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Marc Anthony Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 30



5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


I went with my sister and niecez we loved it. He seemed to enjoy this concert and the crowd was amazing. He is truly a star! Planning to attend other concerts on this tour. Would recommend it. Not one empty seat.

5.0 star rating JD from Boston, Massachusetts


Amazing!! His presence and voice fantastico ese hombre!!

5.0 star rating Suarez from New York, New York


Had a fantastic time he blew the roof off the joint...amazing voice and talent

5.0 star rating Ralf Lucas from Augusta, Georgia


Marc Anthony blew the roof of the State Farm Arena in Atlanta! With a mix of old and new material and several solo appearances by the guitarist, the keyboard players and the drummer this was a must see! Moreover, he connected great with the audience. My wife and I had an unforgettable evening. Muchas gracias Marc!

3.0 star rating Ed marcano from Uncasville moeghan sun


I expected alot more.A brilliant singer but a lackluster performance. No change of clothes no dancers missed alot of great songs!A wack comedian for opening actt.His earlier concerts were much better than this

3.0 star rating Audrey Ospina from Bethpage, NY


Only did salsa music. None of his hit songs were sang. Was disappointed in his show. Came out late and on stage and only for an hour and a half. Was expecting much more. Sorry we went.

3.0 star rating Johanna from Lancaster, Pa


I have been a fan of M.A. forever and it was in my bucket list to see him in concert, I am extremely dissappinted and will never spend a dime to see him again, at least not if I have to pay. Arrived on stage super late, constantly requesting that the audience sing his songs, I did not pay to hear other peoples voices, just his. Took forever between songs as if he had to rest before the next song, totally disrespectful towards his fans. He has amazing musicians that should try to stage their own show to rock their talent, but I did not pay for M.A. to showcase them individually for over 10 minutes while I was paying to hear him sing. When he sang, his voice as usual was amazing, but it's sad that he would take advantage of his fans and short change them like that.. I'm over him!

3.0 star rating Philip from Dallas, Texas


So this would be the fifth time I have seen Marc Anthony live. My wife is Central American, so I know many of the Spanish only songs, and unlike other reviewers, believe that is his best work. Show started at 10:16PM, with a ticket face time of 9PM. Previous times we have seen him i have been in awe and have commented on what a professional entertainer he is. A latin Frank Sinatra, all business. This time though, I felt he let the audience sing too much of many of the choruses of the songs. As the show went on though, it was as if he fed off the energy of the crowd, and it got better as it progressed. From reading other reviews, his encore has been Vivir Mi Vida. In Dallas we got treated to two songs, "Tu Amor Me Hace Bien", and "Vivir Mi Vida". The encore was worth it, and you could see he was impressed by the crowds adulation after the first song. He should fire his sound crew though. Instrumentals were set too high and drowned out his voice at times.

2.0 star rating MP from Orlando, Florida


The concert started a hour and half late . The sound was poor . He did not even care to interact with crowd - none of the pop songs were song . Needless to say I will never attend another one of his concerts.

2.0 star rating from Houston, Texas


I've caught several of his shows in the past and this recent performance left much to be desired. The sound was terrible. It seemed as if at times he stopped singing or his voice was not audible. There were also lengthy gaps between songs that left you wondering what was going on. There were too many moments when he would just inexplicable gaze out into the crowd waiting for I don't what.. Lastly, and a cardinal sin in my opinion, he would have the crowd sing half the song. I did not spend money to hear the crowd's version of any song. I paid to hear him sing. Very disappointed..

2.0 star rating from Orlando Florida


So the presentation and setup was cool and marc is a good performer.. however, 1. He was very late 2. He didn’t play any of the popular songs, old or new. Only sang salsa songs that all sounded very similar. 3. CRAZY LOUD!! The subwoofer or base and speakers were so loud that it pounded your heart and shook your whole body. Felt scary. Didn’t like that and I’m young, imagine the older people... anyways the audience was awesome, everybody dancing.

2.0 star rating A López from Toronto, Ontario


This is my first time attending a Marc Anthony’s concert. My sister and I are concert junkies and this year (2019) a lot of Latin artists have come to Toronto, Canada - which has been a blessing. We were very excited for MA concert however he disappointed us. Tickets said 8pm and he came out after 9:30pm, Scotiabank arena was packed and he didn’t sing an entire song alone, the public did most of the job. Also, he appeared to be tired, or intoxicated. He sang for only one hour and did not interact with the public as a singer of his caliber could be expected. We attended last month Mana’s concert and although Fer was sick they sang for almost two hours and Mana gave an spectacular concert. As other comments here, there was no show per say. Get it together Marc! Tickets were $175 so not cheap at all!

