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Jesus Christ Superstar Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 50



5.0 star rating Jack Barnes from Oswego, New York


Get your tickets NOW - 'cuz once the word gets out, you won't find any available anywhere; yes, it's THAT good!! Powerful message with equally powerful music performed by a cast of near-perfect voices in combination with a wonderful set that puts the muscians on top of the action. They all amaze - and soothe every want with respect to matching your memories of the magnificent score with your need to experience those words performed by a cast with great unison in dance and movement while singing this dramatic story. I GUARANTEE that you will experience huge applause - and the absolute and overwhelming stillness associated with near-perfect performances. Go to a play this year - and make sure it is this one...and you will be forever a fan of both the art form and this particular presentation.

5.0 star rating Bob Gookin from Los Angeles, California


I was in fifth grade when I got the album from the Columbia Record Club. My mom let me stay home from school the next day and I played it non-stop, and kept playing it, over and over, eventually wearing it out. I'm not particularly religious, but I was drawn to the politics of Jesus's struggle against the powers that be on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. The new iteration captures this beautifully, updating the story with a high energy modern vibe that kept everything I loved about the album, but made it infinitely more accessible to my teenage daughters. The vocals were very solid - led, of course, by Judas. But Jesus had some wonderful moments, Mary Magdalene was perfect and Caiaphas was stunning. The band was wonderful, the opening guitar riff brought down the house, and the dancers were mesmerizing. Honestly can't think of a time that a dancer brought me to tears, but the lead dancer in this production did just that. Great play, great performance, great night.

5.0 star rating Kevin Woodman from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada


Captivating from the opening note to the final bow. One of my favourite alt albums from the seventies and this cast didn't disappoint. Considering the success of the original production, this was not an easy feat. A well deserved standing ovation.

5.0 star rating Ted W. from Denver, Colorado


In Denver on business and decided to catch this new production after seeing an intriguing video ad in front of the performing arts center. I couldn't be happier. I had the original record as a kid and wore it out along with other rock operas like 'Tommy', 'Quadrophenia', 'Lamb Lies down on Broadway', etc. This show took me back to my bean bag chair with my headphones on in the '70s- guitars, drums, keyboards, saxophones, and the singers... just great. Pretty fast-paced compared to other shows I've seen recently, but that adds to the energy. These dancers would go from 'hippie' dancing to ballet-esque to whirling dervish within a few songs. The set, lighting, and costumes are all very modern to my eye. I have to think about the symbolism of the glitter and the mic stands and cords, but I'm very glad I decided to go. Highly recommended, especially if you grew up listening to the album!

5.0 star rating Jon Workers from Denver, Colorado


A fabulous show from start to finish. The excellent live music set the mood and was true to the original score and album. The musicians were as much a star as the actors. I thought Judas was even better than Jesus (only on stage not in legend) and Caiaphas with his deep, deep voice reverberated right under your skin. The Ensemble danced and sang with energy, yet it sounded like a choir of 50 singers in unison. The solos by Jesus and Mary were superb, but the scene not to miss is the 39 lashes ministered to Jesus by the crowd and intensified by the painful crack-snap of the sound effects. Some nay-sayers have commented on the use of microphones on stage and the guitar wielding Jesus . I found that this interpretation in no way demeaned the story or acting. Give into suspending your disbelief and you will leave having seen a wonderful show. Take your Mother, or your teenage kids. Your'll have something all will talk about on the ride home. Enjoy!

5.0 star rating Walker from Denver, Colorado


Did not disappoint! Amazing music and talented performers. Wish I could see it again. The Denver show was excellent. The show went too fast. Loved every minute, every song and the modern take on this classic show.

5.0 star rating Elaine from Denver, Colorado


It was a great way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, with today's aesthetic mixed with the iconic musical score. Like the original play, this is a modern rendering of the Christ story. The costumes, lighting, and dancing (like the original play) are intentionally drawn from the present. In this case, "urban hipster vibe" was used for the modern aesthetic instead of "1970s hippie vibe" from the original. Evidently some of the other commentors herein, who've shared less than favorable reviews, appear to have been put-off by the contemporary aesthetic (okay I'll admit the man bun wasn't my favorite). But that to me, is and was the point. We aren't viewing this as ancient times, or even more recent history, but through the lens of today. The music, the outstanding performances and signing, and the choreography were all exceptional and true to the original.

