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Andrea Bocelli Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (4.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 102



5.0 star rating Anonymous from New York, New York


How to explain what it feels like to be present at an example of respect and admiration and yess love. Choice of songs perfect, just what the audience needed to get up the next day with a reason to believe.

5.0 star rating Judith Johnson from Boston, Massachusetts


Quite the experience to be in the presents of such amazing talent. Go. You walk away with a full heart. Great Show,musician & dancers. Wonderful...

5.0 star rating Mark from Boston, Massachusetts


Just perfect. Sound and content. Bocelli got better and better as nite wore on. Fantastic finish stay till the end or else.

5.0 star rating Al from Nova Scotia Canada


To be present and hear this amazing entertainers and all the accompanying entertainers perform was a once in a lifetime experience. Congratulations to the orchestra as well they were great Classy performance all night Thanks Collins tours

5.0 star rating Winelle Orr from Atlanta, Georgia. We are from Mississippi.


Saw Bocelli in person for the first time last night. His concert was absolutely amazing. I've never heard a voice like his. The concert was perfect in every way. The tickets were a birthday gift to my husband. ( 80 years old ). He loved it, too. He said seeing Bocelli was on his bucket list.

5.0 star rating K.R.Mills from Stanton, California


There are no words... only the sound of Bocelli. If you are fortunate to experience him, take it and relish. Andrea Bocelli does not disappoint! We sat at the very, very top in the Honda Center and enjoyed every last moment of the night. For Bocelli, there is no bad seat in the house. Perfection!

5.0 star rating Judi from New York, New York


My daughter purchased a ticket for me for Christmas. It was a magnificent show a concert of all concerts for me. He just amazed me with his talent and encore after encore. It was a very special evening one I always will cherish!

5.0 star rating Victoria Murphy from Boston Mass. (Snowville NH)


Oh what a night ! The thrill of excitement became a calm of contentment that I still hold 3 days later. My husband & I have seen all the rockers and at age 70, this concert will be one of my favorite, truly a spectacular show with the Tenor making my dreams come true.

5.0 star rating Carol from Boston, Massachusetts


4th time I've seen him. He was fantastic. Show never disappointed. The Opera segment and ending with Nesum Dorma. Which had people humming as they left. Opera is Andrea's first love. Some people especially the couples behind us just didn't get it. They were talking loud and laughing That was the only thing I found wrong. I love Andrea Bocelli and I have since I heard him 20 years. . All they did was talk and laugh quite a distraction

5.0 star rating Linda from Boston, Massachusetts


We attended the concert last night and A Boccelli was beyond my greatest expectations. An experience I will never forget. He is a magnificent gift.

5.0 star rating Cecilia from Boston, Massachusetts


Andrea Bocelli is a brilliant artist. Last night did not disappoint. His voice is amazing and he is extremely generous with his performances by singing for almost 3 hours.

5.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


The concert was everything I expected and more. This is the third time I have attended an Andrea Bocelli concert and this was the most colorful and diverse. Along with the wonderful sound of Andrea, the orchestra, ballet dancers, chorus, and guest stars were amazing. Seeing Mateo Borcelli with his father was the icing on the cake.

5.0 star rating Janice from Lowell, Massachusetts


The best Christmas present! Mr. Bocelli has a voice that is loved by all! This concert was more than I expected, it was class, talent, elegance! Thank you Mr. Bocelli

5.0 star rating Denise Greco from New York, New York


What an amazing performance, you could hear a pin drop! Hi voice transcends all ages, powerful and pitch perfect yet gentle and touching. His Duet with Matteo was the highlight! The smiles and body language between father and son was beyond touching. This was a long planned girls night out and we will definitely see him again! Next time I will bring my husband and daughter.Bar stool seats are the bomb!

5.0 star rating Patty lamp from New York, New York


First time we saw him in concert Christmas present from my husband Wonderful surprise that placido Domingo was in audience and conducted on stage And his son was there to sing too Great night in big apple

5.0 star rating James DePalma from Rochester NY


The experience last night in the Garden is almost impossible to describe... but I will try This man is an icon for sure, While there have been singers in the past and maybe present with as powerful a voice, Bocelli delivers these beautiful ballads with a grace, and charm that is absolutely unmatched anywhere in the world IMO. The perfection of his delivery makes his live performance sound like you are listening to a studio generated performance; he hits every note with such precision, and at the end of certain notes, he seems to have 1 more gear for added beauty. In addition to his brilliance, the combination of the venue, the guest singers, the Haiti children's choir, his son singing with him, the jumbo screen with the video surrounding you with so much to absorb. The evening was emotional, uplifting, spectacular, and moving. My wife and I will never forget this evening of pageantry & music... absolutely amazing

5.0 star rating M. Steres from New York, New York


Amazing concert, Andrea Bocelli did not disappoint, nor did any of his guests. Nadine Sierra was a perfect choice to sing with Mr. Bocelli. New York Philharmonic, the New York Choral Society, Caroline Campbell and Nicole Scherzinger were perfect. The only down part of the concert were a few of the people in the seats who did not understand that no one wants to hear them sing during the concert and the other group who had no idea how to dress for the concert. One person next to me had a large coat, a hand bag and a shopping bag that was falling into my lap throughout the concert.

5.0 star rating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Andrea Bocelli filled PPG Paints Arena on December 8, 2018 with his wonderful voice. His unassuming manner, quiet grace and vocal beauty touched everyone present throughout the evening. Operatic and Pop duets with lovely female singers and a violin soloist, along with interpretive ballet dancers, made for an interesting and evenly paced program. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra provided its world-class support. Bocelli has the gift of singing lyrics that are mostly not in English and holding people's rapt attention the whole time, nonetheless. He engulfs the audience in an atmosphere of sweetness and grace by merely standing humbly on stage and sharing his magnificent voice! 18 thousand people could sit quietly and listen intensely without having their hearing assaulted by a billion decibels and not seeing anyone flying through the air or running around the stage or dancing while lip-syncing! Who knew? People left with full hearts and happy ears from the gift of one man's voice!

