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Mean Girls Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 53



5.0 star rating from Memphis, Tennessee


Wow, this show was so funny and absolutely amazing. All the actors were on point and very talented. My first time seeing the show, was definitely not a let down!

5.0 star rating Addi from Greenville, South Carolina


Was the best night of my week! Definitely worth seeing!! Such amazing acting and voices. As Gretchen would say, it was “fetch!”

5.0 star rating Khieng from Ottawa, Ontario


The Best Musical I've Seen In A LOONNNG Time, This Is Now One Of My Favorite Musicals, Due To The Acting, Music, And Overall Story Of The Musical

5.0 star rating Anonymous from No


It was so amazing! I went with my mom and sister who have seen a bootleg and seen the movie. We were so exited and our expectations were met! The actors were amazing and I don’t know what everyone is saying about Regina she was amazing. Cady was a little high but still amazing. People are also complains about it being to inappropriate and not suit for kids, but , yeah ITS NOT MADE FOR THE YOUNGER AUDIENCE. Check the age rating! Don’t bring your kids to a musical you have never seen or heard. It’s not their fault you won’t check an age rating 🙄. Honestly an amazing show and totally recommend!

5.0 star rating Shelly from Hershey, Pennsylvania


As a theatre lover, who has watched several shows, loved this adaptation of Mean Girls. Fun, light hearted but still driving home the message for youth, it's a must watch! Special shoutout to the cast who brought character to their roles and gave their own little nuances to them. Standouts include Natalie Shawn who plays Cady Heron, Alexys Morera who plays Janis and Hershey native Shawn Mathews who brings new life to the character of Kevin G.

4.0 star rating K from Toronto, Ontario


Liked all the other lead actors. The ensemble good also. Set design colourful and music had good energy. The characters of Cady and Janis ( she was outstanding) Karen and Damian ( both outstanding) and Araron and Regina’s mother and actress who played the school teacher were all great. The male lead Damian was superb . Enjoyed the show though and definitely worth seeing.

4.0 star rating Mark from Hershey, Pennsylvania


It was a wonderful musical. The cast was very talented, and there were some incredible singers. However, the volume for the microphones was that so loud that at certain points, it was literally painful to listen and made it difficult to make out the lyrics. unfortunately, this significantly detracted from an otherwise excellent show.

3.0 star rating Tina from Stafford, Virginia


I was very excited to go see this show with my daughter, but I'm afraid it seemed more like a high school production acting-wise. It was very loud as one other reviewer noted, and it was hard to understand the words of several of the songs because the music was either too loud, or maybe they were having issues with the mics. That being said, the sets were very clever and the standout performances were from the actors who portrayed Karen and Janice. The theater was very nice and the attendants helping with seating were friendly and welcoming.

3.0 star rating E from Providence, Rhode Island


I'm actually glad to read other reviewer's complaints about the sound, I thought it was just me. I saw this show in Boston a few years ago and this production is definitely not as strong. The actress who plays Regina is miscast, couldn't understand a thing she sang or spoke and her vocals were just not strong enough for the role. Maybe opening night nerves? The actresses playing Janice and Cady did a great job, and Damian's diction was spot on. Even with the sound issues, I could hear and understand almost everything. Pacing seemed to be an issue, with dialog being run through at lightning speed with no pauses for laughs. As for the orchestra, they did a good job. I was wondering about the booming (like startling) sound at the end of several songs - was that an electric bass guitar that was turned up to 11? Very jarring. The sound in the second half of the show was a bit better, hopefully the team will continue to make adjustments to improve the sound.

3.0 star rating Susan from Toronto, Ontario


Although the premise is great, and enjoyed the movie, I found the singing very disappointing in the stage presentation. Esp Regina and Cady. The second half was better, and sets were nicely done, but music loud for the theatre. Felt bad for the little girl in front of me. A bit too much for her age. Is there a PG warning? Maybe she didn't understand the lyrics anyway.

3.0 star rating AC from Toronto, Ontario


The music was too loud and made it hard to hear the lyrics and at times made you cover your ears to muffle it. We were in the balcony (dress circle) and all we saw was the top of Cary’s head she never looked up during the performance to include the people up top. Maybe they are use to smaller theatres. Karen character was very good. The play was fun however but could be easily improved.

