slams it right down in your face, you’re going to love this show. Obviously after reading some of the reviews above, Karen’s beware, cuz you’re gonna hate it! And we don’t want you there anyway! But yeah Bill Burr, can’t wait to go see him again! Thanks for the hard work Mr Burr

5.0 star rating GH from New Orleans, Louisiana


A comedic masterpiece. Bill gave it you if you liked it or not but he did for warn you with his 2nd act to get a feel of the crowd which was a smooth move at the Smoothie King Arena in NOLA. If you like raw comedy that hits both sides the aisle which speaks truth to let you see how messed up ur way of thinking is Then Bill Burr is for you. Easily offended do not attend but i suggest you do! ! The King of delivery Mr Burr slams the woke crowds, the red necks way of thinking, the use of his personal trip sessions while giving it to those never ending line of gold digger type woman with there lip injections, butt lifts, fake tits etc. If you know Bill he puts them in there place all the while just being Bill Raw, Hardcore and Funny! The crowd was in tears and it was 1 laugh after another. He bashed on the current POTUS while bashing the former all to let his audience see what possible things we can not in this mixed divided nation! If your looking to laugh GO SEE BILL BURR! You take that trip, you will not regret it! Love my man Bill! A comedic masterpiece put on by Bill Burr! Glad I went!

5.0 star rating JG from Syracuse, New York


Saw Bill Burr in Syracuse NY on October 3rd. It was an absolutely hilarious show. My face hurt from laughing so much. The hour and half that he was on stage just flew by. He could have stayed on for another hour, and still wouldn't have been enough. If you haven't seen Bill Burr's show I highly recommend doing so. You won't regret it.

5.0 star rating Marilyn Spector from Reno, Nevada


We drove to Reno to see Bill Burr from the Bay Area. We arrived on time, and saw that there was a line 4 people abreast that went around the block. Bill even joked about it saying he thought there was a large protest happening. He wasn’t happy about it either. I loved the show, laughed all the way through it. I’d go see him again definitely, but not in Reno (although I doubt Bill will return there).

5.0 star rating Tom Rush from New York, New York


You know him, I need not go into detail. Great show, first night (Nov 10) he flubbed a couple jokes which was surprising, but who gives a flying feces - no one. He's great, still a solid 5/5, would highly recommend his show!

5.0 star rating Tisha from St. Louis, Missouri


Bill was fantastic from beginning to the end! He went longer than usual. He just is a genius!

5.0 star rating Susie from Phoenix, Arizona


I needed a night out, been down in the dumps. Then along came this evening, what a way to pick up your spirits, this guy delivered far and beyond. Bill Burr is the best there is, it's not enough that his material is jaw stretching hilarious, but his deliverance is like non other. Thank you Bill, for taking me on your helicopter, a ride through some thick ass funny shit!

5.0 star rating Josh from Annapolis, MD


First comic was great. Bill was on point and current. So glad I flew in to see the show. Nashville was awesome, the people were amazing. The venue was amazing. Bill is one of the best today! Totally worth it!

5.0 star rating Bonnie from Denver, Colorado


I love this guy and a friend of mine said, “you like his work because you’re angry!” Im like WTF are you talking about only to find out a year later (the hard way) that my so called friend is an untreated OCD hoarder class A A-hole, and he ditched me? I bought premium tickets (I am not wealthy ok) 11th row center tickets sitting behind 3 tall dudes wearing hats. Me and my friend are short. Thank God BB walked back and forth and he was, as exciting as a Led Zeppelin concert which I am too young to have experienced. We laughed the whole way through and had a great night. I can’t wait to see BB again! I noticed he didn’t say, “go F yourself” once. What? Must be the low testosterone, lovely wife, California energy and beautiful 2 kids lol! Thanks for all you and your staff do! Oh and I really enjoyed the opening act comedian too he’s funny.

