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Average customer review: 1.5 star rating (1.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 33



5.0 star rating Rosemary from St. Louis, Missouri


I had been wanting to see Company for years and was so excited when it came back. The people who didn't enjoy it, obviously, didn't do their research and expected - I don't know what. The performers were phenomenal and the soundtrack was the reason I was here. So happy I went and it was one of the most enjoyable shows I have seen at The Fox. 😊

3.0 star rating Sol Wakefield from Washington, District of Columbia


Excited to see this show because it's Sondheim. Sadly, I agree with other reviews, that it was disappointing. I kept waiting for an "ah moment" but it never came. No one song that will stick with you that you'd love to listen to and sing. The Talents were very good but the music left me wanting....

3.0 star rating Henry from Washington, District of Columbia


The decision to change the show from someone who has too much space as a defense against commitment (1970), to someone who feels trapped with biological walls closing in was forced. Script is a free flowing series of vignettes that needs an open stage with quick transitions to keep the pace. Sets connecting doorways took too long to assemble and slows everything down. The Bobby/Bobbie script change didn't gel, and I don't remember the desire for a child mentioned in the new script. Today, being single isn't an impediment for a woman like Bobbie to have a child. Script changes in couples did work. Stay at home dad/working wife - great. Gay couple getting married - fine but maybe May/December with one thrilled to be allowed to marry? Joanne disappointing. Why not keep her original line? Better shock value. Large house like the Kennedy Center Opera House hurt the show, smaller Broadway house like the National is a better fit. Worth seeing anyway, if not the best production.

2.0 star rating Elizabeth from Columbus, Ohio


I had no expectations going in as I knew little about this show, so I can't chalk it up to "maybe my expectations were too high." I didn't find anything strong or inspiring in the music or the characters. The plot ( a woman turns 35 and still isn't married) was slow moving and failed to develop into anything more interesting. Overall disapointing. To be very honest, I've seen better high school level productions.

2.0 star rating Bruce Johnston from Washington, District of Columbia


The pacing is horrible. The sound needs to be improved. As with many productions, the show just opened 2 days ago, the sound amplification, clarity is horrible. Unfortunately, the actress playing Bobbie had little charisma. She is a bore. Other women have done better. The men who have played Bobbie in the past have done so vibrantly. That is why all of the unhappy married couples like him/her. It is one of Sondheim's worse plays. Don't expect a Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park..., Into the Woods, Pacific Overtures. I highly recommend that you don't waste your time or money on this show.

2.0 star rating Melinda from Memphis, Tennessee


Talented performers for sure. Not a knock on them at all! It was just not my flavor of show. I saw people leave at intermission . I’m concerned about 1 or 2 in the next season line up with the same potential let down. Hope I’m Wrong!

2.0 star rating Alex M from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I was excited to see this as it was labeled a comedy, and though there were a *few* funny one liners, most of this show was depressing and repetitive. (The cast was very talented though.)

2.0 star rating Jill Randall from Denver, Colorado


Incredibly talented performers. Definitely an unusual but imaginative set. The first of the "concept musical" (Furth & Sondheim also gave us "Follies") and "Merrily We Roll Along" follows the concept approach. What fails is I'm just not being interested or invested in the 4 of the 5 couples. "Being Alive" is the emotional climax of the entire evening but it leads into a disappointing ending, an ending that's telegraphed from the very beginning of the show. As much as I Iove the score, I dozed off during one song in each of the 2 acts. Including, and I'm embarrassed to say, "Ladies Who Lunch". I went home and watched the YouTube version of Baranski/Streep/McDonald.

2.0 star rating Laurel from San Francisco, California


Let me start by saying I am a Sondheim fan…and I am in the theatre business, retired but still involved. I know the show well and love the music and the story. I was excited to see the gender reversal. But what I found was an unimaginative set and cast that didn’t quite tell Sondheim story. I know that it was updated to make it relatable but I related with no one. There was so much farce and mugging going on that it turned me off. First off, the only laughter should come from Sondheim’s is brilliant lyrics and good acting. It angered me that the farce was the focus and not Sondheim’s story. I’m afraid it was just poorly cast and poorly directed. Lacked chemistry.