3.0 star rating Tammy from Toronto, Ontario


Great sets, flow and songs. Unfortunately the sound was shrill and it was hard to hear the singers. Regina and Cady had ok voices but not great. Also, it was hard to understand what Regina was singing as the words blended in with each other.

3.0 star rating David from Los Angeles, California


We saw the production at the Pantages in Los Angeles 1/5/2023. I though it was just me. Other people agree. Casting was bad. Regina's voice just not up to par for this type of production. I could barely understand her words. Terrible. Too bad. A couple stand out performers but all in all a glorified high school production.

3.0 star rating Nat from Los Angeles, California


Mean Girls: 7/10 - I was entertained and laughed a lot. Very campy vibes. But, I probably would not watch again. Pros - Entertaining and lots of jokes - Loved that they kept all the classic cult lines from the film - The millions of costume changes were impressive - Damien was my favorite Cons - Music not very memorable or catchy - I didnt like Regina's voice. It was my first time seeing a full digital set like that. It's impressive and graphics were good. But, I'm not at Broadway to watch TV...

3.0 star rating Sas from Los Angeles, California


They story line resembled the movie and captured the highlights! The first half was good, second was decent. The real disappointment was Regina George voice! Terrible. caty voice could have been better as well. I did like the other girls and Janice’s

3.0 star rating Susan Bernstein from Los Angeles, California


Painful audio with Regina's character singing. We saw the show Tuesday eve, Jan 24 so maybe it was the b-team running audio but I could not believe it, I thought my head and/or the theater was going to explode. Yell-singing is fine but this was too loud and overpowering, like jet planes are landing in my ear holes. It was not a good experience and I think even if the sound was not oppressive it would have been way too long.

3.0 star rating Peter S from San Francisco, California


We have season tickets to BroadwaySF so we have seen a decent number of musicals. Overall the production was entertaining .... BUT for some reason the total audio volume was too high. It actually hurt to listen when a song built to a crescendo. What made it worse was that some of the singers ... notably Janis and Regina ... had shrill voices to begin with, so cranking up the volume with them was cringe worthy.

3.0 star rating Kaitlyn from North Charleston, South Carolina


The musical is fun and worth seeing, but feels a bit amateur for a national tour. The dancing by featured actors was pretty embarrassing except for the character of Gretchen. I feel the role of Regina was miscast. Don't get me wrong those are HUGE shoes to fill especially with Renee Rap carrying the role on broadway and the movie and just being a knockout. Maya appears to attempt to emulate Renees voice, and it's just not working. The acting overall was pretty bad, but everyone had pretty good voices. Willing to bet we see Maryrose (Karen) do big things in the future. She stole the entire show.

2.0 star rating CMD from Richmond, Virginia


Well, I definitely had a first at this show. It was the first time that I have ever left during intermission. Unfortunately, I agree with some of the other reviewers. The leads were very nasally singers and the actors raced through their lines and the music was super loud and drowned out the singing. My husband and I could not understand anything they were saying and missed all of the jokes. We were not the only ones leaving at intermission and I asked one gentleman why he left and he said the same thing that it was just so loud it was not enjoyable. I thought maybe it was where our seats were on the right orchestra, section A, but he was in the balcony and had the same problem.

2.0 star rating Mary from Toronto, Ontario


Sadly disappointed by this musical. It did not appear to be the quality I've come to expect from Mirvish productions. Voices were drowned out, scenery very amateurish even for a high school setting, and I like many others couldn't wait for intermission to leave. I've been to many great shows, even good shows, but this one was lacking in every aspect.

2.0 star rating S. Anderson from Toronto, Ontario


Love Tina Fey. Love the movie Mean Girls. The Musical? I left the theatre after the first act. Main reason: Cady and Regina characters sing sharp. Cannot do it. Also. The songs. The songs diminish the promise. W. T. F.