5.0 star rating Eric Powell from Baltimore, Maryland


What a great time my family had last night. This show created such an emotional environment and sparked priceless family discussion. The performers were so talented, Jesus, Judas and Mary were flawless, and the music was so powerful, I have to say the guitarist and drummer we’re memorable. 5 stars for your powerful rendition of this show.

5.0 star rating Christopher from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Just saw the show last night at the Minneapolis Wow, I love theater and this show did not disappoint. My whole family felt the same as I. The sets, stage and lighting created the best environment to enjoy the story. The music was very powerful as was the voices of the actors. Thank you for this 90 minute adventure we will never forget.

5.0 star rating Charles P from Rochester, New York


I needed this. What a thrill to see this musical, powerful performances on stage, the actors were so full of energy, I bounced in my seat to the songs. The band was tight, and the drums and guitar were channeling some pure rock and roll. Incredible!

5.0 star rating Joseph Lear from Rochester, New York


Saw the show in Hartford CT. Beautiful set and a fiery young cast danced and sang so well. The music was very moving as well. I would recommend this 90 minute rendition to families and friends.

5.0 star rating Andy Sadlon from Hartford, Connecticut


Wonderful show. They’ve made the stage and choreography contemporary but stayed true to the original music. The actors and actresses were wonderful musicians, singers and dancers. This might be the best JCS I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot!

5.0 star rating Norma from Cleveland, Ohio


The music, the set , the performances - The Cleveland Orchestra! Beyond words!

5.0 star rating Pat from Kansas City, Missouri


I really wanted to see this Show so I traveled to Nashville in March 2020 to see it. It was fantastic! I was thrilled to see that it was scheduled for Kansas City. I hope that the Cast comes back for it because Aaron and James are phenomenal. I became a big fan of James after he performed at the Kauffman Center in the tribute show to Michael Jackson.

5.0 star rating Evan Franks from Portland, OR


I just saw the reopening in Portland 09/28/21. It was so amazing and emotional to be at such an incredible performance after a year and a half of no live theater. The choreography, the sining, the music, the lighting... all of it was amazing. I'm going to try to see it again, lol. Highly recommended!

5.0 star rating DMR from San Francisco, California


Absolutely brilliant performance of JCS! The acting, dancing, singing, band, set were all fabulous! I have been listening to JSC since 1971 and this is my first time seeing it on stage. I'm going to go again! Thank you to all of you for making this production so enjoyable. Keep going!!!

5.0 star rating Mike from San Francisco, California


Saw the show three times and every time was perfect. Every cast member on there is so talented.

5.0 star rating Lisa Dion from Boston, Massachusetts


Amazing, 50th anniversary... I tapped my foot, sang under my breath the whole time... if I could have got up and danced I would have... such a great story, show. Music... I teared up, because this has been my favorite music and show since I was a teenager... Thank you Boston Cast.

4.0 star rating Jimmy Atkinson from Las Vegas, Nevada


People’s need to link a person to a higher power. Wow this show’s portrait of Jesus is powerful. The music was powerful. I missed some of the words but I feel they were creating an environment for the audience to feel swept up in. It felt like a 90 minute roller coaster ride. The ending is haunting.

4.0 star rating M. Morris from Denver, Colorado


I really enjoyed this production. The music has always been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid. Having studied religion in my youth and now having the wisdom of age I was again moved to experience compassion. This modern version is clever but the message is still the same. I liked the stage setting and seeing and hearing the music being performed. The performers were so talented. I hope others feel as I do, and by the reaction of last nights performance and the standing ovation...well I think so. With all the negativity in this world I have to say that I walked away feeling I treated myself to something special. Thank you to all those involved.

4.0 star rating Tom McCollum from Denver but live in NC


Saw it in Denver on 29 November and really loved it. This was the first time I saw it though listened to the album years ago over and over. I thought the performers of Judas and Mary stole the show. What powerful voices with crystal clear range, and I haven’t even mentioned the passion they put into their parts. I would encourage folks to see it but you have to have an open mind. This is not a typical rendition of the last days of Christ but still just as powerful nonetheless.