3.0 star rating Saul Goodman from San Francisco, California


No real funny new material. Expected a lot more, being away so long from stand up. Oaland arena venue a rip off for floor seating by the stage.

3.0 star rating Muneeb Ahmad from Toronto, Ontario


It was a routine from which i could tune in and tune out. Just like his podcast. My friend appreciated it because he prefers a story-telling type of humor. But, imo, that should be reserved for podcasts. But I suppose that that is his appeal. Not too sophisticated or clever; just relatable and common. Have seen him twice now, in toronto. Despite the years, the subject matter is the same: man vs woman, husband vs wife, canada vs usa, back then vs now, feminists vs etc... Paid a 100$ for the nose-bleeds. Didn't mind the distance as it wasn't a concert. The yodl pouches were a pain in the ass and we actually ended up missing the opening introduction and segment because the yodl employees didn't have enough yodl pouches. So we waited an additional 30 minutes until they retrieved some pouches from wherever they end up. Obviously not kid-friendly. It was a show and should remain a show for die-hard Bill Burr fans. The whole arena was packed. Wouldn't take a date to it. Expensive beers and alcohol, which is to be expected. Overall, a pleasant experience for those used to and appreciative of Bill's comedy.

3.0 star rating Pete Korner from Portland, Oregon


If you love Bill Burr, you probably liked the show. Unfortunately there was little new stuff and he was Bill Burr doing Bill Burr. Always a few who don't appreciate the caustic topics and left early but thats expected. The crowd seemed more enthusiastic than Bill on this night and gave him all the leeway to be better but he just didn't deliver standout performance which the crowd really wanted. He could immediately improve the evening by getting rid of the opening comedian. She had no pace, nothing funny to talk about. You just wanted her to get off stage. But then, she introduced a (slightly better) comedian who was trying to be Bill Burr. Didn't work. Overall, it was nice to get out and see an A-lister. I still like Bill despite the lackluster show. They can't all be great. He seemed a bit tired. I'm curious since this is just the beginning of his tour, how the rest goes.

2.0 star rating John medina from Denver, Colorado


For the 3 of us in the fronf row,, some of itcwas funny, and some was like a rambling podcast.... a lot of dough for not too much show

2.0 star rating Dave (originally PA) from Nashville, Tennessee


Bill's Atlantic City show last summer, and his opening comic, were fantastic. It was an enjoyable surprise given the few podcasts that listened to prior. This show in Nashville was like a rambling podcast, he missed on knowing the audience he intended use to provide comic relief. For our group that also saw him in AC, the conclusion of last night's show in Nashville are the same...with mostly new material, it was weak in wit and too long of ramblings without a humorous punchline.

2.0 star rating Not a fan of Bill from Columbus, Ohio


I’ve seen taped Bill Burr shows and thoroughly enjoyed them I was expecting the same or better to see him live. In the end I felt like I was sitting in the corner listening to his therapy session. Clearly he had a tough childhood and he absolutely l, positively hates women. I feel sorry for him, his wife and his daughter. I hope he gets the help he needs.

2.0 star rating Mici from Toronto, Ontario


We love Bill Burr but his performance at Scotia bank Arena in Toronto wasn't funny. He was indeed pushing the boundaries and saying provoking stuff which was good,.. but somehow he wasn't relatable, everything was just sliding off of us, ... was it the venue vibe maybe? His opening act was another female comedian that was shouting about her vagina all the time... sad, sad outlook at my sex's comedic state at the moment. Maybe it was that....? p.s. we also love Jim Jeffries and his standup in person was amazing!

2.0 star rating Ty Cobb from Boston, Massachusetts


I’ve been a Bill Burr fan from way back. Back before he went Hollywood and still had an edge. Saturday night the cutting edge material topics were as stale as my breath after tough Saturday night. You can’t get much more stale and out of date .. We probably would’ve had a better time going to an open mic comedy show. I don’t think Bill will have to worry about taking phones anymore..nobody wants to repost that show.. Next next time I could save some money and replay some funny Bill Burr podcasts

2.0 star rating Kush from New York, New York


He is so good on TV. But in person, there were so many dull moments. The openers were way better sadly. Maybe he needs a new format.