2.0 star rating Samantha from Toronto, Ontario


As a huge musical fan and a huge Mean Girls fan I was really looking forward to this but the play does not have the fun and heart that you are expecting if you know the movie. Regina and Cady do not have good singing voices - to the point that it is uncomfortable. Janis and Damien (understudy) were good and Karen (understudy) was the best part of the show. Felt like a high school production with an inflated budget. Very disappointed.

2.0 star rating Dave from Toronto, Ontario


There was a lot of potential for this to be good, unfortunately, rushed lines and miscasts really ruined my experience of this show. The good - standout performances from the supporting casts, namely Karen (Morgan Ashley Bryant) and Damian (Eric Hoffman). They were able to salvage the show with their good vocals and comedic timing. The bad - Regina (Nadina Hassan) had an awful performance. We couldn't understand 70% of what she was saying, and her high notes were so pitchy that many audience members (including myself) had to cover our ears. I really had high hopes for this, but save your time and money - this isn't worth it.

2.0 star rating Yolanda Savino-Walsh from Toronto, Ontario


This show has potential but like others we left at intermission. The decibel level was just overwhelming. There were zero Sound Guidelines. An usher said there had been complaints yet deterred the sound management of this crew. Brian Ronan should be made to sit in the Dress Circle for an hour.. A huge disservice to both the kids on that stage working so hard to deliver plus the inner ears of a captive audience. Very disappointing afternoon.

2.0 star rating Jo Cyle from Toronto, Ontario


You won't understand what anyone is singing - and I grew up watching Mean Girls, so I was at least tuned to what was happening. Oddly, the two lead singers playing Cady and Regina are the hardest to listen to. Cady is shrill and changes her voice entirely in her upper register, suddenly becoming 10 years old. Regina is either mumbling or blowing out your eardrums; there's no in between. It was hard to listen to honestly, often painful. Unfortunately, even if the singers were better, the material just isn't there; the music doesn't have any distinct or memorable melodies or lyrics, and I left the night not remembering a single song. ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Karen was a standout - hilarious. Janis and Damien blended singing and articulation well. And the staging was inventive and entertaining. Mean Girls is alright time if your expectations are subterranean. There are a couple laughs, but ultimately doesn't succeed at being a good musical or sufficiently nostalgic.

2.0 star rating Chris from Toronto, Ontario


As many have said, the music was either too loud or singers diction was lacking. I could barely understand a word Regina sang and found her pitchy and screechy. Cady had her moments but she too could be hard to understand and got very nasal in the higher range of her vocals. The set was great but that’s the best I can do. It was better than The Shark is Broken (imho) but not by much. This is the first time I have reviewed any show, which should speak volumes. Sorry to the cast. No doubt you put your hearts and souls into this production, but it missed the mark this time. Onward and upward.

2.0 star rating John B. from Denver, Colorado


We saw the Thursday Dec 29 show. In general, the cast played their roles well; voices strong, dancing tight. But this show, written in 2006 and apparently updated, is simply not relevant in 2022. It also has a problem with uneven sound from some key characters. Our seats are 4 rows from the stage and some of the characters strain to be heard. About 1/4 of the audience left at intermission. But this was in no way the fault of the actors, who were professional, enthusiastic, and in fine voice.

2.0 star rating Bailey Johnson from Denver, Colorado


I took my teenage girls to see this show. They had both seen the movie, but the level of crudety in the play was offensive. The show started off with a picture of an animated vagina picture. Later in the show, a character in a lion suit was standing and clearly masturbating in the center of the stage. To top it off, the main character's skirt fell off (as part of the plot) and she was fully revealed in thong underwear, then she turned around, leaned over, and stuck her butt out for all to see. Then that picture was plastered on the screen for everyone to clearly see. It was like a strip show. The play was demeaning to women and youth, with slurs towards gay people. The main character degraded herself to play this role and I feel sorry that she was coerced into doing this. Also, it the sound was way too loud and the lights and scenery were garishly bright. It was hard to follow the plot because we couldn't understand what was being said. I gave the play two stars because the dancing was excellent.

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Los Angeles, California


My child’s high school productions have stronger singers and actors. This was certainly disappointing and not professional. The show was fun and had great energy, but the performances of Regina and Cady were subpar!! Regina was a miscast couldn’t understand a word she sang. Janice and Damian were great, no complaints for them.