2.0 star rating Alberto Gonzalez from Miami, Florida


He's a great artist, no one can say differe t. However expectation is hig, he needs to understands that. 1 1/2 hr concert, i simply bot enough. Based on most reviews on this site, that's what you can expecy when performing in the US, Miami being LATAM back yard, didn't scape from those very short 90 mins.

2.0 star rating KT from New York, New York


Once again, seemed to be pure salsa review. Blasting and blaring brass sections, played over singing. Played absolutely no bilingual or English favorites. Came out one hour and half late, after a comedian and younger talent. Performed for about 1 1/2 and seemed to encourage the audience to do most of the singing. I was dying to hear his ballads and his true voice, but the blaring accompaniments diminished everything. Had one scene with invited guest Wyclef Jean which was phenomenal. Also his drummer and guitarist did length solos which were truly excellent. But as for the singer, himself, what a disappointment. At times just seemed silly.

2.0 star rating Concerned Fan from New York, New York


My first concert ever. My boyfriend bought us tickets and he was so sweet to attend with me since he is not a fan and don’t understand Spanish. 1) Horrible Comedian Act (not funny and wasted time). 2) Then a local singer came out and he was ok. 3) Show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm and Marc Anthony came on at 9:15. 4) He was seemingly not himself. He did 5 songs and I went to the bathroom. By the time I returned (12 mins), he was already slowing down. Only Salsa music. Non of his classics. Such a lazy performance. Long breaks in between songs and he made the crowd sing most of the songs. He also just starred into the crowd for very long periods of time. I am so sad because I love him and his music.

1.0 star rating Pat from Los Angeles, California


At the Forum we waited one hour & a half outside to get inside then we waited another half an hour to go to our seats. Tickets said 6 p.m. Marc came out at 9:15. Then he was waisted. He did not sing a whole song. The audience did most of the singing. Will in 0t pay to see him again. No recomendations. I will rather see hos videos

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Para ser Marc Anthony, sinceramente yo esperaba muchisimo mas! Es la primera ver que voy a un concierto de el y no sali contenta y no me prendio en ningun momento! Empezo mal desde que salio tarde....... el publico pudimos percibir que algo andaba mal.... el audio estaba fatal..... el mismo se veia forzado a sacar el trabajo lo mas pronto posible...... no tenia bailarinas..... cada cambio de cancion apagaban las luces y aprobechaban para hacer ajustes.......... no creo que este mal dar oportunidad a su equipo para que miestren sus abilidades en tocar los instrumentos, pero muchos minutos?????? ........ No hubo show ni al abrir ni al cerrar y si “canto” por 90 minutos fue mucho!! Si puso salsa y baladas qque es lo que me gusto! ........ casi no interctuo con “su gente”........ amo su musica, su voz, su talento!! pero en concierto, por lo me os en este que se veia mal organizado, no me sorprendio y no me gusto!

1.0 star rating BeardMan from San Antonio, Texas


He estado en varios conciertos de Mark Anthony en Colombia, pero este en San Antonio TX. fue realmente un desastre, el concierto empezó tarde, muy poco animación al público, concierto fue por 90minutos, Mark Anthony lucía enfermo tosiendo en cada intervalo de percucion... apagaron las luces y sonido en cada cambio de canción lo que me pareció de mal gusto, para 90 minutos se esperaba una presentación mucho mejor, puedo decir que el 40% del público lucía desanimado, para los que pagamos un poco más para estar en la parte de abajo fue un desastre... la tarima se encontraba con muy poca elevación lo que hizo que fuera casi imposible ver las pantallas, mucho menos a el artista.... Honestamente fue un desastre en my forma de ver, con mucho respeto, es mi opinion.

1.0 star rating Nina Martell from Orlando, Florida


We attended the Marc Anthony concert yesterday at Amway in Orlando, 1/27/19 and were extremely disappointed! The show was to start at 8pm. He came on stage an hour and half later, at 9:30pm. This demonstrates total disrespect for his fans ( now former fans). I will never again attend one of his concerts. We had to leave early since we had to work the next day (Sunday night concert). I also have a circulation issue and cannot seat for hours, waiting for nothing!!! The weather was horrible and we waited on line for awhile to hear him. He has a terrific voice but did not sing a complete song. The audience did a lot of the singing. The place was completely booked. The audience loved him. A lot of time was spent showing off the talent of his band. He looked very tired throughout the concert. If he wants to continue touring, he should start on time. It's totally disrespectful to the fans!!!!!!!!!!