2.0 star rating James from St. Louis, Missouri


I’m a fan of Burr and was excited to finally get to see him live. Love the theatre so was happy with the venue but his material seemed stale. I was bored during his set, only occasionally laughed, and based on the audience reactions, I suspect I wasn’t the only one who left disappointed.

1.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


He is an awful human if you can even call him a human. I’m embarrassed that I even was in the fox when he was there. I had to walk out to save myself. I thought I was going to a comedy show, one that makes you laugh, not one that makes you want to vomit because of the putridness that was being displayed on stage. I will definitely do more research on the next comedian I waste my time and money on.

1.0 star rating Jon Klauswitz from Beloit, Wisconsin


Was Bill trying out new material to see what worked and what didn't? His routine wasn't funny at all. I'm a huge fan and was so disappointed. I'm not offended by anything so this is not one of those types of reviews. He's usually the hammer but last night he was the nail. His signature brilliant, side splitting hilarity must've been left in the dressing room. And who signed off on the two jamokes who opened for him?? I've been more entertained watching something heat up in the microwave. I still love ya Billyboy but go back to the drawing board...because with what you did last night, I wouldn't trust you to make a glass of water. What a bummer

1.0 star rating Jon Klauswitz from Beloit, Wisconsin


As for some of the reviews people are giving...c'mon!!! Roaring? The crowd wasn't roaring at all. I was there last night and the place didn't explode with laughter. Pffssshht...People who laughed were either simple minded easily appeased folk who lacked the intelligence to recognize the sizzle from the steak. You laughed b/c you expected to laugh. Bill wasn't funny at all and I'm a fan of his previous work! However, the theater is awesome! What a beautiful place and the staff, as usual, was great! Our seats were great and I love going to see shows at Miller Highlife Theater. We had a great dinner too at Santino's nearby. Great food and service. The high light of our night was dinner at Santino's and admiring the architecture of the theater!

1.0 star rating Sher W from Washington, District of Columbia


Not only we didn’t laugh. I felt stupid for buying tickets to watch this guy. On line I watched his best gigs and laughed. On the live show the audience on our part was quiet and not amused at all. He needs new material asap.

1.0 star rating Julia B from Cincinnati, Ohio


This is the first bad review I have ever written, necessary this time. I have always enjoyed Bill Burr until last night. I even purchased floor seats because of how much I have enjoyed this comedian over the years. The concert last night felt like a major rant about what appeared to be his not so happy life for the most part. I have never been so disappointed in a comedian. The concert started with incredibly long lines into the venue because everybody’s phone and watch had to be locked and US Bank Arena did not have the personnel to make this an efficient process. We were escorted to our seats just as Bill started his set. Halfway through I was ready to leave. No offense at any of the material or anything like that it just wasn’t funny. I may be laughed three times. I think my son could’ve written better material given an hour to prepare than what we were presented with last night. Save your money for those comedians who can actually entertain the audience.

1.0 star rating Jon Persson from Boston, Massachusetts


would give 0 stars if I could. Did not say 1 funny thing. I am a Bill Burr fan. His specials are always funny. This one sucked. lots of people left early.

1.0 star rating Michael Horton from Syracuse, New York


We were very disappointed. Nonstop race jokes. Fat people jokes. We left after 45 minutes. And we saw at least 70 others leaving too.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Syracuse, New York


His old rants/stories/jokes were funny. I’ve seen him before. What I watched was just the rantings of a mediocre old white dude. I go to events to get away from it all. 2/3 of the show was the same old boring political/race stuff. Nothing new or really smart and different. There were a few light laughs in my section but about a half hour in a few people in my row left. When he said he had a couple stories left I watched a mass of people leaving early. It just felt like a waste of time and money.

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