2.0 star rating Anne Messer from Los Angeles, California


This was a very disappointing show. If you are going to pretend you are a Broadway National Tour then you need Broadway performers. Especially since they all want to perform in LA to be seen for TV and Film. The show itself was not bad but the music was mediocre and the choreography repetitious and uninventive. The show was at the level of a prominent Art College production. Not a Broadway show with Broadway prices. Shame on you Pantages and these producers!

2.0 star rating Mia from Los Angeles, California


We really wanted to like it and were looking forward to seeing it. At some point, there was some sort of feedback sound issue. A bit disappointed and left at intermission, which I have never done. I agree that it does seem like a high school level production.

2.0 star rating Lal from San Francisco, California


Regina George voice was off key and screechy. And some of the other cast not much better. Expected much more from a broadway show

2.0 star rating from Hershey, Pennsylvania


The singing and dancing were great! There were some creative light effects. In general, it was too loud, too vulgar, and too frenetic! If it had not been my birthday gift, I would have left at intermission.

2.0 star rating Jim from Pensacola, Florida


Good seats at front of balcony. Well staged. Music too loud and drowned out most voices. Audio also uneven within the cast.

2.0 star rating Richard, Carolyn, Donald, Linda from West Palm Beach, Florida


We went to the show and the voices were so high pitched that none of us could understand the word for the first 1/2 hour. The cast were amateurish and the production including the choreography not professional. We were thankful after the first drag on act that we were able to leave. start rating is actually one too many starts.

2.0 star rating Disappointed from VAncouver, British Columbia


Couldn't make out the words of the songs that the girls were singing. They went beyond singing loudly, it was more than screeming to the point on it sounding screeching. At half time my ears were ringing. The talent was definitely not up to being played at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC. It should of been more like a small town Arts centre perfomance. Loved the story behind it all but all the jokes were readable.

1.0 star rating John the season ticket holder from Houston, Texas


Honestly - it was so loud that it gave me a headache and much of the songs had me wincing in agony. Lead actresses were both nasally; and it was much like an actual high school musical in that it was so bad. So much unnecessary screaming.

1.0 star rating Alecia from Madison, Wisconsin


So disappointed... so much sexual content! A whole song about the middle finger, sitting on dicks, lots of sexually! Be forewared all you parents and grandparents who thought this would be a good show for your daughter. Highly disappointed, this could have been so cute and funny and enjoyable had they left out all the sexually, really bummed they choose to go that route.

1.0 star rating Theater Goer from Greensboro, North Carolina


Too loud, too vulgar, too amateurish.

1.0 star rating SM from Greensboro, North Carolina


At intermission, my husband, myself and several other couples dashed for the door to go home. We collectively agreed that the main characters voice was so shrill it gave you a headache. I have seen musicals in Germany, England, New York City and San Francisco and loved them. This is the first time I have been at a musical and was bored. I could not wait for intermission to come so I could get out of there! So disappointed.

1.0 star rating Valerie Hartwell from Toronto, Ontario


Left at intermission. Too loud--difficult to understand lyrics! Voices had no "heart". Very "screechy".

1.0 star rating Amina from Toronto, Ontario


So loud. Couldn't understand what Ragina's actress was singing and her voice was horrid. It was extremely cringy given there were so many young girls in the audience and the content was very sexual and inappropriate for children. Very poor production.

1.0 star rating Lynn from Toronto, Ontario


I had to leave BEFORE intermission. The cast was yelling the songs, not singing. The story (?) was disjointed. And it was soooo loud. I went with my daughter who loved the movie but had to leave the play as well. Beyond disappointing. More like traumatizing!! Stay home!

1.0 star rating Randall from Toronto, Ontario


The musician doing the sound mix prioritized the instrumentation over the lyrics, doing such a disservice for the hard working cast. So much of the story is in the lyrics, it’s annoyingly frustrating when they’re unintelligible throughout. I’m sure the sound engineer would think it’s borderline, but it should NEVER be close to borderline. Unlike him, we the audience don’t already know the lyrics and aren’t close enough to lip read. Glad I saw the movie, or I would have had no idea what was going on.

