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Brian Regan Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Brandon from Chicago, Illinois


This guy is fantastic!! Keeps you laughing and interested the entire time. This was an amazing NYE show and I loved the atmosphere of the theater. Would absolutely come back here for more NYE shows!

5.0 star rating Tim from Syracuse, New York


I've seen Brian Regan on 7 different occasions, and he's always awesome. Definitely a must see for comedy fans. His opener last time, Steven Rogers, was amazing as well. Definitely someone to watch in the comedy world.

5.0 star rating Gwen from New York, New York


Such a funny, clever, solid set. Brian Regan made Carnegie Hall feel like his living room and he was our hilarious host. At times, I laughed until I couldn't breath. "Crime… you don't need to sell me on crime…"

5.0 star rating Don from Hamilton, Ontario


So many topics and all relatable. Had us laughing till it hurt. Great night out in a great venue.

5.0 star rating Joyce from Rochester from Rochester, New York


HILARIOUS!! Brian Regan does EVERYTHING funny! His expressions and timing ... classic Regan! He makes just looking at someone hysterically funny. PLUS, Pete Correale was *awesome* as the opener! His razor sharp wit was on full display and he had the audience in stitches. What a show!! Brian did the ultimate classy thing by coming out for an encore and asking the audience which bit they wished to hear. What a treat! First class production. We will definitely see Brian Regan and Pete Correale again!

5.0 star rating Joseph Mitchell from Seattle, Washington


I took my daughter to see Brian at the Paramount last night and he delivered. Just plain hilarious. To quote a line from his "Top Five" character, Brian put some stank on it last night. Go see this guy perform live.

5.0 star rating Steve from Rochester, New York


I brought my teenage kids (who have loved his work since they were little) to the show in the Kodak theater in Rochester. His opener (Joe Zimmer) was very funny and a different style and pace of humor than Brian. Brian's energy is so much fun to watch live and my kids and I laughed for the entire performance. I thought I had seen most or all of his material (he prefaced that he would be doing old stuff and trying some new) but I didn't recognize any of it. As always, his material related very well with us which led to further enjoyment. Maybe time flew, but it seemed to end earlier than we expected. We will see him again next time he is local.

5.0 star rating Asherthebunsub from Rochester, New York


IVE NEVER LAUGHED HARDER IN MY LIFE!!! We were very fortunate to have second row seats and the view was amazing. Brian’s facial expressions were so funny and just made the performance incredible! I also loved Joe Zimmerman who was a fantastic opening act.

4.0 star rating from Wilmington, Delaware


Brian did not disappoint. I saw him in Wilmington, De last night and not only was the opening act hilarious, Brian was outstanding! I thought the people behind me were going to fall out of their seats laughing! I laughed so hard I tears in my eyes most of the show. Too funny!!

4.0 star rating from Detroit, Michigan


Brian's comedy was family friendly, yet smart (not watered down), topical and hilarious. He doesn't need to have words that need to be bleeped out later. My teen aged children loved it as much as my wife and I. The opening act was great too (can't remember his name).

4.0 star rating Vic McKlocky from Omaha, Nebraska


Having been a fan for over 3 decades, this reviewer aint gonna start NOW pretending as if I could ever judge the most authentic comedian of his age. Some of us are simply content with watching him work. It takes a unique appreciation for the art form known as stand up comedy to recognize that Brian compliments small-town America by his courageous decision to try new material. If one is so limited in their ability to recognize value in just being in the presence of watching him work, then chances are there is no ticket price or set length that can satisfy. If I ever get another opportunity to see him again, I'll be there grateful to do so.

3.0 star rating Diane from West Palm Beach, Florida


I've always been a fan but something was off last night. He started his set with a joke about losing his memory. Unfortunately I think it was prophetic. He seemed to lose his train of thought and at one time he forgot the punch line, and admitted it. He did have some good stuff but the flubs put a damper on his routine.

3.0 star rating Bill G from San Diego, California


I didn’t think Brian brought his A game last night. He was distracted by the sounds of aircraft from the nearby airport but his new material just wasn’t all that funny. All in all, a very bland performance. His encore was literally just a commercial for his show on Amazon…he didn’t tell a single joke! Weird.