1.0 star rating Carla Clarkson-Ladd from Naples, Florida


This production was difficult to follow. The sound/singing was such that you couldn’t hear well enough to follow the story. It made the story line very disjointed. The lighted frames were distracting. It was so disappointing we left at the intermission.

1.0 star rating S Olsman from Des Moines, Iowa


We are obviously not fans of the concept musical that has no plot line. The talent was great but the story and music were lacking. So bad, we left at intermission. Very disappointing.

1.0 star rating Jon from Columbus, Ohio


Woefully out of date with a cast that displayed little talent. Very disappointing.

1.0 star rating Connie Lambert from Columbus, Ohio


Profoundly disappointing. Where to begin? Disjointed. Impossible to follow. Absent story line. Disappointing talent. On and on. Most of the audience left at intermission. Do better Columbus. Please don’t subject your audiences to this.

1.0 star rating Sandy from Columbus, Ohio


I am not sure what the point of the musical was or where the main character ended in her journey. Only one song will stick with me. I think the cast is likely more talented than the musical. It seemed outdated and was a waste of my season pass. I'm writing this review to warn others. Wish i had known.

1.0 star rating Angie J from St. Louis, Missouri


Totally ridiculous. Most of us left at intermission. Well over half. Waste of time and money

1.0 star rating Susan from St. Louis, Missouri


We love the Fox and have been Season Ticket holders for years. We have never left a production at intermission until Company! We left at intermission and LOTS of other people did to.

1.0 star rating Carrie C from St. Louis, Missouri


This was not good, the men were mostly flat. The lead was taken by they second understudy (which seemed be the one performing from opening night) and she was not able to project with her voice. Too many slow and awkward timing. The set of the rooms where cool, but the use of the letters was cheap feeling. The 'I'm Not Getting Married Today' was the only good scene in the first half. Overall we had to leave at intermission or risk screaming at them out of boredom.

1.0 star rating Jim Donovan from St. Louis, Missouri


This was absolutely the worst musical I have ever attended. The music was terrible (typical of Steven Sondheim's low end musicals). Tough to hear the actor's dialog and the presented vignettes seemed disconnected and boring. Walked out during intermission and there were many like-minded participants who also exited at the same time. Good thing my tickets were at the special $29 rate. Even at that there were tons of available seats, That pretty much tells it all. True waste of time!

1.0 star rating Joyce k from St. Louis, Missouri


Bad show.... don't waste your time. Really slow and disappointing.

1.0 star rating Leslie from St. Louis, Missouri


Maybe it’s just outdated or maybe switching the lead character to female (as the play was originally written as a male lead) doesn’t fit the story line appropriately, but either way it was truly bad. As others have mentioned, the sound levels were low as well making it difficult to decipher some of the lyrics or spoken words. There was only one good song. The rest amounted to the worst play I’ve ever seen.

1.0 star rating from Washington, District of Columbia


Most of the cast had the whiny, nasal voice. The actors were impossible to understand. The set, though interesting, was blaring in bright colors. Left at intermission, but wish it had been earlier. The show, which I’ve seen before, is fast, but this was so fast, the actors could not be understood. One exception was the guy who HAD to sing fast for Not Getting Married Today. He enunciated and every thing was understood!

1.0 star rating Laura from Washington, District of Columbia


Purchased very expensive box seats for myself and my husband as a birthday gift for him. The sound was awful. This play has no actual story and no character development. All of the songs sound alike. Al of the dances are alike. If I knew the second part was going to be even worse than the first, I would have left at intermission. Do not buy tickets for this show. No disrespect to the actors. It was obvious that they worked very hard. Also the set was super cool and I liked the costumes. Really everyone did their job well except the writer.

1.0 star rating David from Washington, District of Columbia


This is first time I've ever walked out of a musical at intermission. Part of me wanted to see the second half to see if it got better, but I couldn't risk it being as bad as the first half. Echoing what a lot of people have said, the cast and stage setup were cool. The songs and the story were just awful. The one song that repeats "100 people get off the bus" over and over made me feel like I had a day pass to hell. It took all I had to not shout out "wrap this up!" I have no idea how a producer could listen to these songs and think "people will enjoy this." Someone's being blackmailed to continue performing this terrible show.