1.0 star rating JPSA from Toronto, Ontario


As an avid theatre goer I had great anticipation to see MIrvish’s production of Mean Girls. Despite sitting front row the entire production was fraught with sound issues leaving the lines and vocals incomprehensible and inaudible throughout both acts. Miscasts and mishaps left us all feeling this production was more like a high school production that simply fell short, rather than the excellence I have come to admire and love over decades. Left disappointed and let down. Frankly, UN- FETCHED.

1.0 star rating LH from Denver, Colorado


My husband and I are long time season subscribers and this is the first time ever we left a play at intermission. We could not understand 90% of the the dialogue or song lyrics. We thought it might be because we are little older (60's) however we asked 2 young teens that were seated behind us and they said they couldn't understand anything either.

1.0 star rating from Los Angeles, California


The 2018 production in New York was absolutely amazing excited to see again in Los Angeles. I thought wrong very disappointed In the casting and production. Some of the characters were better then the others but honestly all in all it was like a high school performance. Dancing was great! Some characters sounded muffled I barely could hear and laughed a few times. Many of the voices did not explode like they should in a professional theater atmosphere and the boyfriend had 0 emotion. I would not recommend it if you love the theater .

1.0 star rating MM from San Francisco, California


Would highly DISCOURAGE seeing this show and especially bringing children under 18 years old to this show. The movie is PG-13 but this was more than just explicit language, sexual content, and partying, the script and performance was degrading towards women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community. It was dehumanizing. It was NOT woke. This script was written in the 90s and is completely out of touch with today's world and society. I cringed more than I laughed. It was embarrassing that this show was shown in San Francisco of all places. There was no substance and it completely lacked inspiration. Unfortunately, the dry humor from the move script just did not transfer at all to an expressive performance. The songs were completely unmemorable. The performers were each talented in their own way but I hope they can go on to perform in more uplifting musicals that can provide change and healing to this world. I am a musical theater lover and attending this musical took away some joy of musical theater for me... it just goes to show do some research before you see a show! I saw this musical so that you don't have to.

1.0 star rating Colin Yap from San Francisco, California


I'll put positives first: Karen and Janice's vocal performances were great. The blocking and ensemble were professional and clean. It's a well written show if you like pop musicals! I'll put the one, overwhelming negative first: the audio engineering was awful. Incredibly loud, overwhelming, and (I hate to say it) SHRILL during the high notes. Part of that is on the two female leads (Regina, Cady) and part of it is definitely on the sound mixers. I've seen Mean Girls on Broadway and it certainly did not have this issue - the leads were allowed to belt and it was not an issue, everyone was able to hear it without covering their ears. Overall a big disappointment. I hope they fix it in future performances, I'm a bit appalled they haven't already.

1.0 star rating Christy from Costa Mesa, California


We left at intermission. Shrill is the perfect word for the voices/music in the show. Karen and Katy get to split the star for being the only cast members with a good voices and quality acting. Regina is supposed to be hot, right? She looked like she was with child which maybe came to fruition in the second half? The show also seemed to have a “woke” undertone which is so incredibly annoying. Why can’t we just be entertained without political messages? Don’t see this show. This was the most disappointing night.

1.0 star rating Allie T from Tucson, Arizona


Bad sound quality combined with shrill voices made this performance unbearable to sit through. We left at intermission. I was very surprised by the poor quality of this production, given the high quality of previous shows. This was not at all Broadway.

1.0 star rating BL from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have never given a bad review before, but I took my teen girls to see this and was so upset with the inappropriate content. There should be a clear rating that says it’s rated R. Strong sexual content, fowl language and wholes songs with the entire cast raising their middle fingers. What are we teaching our young kids today? And even adults, why is this entertaining? This could have been such a great musical with an awesome message. Super disappointed, my only regret was not leaving in the beginning. I also agree about the sound and was actually thankful it was hard to hear some of the words.

1.0 star rating David Corcoran from Palm Desert, California


Left at intermission When leaving usher said you could purchase ear plugs at concession area That’s what I want to do pay to go to a performance where I need earplugs

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