4.0 star rating Barb from Detroit, Michigan


Either the mixing was uneven or Jesus and Judas needed to be more emotional. Mary and Harrod were great. Choreography was definitely worth it.

4.0 star rating Shaunn Day from Rochester, New York


I see in other reviews about Jesus and Pilot with guitars Yes I don't think it was needed. I did like the drop of the mic and the flogging part. I have seen JCS with Ted Neely but this does not compare. I did love the vocals . I'm glad I did go see it

4.0 star rating Laurie Rejzer from Portland, Oregon


Just saw Superstar last night at the Keller. This show has some amazing moments that highlight near perfect vocals & dynamic (but at times distracting) choreography all riding on a rock foundation from a stellar band. I had 2 main issues: 1. While the vocals were pitch perfect. I missed the passion, intensity, and raw rock emotion. “Get out, they’re waiting!” “Alright! I’ll die! See how I die!” “…You have made it a den of thrives! Get out!” This Jesus just sings the notes.. There is no real rock intensity. And Judas feels much the same.. glorious vocals, but it’s too clean, too pretty for a man so tortured. Where’s the fire? The chaos in his vocals? Two words: Murray Head. 2. The whole show was rushed. There were no pauses for us to let a song simmer.. ends of phrases were often cut short, or barely spoken (pilate’s dream). the overture was rushed, just felt very hurried. Caiaphas was the best I’ve ever seen. Look, Voice, presence. Loved the Judas/Jesus sit down to close the show.

4.0 star rating JKFC from San Francisco, California


Iv'e seen 3 professional productions of JCS in my lifetime: One that blew me away, one that was a joke, and this tour which I'd say is in the middle. The quality of the voices and the orchestration is exceptional. The ensemble danced their butt off! Mary was solid, Judas was a bit too one note (very intense but what a voice!), but Jesus was aloof and did not seem connected (except for his last song, which he nailed!). The rest of the cast was great. It was staged on a unit set depicting a dilapidated. multi-level, steel-beam building that "just happened" to have a section broken off in the shape of a cross. Direction wise, it missed cohesiveness and there were some really strange glitter choices and way too many "trying to be clever" microphone moments, but overall the music and the spirit of the songs was there and if you grew up listening to this rock opera, you will find yourself bopping to awesome grooves. I'm happy I saw it, now someone please help get the songs out my head!

4.0 star rating Therese Brannon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Saw this show in Milwaukee. The new Judas, understudy(?) Was intense and brilliant. Jesus actor started slow but got powerful midway through. The dancers were incredible as were the High priests. Live shows such as this are difficult keeping momentum. But this was thoroughly enjoyable. The bad reviews are perplexing. Mary was a tiny presence with a good strong voice. Judas and priests and herod as well( absolutely) pilot were terrific.

3.0 star rating Carolyn from Las Vegas, Nevada


This is my 5th show. This and the recent TV version were by far the worst. Costuming, presentation and singing were subpar. The instrumental music saved the show. None can compete with the version I saw 50 years ago.

3.0 star rating Buddy from Nashville, Tennessee


I have high expectations for this Rock Opera. Having seen Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson several times on tour, one just always will have that 'similar' feel; however, realizing there is no comparison to those icons - - but can you at least try to come close? Folks this is supposed to be of Broadway caliber. Broadway, I’ll say it one more time - Broadway…. Big shoes, big expectations. Sorry this review is harsh – First the orchestra was simply - perfection - the music was EXACTLY as the original, never missing a note or beat. Can't quite say the same for the play itself. I realize this ensemble is trying to bring a freshness and modern feel, but why? Why does Jesus have a top knot? Why is he playing the guitar during Gethsemane? It was so distracting and completely took away from what is one of the most powerful, stunning, beautiful and emotional songs of the play. Give the actor the ability to act, not perform. And what of these 'moves' by Caiaphas, Annas and the priests? It looked like a slow death while pole dancing their staffs. (no pun intended) Finally, for the not so good. The actor playing Pilate...? whaaa?? I am hoping the actual Pilate was sick and this was his understudy. He was nervous maybe. Very meek, almost just read the words and didn’t really sing. Again, Pilates dream, another powerful, mesmerizing songs. Just left as a dry twig in the dust. No one cared, no one got the emotion. There were glimmers of some real good stuff from Jesus and Judas. Once or twice they each had incredible moments in vocals. The audience immediately woke and started to sing in awe. But then it just went away. Left us all in a downward spiral, left hanging. It was a tease, a sample of what they could really do….and it never came back. The actress Mary Magdalene: beautiful performances; Caiaphas and Annas, superb vocals. Caiaphas, that low growling voice, countered by Annas high pitch - nice. Finally, the Judas hanging?? Can you at least pretend to hang something? Not just dangle an empty rope? And the glitter on Jesus while he was being flogged.... still don’t get that one. It's not all bad, if you love this classic Rock Opera, it's entertaining. Be prepared for less excitement, average choreography, and an awkward crucifixion and just as awkward curtain call. I looked forward to this night all week, and I just left empty, kinda jipped, as did a lot of folks in listening to the disappointment while leaving the theater. However, The orchestra alone is worth the price of the ticket, Bravo!