1.0 star rating James Shaw from Washington, District of Columbia


This is a pointless musical. So much angst about a 35 year-old female considering marriage. Who cares? The first act had some humorous portions. The second act was painfully slow. Besides, what is funny about a drunk female whose singing/acting occupied a large percentage of the second act? Horrible! The songs are difficult to understand and certainly don't have a sing-along quality. Do not waste your money!

1.0 star rating LoganMA from Boston, Massachusetts


I was bored, beginning to end. Cast wasn't given anything to work with. The play simply had no WOW numbers. The onstage sets simply put were boring and didn't make use of the full stage. It has not kept up with the times at all. Actors were not given the chance to develop, including the main character, Bobbie. I do not blame the actors for this. Whoever adapted this "new version" didn't really have a vision of what it should have been. When Bobbie blows out that final candle at the very end I was glad it was finally over. Stage adaptation was horrid. No real what I would call humorous moments. No big numbers to remember. Again, I don't think any of Company's failures were the fault of the actors. Simply put, they didn't have anything to work with, to make us like/dislike their characters. While I was able to follow the story, I didn't care about the story. Get it over with already. As a season subscriber of many years, this was one of the worst. Don't blame the actors!

1.0 star rating Maureen Hamilton from Boston, Massachusetts


Left at intermission with my husband and we NEVER do that. Wondered if the second half was better but daughter who went the next night said second half was worse (but shorter)

1.0 star rating PG from CT from Providence, RI


We bought the tickets at an auction as a donation to a charity. All we knew was that it was a comedy. I was so looking forward to it and then so disappointed. I’ve since researched the show’s history - 1970’s, single male… The story should’ve been kept in the past. No one thinks twice about being unmarried at much older ages now. An attempt should’ve been made to join the separate stories somehow too. Finally, I love musicals, but not EVERYTHING needs to be done in song. Guess what I’m saying is almost everything needs fixing.

1.0 star rating Scott from Cleveland, Ohio


2 sets were fun before they turned depressing and stupid Left at intermission as many did Performers were very good just a bad play

1.0 star rating Anne from Cleveland, Ohio


Boring, no wow moments, talented cast but nothing to work with. Disappointing.

1.0 star rating Beth H. from Cleveland, Ohio


Due to a disability, I have been unable to attend a musical in many years. I was at a point where I thought I could tolerate the walking from parking garage to my seat. It was almost unbearable, but I managed. To think I mustered up all that energy only to be deeply disappointed by this production. It was utterly boring! I wanted to sneak away before intermission. I was invited to attend Company with my friends as a gift. Unfortunately, they had not read the reviews before purchasing the tickets. Sadly, I will probably not have the ability to see another performance at this grand theater ever again. It is a shame that my one shot was used for this slow moving, never got better production. :(

1.0 star rating Dawn from Denver, Colorado


This was the most boring play I have ever seen. We left at intermission & I have heard from others the second part was worse. Simply nothing memorable about it; uninteresting characters, boring music.

1.0 star rating Amy from Denver, Colorado


Disappointed in this show. The story line was boring and blah. The few funny moments were way too few and the music was forgettable. Left at intermission with quite a few others guests. It was THAT bad! The talent of some of the actors was lost in a really unmemorable script.

1.0 star rating Reynolds Potter from Portland, Oregon


The other reviews point out the MANY FLAWS in this production which is highly NOT RECOMMENDED. Nevertheless, there are talented performers at work, but the alterations to the original don't work. P.S. I think there must be an error or software glitch in the computation of rating stars.


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Profound refreshing BRILLIANT

It's profoundly refreshing to see Company not just as the famous score and witty one liners, but for it to place itself slap bang in the middle of 2018's debate, whilst still excelling at all the elements one needs for a truly brilliant musical.

In a production that could be dubbed an 'Instagrammer's dream' Company explodes back onto the stage! This time though it's a magical gender-swapped revamp of the classic Sondheim musical.

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