1.0 star rating Dan from Orlando, Florida


Warm up comedian was not funny at all, concert started 1 1/2 hours late, I've been to many concerts this one by far had the worst sound ever, you couldn't tell the words, separate instruments, everything was drowned out by the bass, everything muffled. $400.- down the drain....

1.0 star rating C Palacios from Houston, Texas


Worst concert ever!!! We have seen him like 5 times. This was the last time. 1. He came out late at 9:38pm on a Sunday when people need to go to work on Monday. 2. Boring! We did not play all his hit and pop songs. 3. He left the band play too long without him singing. 4. The sound was terrible! Too loud, you were not able to even hear his beautiful, talented voice. 5. So disrespectful to turn off everything after each song! We got bored and left. This was a very bad concert compare to his previous concerts. We did not enjoy the comedian either. He kept saying his name, have no idea his name, did not pay attention to his jokes. We never do! If Marc Anthony wants to continue his music career, he better come back with a better concert! This is not a rock concert for the lead guitarist to play the electric guitar for sooo long. We did not pay to see the musicians play their instruments nor for the crow to sing!!! He needs to sing and bring the songs that made him Famous!

1.0 star rating Dr. Harold Recinos from Dallas, Texas


The concert started was to start at 8, but began at 9:35. The staging was uneventful and ordinary. Marc gave a disappointing performance and was too busy basking in stardom to treat fans to a genuine musical experience. Flat, boring, and dull!!

1.0 star rating MariaJose Recinos from Dallas, Texas


He started one hour and half late. He did not sing much, constantly asking the audience to sing. He used the time to show case different members of the band instead of singing. There were not dancers , the concert was plain and boring. He used a trashy comedian that focused on making fun about the " Latina stereotype" Very trashy concert. So disappointed that Mark A. did not think the Latina/o community deserved a great show and respect. Never addressed the public in a proper manner nor he apologized for being so late.

1.0 star rating Felipe A. from Dallas, Texas


Bad Comedian to start. Performance was very Low energy. Why the breaks between each Song?. Bad sound as drums drowned out his Voice. Fame has gone to his head, as he seemed almost bothered the crowd was not asking for an encore. You have to work the crowd. I’d Ike my money back

1.0 star rating Mónica from Dallas, Texas


Started 1,5 hrs late! No grand opening or closing. Too much time between songs. No new songs. 👎🏼 No continuity between songs. WILL NEVER SPEND MONEY Seeing him again. We were a group of ten 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼 🤮

1.0 star rating ADWARE from Newark NJ


I’ve waited YEARS to have the opportunity to see Marc in concert! I’ve NEVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED! He played 6 songs TOTAL! About a 3 minute break between songs where the stage went completely dark. The instrumental portions lasted 5-10 minutes and most of the songs were sung by the crowd. I really wish I could demand a refund! Happy I didn’t spend any money on merchandise! Don’t waste your money watch his videos online!

1.0 star rating from San Diego, California


Was a big fan because of his vocal abilities. Hour and a half late. Very disrespectful. Band was great. Marc Anthony himself was very disappointing. I’m sorry we went, I’m sorry we paid money for that.

1.0 star rating Daniel from Washington, District of Columbia


Show started about 1:30 hours late. There was little energy and he only performed for about 1 hour. This is my fourth MA concert and I felt supremely let down. The name of the concert is Opus and he only sang one of his new songs.I felt robbed and likely this is the last time I see MA in concert.

1.0 star rating Eva Borromeo from Washington, District of Columbia


Such a disappointing performance. Warm up comedian was not funny at all, focused on white vs Latina stereotypes, repeating his name to the crowd and asked to follow him on social media. MA came on stage 1 and ½ hr late, looking tired or intoxicated. Did not sing full songs, and I did not spend money to hear the crowd's version of any song. I paid to hear him sing. Very disappointed. The sound was awful, the ‘Arena’ did not have any screens other than the ones behind the stage which was ordinary and uneventful. I felt robbed of my money (and I paid a lot!). Will not go see him again or buy his music, his fame has gone to his head so much that he does not even show respect for his fans with this lazy and dull performance. A Supreme let down! Avoid the Opus tour

1.0 star rating D.S from Dallas, Texas


SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! My second concert, My hubby bought us tickets and before the concert they had a Horrible Comedian Act (not funny and wasted time)Show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm and Marc Anthony came on at 9:15. 4) He was seemingly not himself. He did 5 songs amd he was already slowing down. Only Salsa music. Non of his classics. Such a lazy performance. So disappointed what ever he Is going through stop the tour and recoup or get it together a.s.a.p. and unfortunately it's sad to see him look like he does not care.


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