3.0 star rating Jessica Allen from Seattle, Washington


Unfortunately, something seemed to be off with the speakers or microphones... I could not understand 90% of what anyone was saying... It had a great melody, and the choreography was great, but it lost a lot of its luster by not being able to understand them. I have never seen this show before, so I didnt know the songs or words. I just really wish I would have been able to understand them.

3.0 star rating Mauricio Perez from Seattle, Washington


Splendid singer who don't act on the leading roles make me rate the play with 3 stars only. This is not a recital, but a rock opera, songs should be performed and this was missing. Perhaps Judas defended himself on this aspect by the end of the play. The poor histrionics of Mary Magdalene and Jesus made two of the most important numbers lackluster: I Don't Know How to Love Him was sung with a beautiful voice but no feelings whatsoever. The same with the most dramatic aria of the play: Gethsemani. It was a bad idea to make Jesus play his own guitar while singing this piece, especially for a singer who doesn't act, the guitar hanging from his neck made it impossible to make of it as dramatic as it should be. Ingenious scourging and moving and beautiful crucifixion. 5 stars to the stage, the illumination, the choreography, the adaptation of the Sanhedrin numbers and to Tommy Sherlock (Pilate). I would watch it again for sure.

3.0 star rating Alyce HOGE from San Francisco, California


Found it very interesting but did not understand the end. The choreography was weird and distracting. Didn’t like Jesus with a man-bun nor the athleisure wear costumes - hoodies and workout clothes. Use of glitter for the flogging was also weird. Left disappointed.

3.0 star rating Conad from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Lead Judas actor got nabbed for trying to overthrow the government (U.S. not Roman Empire - what would Pontius Pilate have done with him ?)

3.0 star rating MSMartinez from Boston, Massachusetts


Three of us attended, all expecting to love the show; sadly, we did not. Music was good. Dancing was great. But the storytelling left something to be desired. It was choppy, with key plot lines depicted vaguely. (We know the story of Christ very well. If we were lost at certain points, I can't imagine how someone who doesn't know the story could ever follow along!) Unfortunately, the band drowned out much of the lyrics. We had great seats (dress circle, center, row A), so there's no reason we should not have heard every word. Vocals were muffled by an overabundance of bass, which also impacted the storytelling. The set design was fabulous--could not have been better. The show itself could have been, however. Glad we went. Just wish we enjoyed it more.

2.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


I have seen this show 5 times in 50 years. I love the music. The cast did not connect to the music or the audience. While I applaud the attempt to be different, it was a big fail, especially for a 50th anniversary revival. The lead selling his music in his bio was tacky. Don’t waste your time.

2.0 star rating Ron Glickman from Los Angeles, California


I have seen the show many times over the last 50 years. This was horrible. The cast did not connect to the music or the audience. The sound was terrible. Jesus walked around with with a guitar - mostly picked it up and put it down for no apparent reason - it was distracting. The glitter made no sense. I expected way more, especially on the 50 year anniversary of an amazing show. That the lead pitched his music in his bio was tacky. Don’t wast your time or money.