3.0 star rating Kent Lessly from Wilmington, Delaware


My wife and I love going to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington DE. Its not a large theatre and that makes the experience more intimate. We are fans of Brian's stand-up and were really looking forward to seeing him live. Brian was funny, but just. He was on stage for only 40 minutes, maybe less and for an encore, all he did was show a video clip (commercial) for his Netflix series and then walked off stage. It was as if we weren't worth the effort. Brian, if that's all you can muster, its time to retire from stand-up tours. Don't bother coming back.

3.0 star rating Smithy from Rogers park from Chicago, Illinois


Slow start. Felt the need to explain he was going to do his new stuff and some old stuff ? Had some good new material and then ended in under an hour. Did an encore proving a series he’s in and then left. Disappointing. .

3.0 star rating K Young from Wichita, Kansas


We’re so sad. We live in Oklahoma City and seen him live every time he comes there okie driven to Tulsa and now Wichita. I’ve paid outrageous amounts for tickets but always thought it worth every penny. I don’t know if we’ll go to another and that makes me sad. His portion was over in 40 minutes too and his encore was nothing more than a 20 second commercial. I laughed at his jokes but where was the rest??? Or the old stuff he brings back in encore which is always some of the most fun of the night. He didn’t feel interested at all and seemed he could hardly wait to wrap things up. I think maybe his traveling stand up may be coming to an end. So disappointed to see my favorite comedian give a half interested performance . Please bring back the fully committed Brian Regan! Lots of money for tickets, a hotel stay, and 3 hour drive mostly wasted. :(

3.0 star rating Rose from New York


Started late. A few really good laughs, but very very very short show. Under 45 minutes. Seen him before, but not in a few years. Different feel and tempo. Maybe getting older, slowing down?

3.0 star rating Debbie from Minneapolis, Minnesota


His opener for the show was more entertaining. He was enthusiastic and put the crowd in a good mood. Brian came on stage and was a bit boring at times. It was a special date night for New years eve and for what we paid, it was not worth it. His material was dull and drab. I saw him about 15 years ago and he was much funnier then. My go to comic is Jim Gaffigan. He is much funnier for a clean comedian.

2.0 star rating Dan from Wichita, Kansas


Short performance to start with. First guy was funnier. Forgot several lines. Cost 187.00 for 3 people. Should have watched special at home. Seats in balcony was great. Parking was easy. Nothing like last years performance.

2.0 star rating Julie from Cincinnati, Ohio


So, I’ve seen a lot of comedians and was looking forward to Brian Regan for months! First - show started late - not unheard of, but unusual. The opener was ok, he did his part and warmed up the crowd. But then, inexplicably, after his 15 minute set he encouraged everyone to go get refills as they were going to ‘take a little break’ and all the lights turned back on. What???? 20 minutes later Regan came on and he was done in less than 60 minutes. He had a few very funny moments - but he seemed to struggle. Maybe an off night? I think he is probably typically much better than last night in Cincinnati... but I wish I would’ve had tickets to that show instead!

2.0 star rating Jay from Fort Myers, Florida


I love this guy, however, the last two times I have seen him he has been subpar. I will not go see him live again. I gave him a mulligan in Fort Laudeedale a few years ago. Last week in Fort Myers, he seemed to be rushing to get off of the stage. His set lasted about 45-50 minutes. We were all like “that’s it?” Oh well. I still love the old Regan but he has definitely lost touch.

2.0 star rating Bruce from Knoxville, Tennessee


Typical corporate, vanilla comedy, but delivered like a kindergarten teacher telling stories to toddlers. It was less than an hour which was more than enough.

2.0 star rating MC from NC from Durham, North Carolina

DPAC 2022

10 minutes late starting. Z-man did his normal warm up. Brian struggled from the start. Told more family related stories than ever before. Threw in a couple of old jokes at the end to try and salvage the show. Disappointed that friends drove 5+ hours for the show. Easily the worst Regan show we have attended. Hopefully this was a one off and not the direction comedy is headed.