2.0 star rating Robert clark from Los Angeles, California


my wife is a huge fan of this show and has seen it previously in many forms...i splashed out and purchased front row seats , at Pantages, to surprise her for her birthday Jesus, with a "man bun" was terrible......seemed bored ( as we were with his performance) and never quite sure of the significance of the guitar ...lacking in personality, only an adequate singing voice and easily the worst male lead i have seen in a musical ever Dancers and choreography basically saved the show......microphones with cords ?, terrible sound quality could go on and on but if you haven't bought tickets yet then save your money I generally love musicals but not this production

2.0 star rating Coach Owens from Baltimore, Maryland


Hi everyone! Well after 50 years of this great musical last night was the pits! Simply put, the band was great minus the guitar playing Jesus and Pilate. The use of hand held microphones was "Bush League" and definitly a distraction. Jesus' voice was all over the place! Judas was just a little better. Ted Neely and Carl Anderson are rolling in their graves. Mary was okay, but ive heard better. Believe it or not I did like the Choreography. It was diferent, fresh approach. The chorus, background signers were awesome! Caiphas and priests saved the scenes. Finally, I know it was opening night, but the show started 12 minutes late!!!!!!!! I totally missed the first ten minutes because I had to go to the mens room and got locked out!!!!! Next time, I'll bring a portable unrinal !!!!!!!! PS: The two stars are for the music!

2.0 star rating John Decker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Sometimes revivals say something new and interesting. Sometimes they transport you back in time. This did neither. Half the ensemble and cast seemed to be working with frenetic energy, and half seemed to just want the thing over with. Unfortunately, each type seemed to be randomly distributed, which was confusing. Judas emotes with all the believablity of Family Feud Steve Harvey, as played by Kenan Thompson on SNL. He was a bit all over the place vocally. If you know the show, you know that for it to work, Judas has to put the entire production on his back and carry it. Jesus was pretty good, Mary was there, Ultra-Intense-Dancer-Girl needed to be in a better, or at least different musical. The costumes were weak, the lighting design was lazy. Glitter-whipping a naked ravaged Jesus was fun, but a bit like being inside Mike Pence's darkest fantasy. Nobody understood why the moneychangers in the temple were dancing around with lighted crosses.

2.0 star rating Jillian from Minneapolis, Minnesota


JCS is my FAVORITE show. I have seen many amazing productions. This was not one. Jesus in a hoodie & man-bun was not convincing and seemed almost a lazy portrayal. Why did he keep picking up the guitar only to put it down again...random and confusing. Mary grew on me, as did Pilot. Herod was a disappointment though. If anything could have turned up the volume and energy it would have been Herod's Court. But even that was flat and almost felt like a Goth interpretation. One-dimensional and a grey one at that. One choice I really liked was the Priests. When they flipped their staffs to become mic stands I grinned! That was a flash of brilliance! My last comment is on the glitter lashing. Felt like a cop out... That scene is SUPPOSED to be raw and disturbing. Splashing the actor with glitter is NOT the way to portray that event. Until next time...

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Marshall, Minnesota


Though the music and choreography we're wonderful, I found this production to be extremely disappointing. We were seated on the main floor of the theater. Their were four of us who attended the play together. The first comment that each of had was "I couldn't understand/hear the lyrics". Being from outstate MN, I paid for dinner and and an overnight hotel stay just to attend a very disappointing production. It will be a long while before I choose to spend my money to attend an Orpheum production.

2.0 star rating Pete from Boston, Massachusetts


Very disappointed. For a world tour Broadway 50th Anniversary production, I would of thought it would of been better. The orchestra was good except for a few timing issues with the percussionist. Jesus with a guitar and hand held microphones took away from the connection between actors. I’d have to say I’ve seen better acting at small community theater productions of this amazing rock opera. .

1.0 star rating Scorpio10 from San Jose, California


Ever since I first heard the album in 1972, I have been a huge fan of Jesus Christ Superstar. I love the music, and the movie. I have seen and loved many versions of the play. This version that I saw tonight at San Jose Center for Performing Arts was impossible to watch. My seat in the theater was perfect, however the choreography was so chaotic and distracting that I kept staring at the ceiling or the walls so I could enjoy the music. Each time I would chance a glance at the beginning of the next song, some new crazy weird unrelated choreography would be going on again. Awful! Jesus and Pilot playing guitars?? Why? No! The singers had microphones with cords and mike stands. Why? And what was the point of the obscene gestures the priests were making with their mike stands. All the choreography was so uncomfortable. The music was wonderful.

1.0 star rating Lyn from San Jose, California


I saw this musical in San Jose on 10/26/19. Prior to purchasing tickets, I looked online to see what the musical was about. It had gotten many rave reviews so I was not expecting such an awful show. The music was just okay. The set, costume, and delivery were all weak. Choreography was terrible. I planned to leave during intermission but there was no intermission so I was stuck till the end. I didn’t enjoy any part of it.

1.0 star rating Sarah from Las Vegas, Nevada


First off let me say I love musicals and cannot count how many I’ve seen in my 36 years. I was in show choir, competitive dance and choir. I only mention all of this because I can truly appreciate the arts and theater in particular. This is the worst musical I have seen in my whole life. It was depressing(not in the good self introspectionsort of way), sad and lackluster. I would have left, had there been an intermission. I wanted to ask the very enthusiastic lady next to me what she took or what she was seeing, that I was not. Save your money. Check out les miserables, the book of Mormon or something equally as fantastic. Much love to the performers but sorry for them they are in this production. Waste of 90 minutes of my life and lots of resources...

1.0 star rating Wanted it to be good but it wasn’t. from Las Vegas, Nevada


HATED IT! Choreography was awful. Costumes awful. Jesus had a man bun! And played guitar as did Pilot. Band was good and part of the set. Cast carried around microphones and the stands??? Just a big mess. One of the worst shows I have seen.

1.0 star rating Douglas M. from Johnstown, Pennsylvania


I was first introduced the magic of JCS as a teenager over 40 yrs ago. I've seen it done at many levels, including a revival in London. I even played Pilate in a college production. This version, is by far, the worst interpretation I ever saw--including one set in WWII with a female Jesus. The use of handheld mics, mic stands and guitars was idiotic. How can you transmit emotion to the back row if your hands are constantly holding something? Throwing gold glitter to represent the painful lashes of Jesus? Really? To be successful, you need to show the arc of love/devotion to Jesus by the masses and watch it slowly turn to disillusion and finally betrayal. None of this was ever established. There was no connection between Jesus/Judas or Jesus/Mary. Mary didn't know how to love him? Heck, Mary didn't even seem to know him. The was a directorial failure on an epic scale. Save your money. Stay at home and listen to the soundtrack. Your imagination of the events will surely be better

1.0 star rating Julie from Minneapolis, Minnesota


I can’t believe how a play could be butchered like they did to this one. If you knew nothing about the story line before you sat down-then you had no hope whatsoever, trying to figure out what in the world was going on in that theater! The singing was a lot of screaming and screeching and the choreography didn’t make any sense. Why why why??!!...would anyone do this to a wonderful original script?! I have seen the original version-then about 8 years ago-saw another (which was very good!)...but this was horrible ! Don’t waste your time and money. How disappointing.

1.0 star rating L.A. Mertens from Buffalo, New York


Save your money! This prosection was bad all the way around. I was looking forward to this ever since I was a child. The 50th anniversary of this iconic show should have amazed and inspired the audience. Instead, the entire show was a disappointment. The sound mixing was bad, Jesus' solo songs were difficult to hear. Many songs sung by the group were off, not singing in unison . I couldn't even understand many of the lyrics. The anti-climatic ending couldn't have come soon enough.

1.0 star rating Jenny from Rochester, New York


This was simply one of the worst shows I have ever seen. It was a chaotic mess. Jesus wasn’t sure what was going on. He couldn’t decide what to do with that guitar. The dancing was stressful to watch. And the glitter was a hot mess. I was praying to Jesus himself to make this musical end sooner.

1.0 star rating Jennifer Foster from Portland, Oregon


Worst musical/play I have ever seen! We would have walked out during intermission but the didn’t have one. Maybe they know they will lose a lot of the audience if they have an intermission! No one in our group could understand most of the words! The intense-strange dancing lady was so off putting… her dancing moves were way too much… so weird and just didn’t work at all! The corded microphones and guitars, with the pauses to get the cords straightened out and the guitar plugged in really ruined the magic of theater keeping the audience engaged in the magical feeling of a great live show! I left feeling like it was a total waste of our time and money. We had front row box seats. Should have saved our money, which is a shame as we were so excited to see the show! So disappointed!!!

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