2.0 star rating from Torrington, CT


Brian is our favorite comedian and a seemingly great person. We hope he is ok because his show was only 40 minutes long which is not like his shows of the past. Had we known, we wouldn't have spent 240.00 and drove an hour to see the show. Again we hope he is not sick or something.

2.0 star rating KevenH from Minneapolis


Really?!! Over $100 per ticket and Brian was on for less than an hour! Definitely not going to see him again!

2.0 star rating MnNice from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Show was scheduled to start at 8pm, it started at 8:10 featuring an ‘unknown’ comedian (he was good!) Brian started around 8:30 and performed for one hour MAX! Spending over $100 per ticket for less than 60 minutes of entertainment, definitely not worth it! Brian was ‘ok’ but, not worth spending that kind of money.

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Denver, Colorado


Best and only good part was the venue and a couple of old jokes he did at the end. Not one good new joke, actually left feeling bad for his huge fail

1.0 star rating C. Washington from Phoenix, Arizona


My husband and I have seen Brian Regan on 3 different occasions, most recently in Phoenix, AZ on 12/31/2019. Regardless of the cost of the tickets to the event (we had a VIP Suite), Brian nor the comedian that appeared before him (Zimmerman), were not the least bit funny. This was absolutely a waste of money and time to a very disappointing New Year's Eve event. And on top of that, he was only on stage for an hour! We would NOT RECOMMEND anyone spend their money or time to see Brian Regan.

1.0 star rating RS from Seattle, Washington


Brian is my favorite comedian .. I thought he bombed in Seattle.. I took SEVEN people to the Show was disappointing .. I love his comedy.. but the last show / material was not very good!

1.0 star rating Ccarpenter from Denver, Colorado


My husband and I are huge huge fans of Brian Regan, not sure who showed up Friday night. He had like 3 new jokes. The whole rest of his show was old material. We spent over $300 for tickets and just feel ripped off. Very sad.

1.0 star rating Amanda Justice from Tucson, Arizona


The show started late. It was a very short show and his new material really wasn't all the funny. We were so excited to see him and paid a lot of money for the tickets and left very disappointed with the show.

1.0 star rating Drew from Seattle, Washington


I went to this show in Tacoma (2/3/2023). I’ve really liked him since I was in High School (80’s) and I listen to comedy radio now and look forward to when he comes on. Last night was an absolute dumpster fire to the point where he knew it and started joking about it. I absolutely can’t explain it. Everything fell flat and he couldn’t even pivot to older, tried & true stuff! Everyone has bad nights and figures they can just mail it in and coast but when you’re driving 40 minutes each way and paying $125/ticket it’s not a great thing. I really hope the rest of his tour goes better but I don’t foresee paying to see him in person ever again. Sorry! I was jacked up to see him but was clearly not alone in my opinion based on the attitude and comments from people around me!

1.0 star rating Drew from Seattle, Washington


Saw him 2/3/23 in Tacoma, WA and it was spectacularly bad. He tried out new material which he flat out said did not work and would be thrown out. There were no big laughter breaks to the point where he joked about that and that he thought at one point he might have one of those breaks so he could take a sip of water but the laughter died down to quickly. I think the low point may have been when he told a joke that I heard on XM Comedy radio as I was driving to the show. Making it worse, the guy on the radio told it WAY better! I don’t know if he was having an off not or has gone completely downhill but absolutely nothing landed and it took me everything not to get up and leave in the middle. It makes you realize that with music acts, you pretty much know what you’ll get and will at least here some songs you love. Comedy is a total crapshoot. He would have been better off dusting off some of his oldie but goodies. Oh Well!

1.0 star rating Andrea from Salt Lake City, Utah


I have loved the comedy of Brian Regan for years. We have seen him every time he’s come to Salt Lake City. We were so excited about his performance last night (3/15/2023) at Eccles. We left very disappointed with no desire to see him in person again. Short show. New material was not in any way funny. He started late and just really seemed like he was coasting through his act. His opening act… Kermit was funnier than Regan.


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