5.0 star rating Tony Randazzo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Hearing his voice is a gift from God. Even if his music is not your favorite kind, you can't help but be moved by the power of his voice. The audience couldn't hold back their admiration and approval of his performance. When he sang Nessum Dorma, the response from the audience was unbelievable and continued until the ending. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Mendelssohn Choir were wonderful compliments to his performance. The female vocalists and dancers were excellent additions to the concert. Celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary made this a night to remember. Those who were hearing Bocelli for the first time had to be in awe.

5.0 star rating Cindy Ransom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Last night I got to see Andrea Bocelli for the first time and his show was phenomenal. It was a soul piercing experience and just what my heart needed. The Hallelujah chorus has great family meaning and the icing on the cake. The PSO was perfect along with the choir and dancers. Dua Lipa knocked it out of the park. They are a perfect duo and should sing together more. Thank you Andrea and team for a perfect night!!

5.0 star rating Gary Brown from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


There is simply no other voice on planet earth as that of Andrea Bocelli. My wife and I were moved to tears by his spellbinding vocals that leaves your soul aglow. The sound system and orchestra were magnificent and the choice of duet arrangements with other artists were superb. My bucket list is one item less after hearing this magnificent man capture my heart for an incredible evening of bliss.

5.0 star rating Paul Ruchtie from Canfield Ohio


First time hearing him live and it was more than I ever could imagine. Words can’t describe it. You must go see him. His voice is truly a gift from God! Imagine what heaven will sound like. I just got and heard a glimpse.

5.0 star rating Paulette & Rebekah Martello from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Attended Andrea Bocelli's concert this evening at the PPG Paint Center in Pittsburgh, PA. My daughter's Christmas gift to me. And what a wonderful gift it was. Andrea and his pitch perfect voice was excellent. The Pittsburgh Symphony and choir were fantastic, along with the guest appearances and dancers. Andrea left us all in attendance asking for more - I counted four encores. Andrea has a Heavenly gift and just wanted to say "Thank You, Andrea, for sharing that gift with us tonight in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What else can I say but "You are deeply loved here in the "Burgh" Andrea. And thank you for the tribute song to all who lost their lives at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, PA. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Andrea!

5.0 star rating Ronald Hitchcock from Dallas, Texas


Unbelievable experience to attend this concert. Andrea Bocelli was so good that the performance is beyond my words! I have always marveled at his ability to sing those long high notes without facial show of exertion. Thank you Mr Bocellli for a most exciting evening,!! Unfortunately the show was somewhat tainted because the wonderful background presentation listed several performances that did not happen this night. I am also a lover of Josh Groben’s talent and when list to sing with Mr. Bocelli I was thrilled! But it did not happen! I sure would like a response.

5.0 star rating Jay Lewis from Pittsburgh, PA


Bocelli appeared with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Mendelssohn Choir and several singers and dancers. The current show is a lavish production complete with video and lighting effects. The show will not disappoint. At 60, Bocelli's voice is better than ever. When the show hits MSG it should be even bigger due to the wonderful local talent available in New York.

5.0 star rating Jean Goudie from Calgary, Alberta


We saw Andrea Bocelli at this venue 4 years ago and absolutely loved it. This show was very different but every bit as wonderful. His beautiful voice will bring you to tears. His guest artists were spectacular and powerful and the duets with Andrea were perfect. There were 3 or 4 encores so if you left early you really missed a great part of the show. Would highly recommend this show and will see it again when he returns to Las Vegas My only complaint would be the people who arrived late, some up to 40 minutes. Very disruptive and disrespectful to the artists as well as the fellow audience members. I get that things happen, but there were so many late comers and some up to 40 minutes into the performance. We made reservations for dinner at MGM several weeks prior to arrival, and highly recommend doing that, as many folks were unable to get in.

5.0 star rating Dotti from Cedarburg WI


This was my first time seeing Andrea Bocelli. I was moved to tears throughout. He topped every concert I have been to. I don't kno we how he does so many concerts back to back. Phoenix was his 4 concert in a row on his US tour. I thought he would be tired but his vocals got more powerful as the night went on ending with Nessum Dorma. You must go at least once in your lifetime.

5.0 star rating Russ from Louisville


He was amazing. I could elaborate...but he was simply amazing!!! However, what wasn't amazing was the $7.00 bottles of water...

5.0 star rating Bonnie C. from Phoenix, Arizona


Very, very wonderful concert--his voice gave you chills and brought you to tears. I am so glad I went and will go again. His guest singers and the dancers were like whip cream on a sundae, terrific. The choir and orchestra were great. On a rating basis of 5 stars, it was a 6 stars performance.

5.0 star rating Nicole from Phoenix, Arizona


We took our 92 year old mother to hear her (and ours) favorite performer!! What an amazing night! Bocelli’s music comes from his heart and soul and connects with his audience on a deep level. His music is so expansive it demands further expression and his performance included choir, orchestra, dancing, gorgeous visuals and amazing vocal artists. It was all that we had hoped for and more. What a wonderful gift he brings to the world during these troubled times.

5.0 star rating Susie Banfield from Portland, Oregon


The concert for Andrea Bocelli was the best I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of concerts. His voice is one of a kind and no one else can sing like him. I thought the night was magic and hope that he comes back to Portland again.

5.0 star rating Jerry Peter from Cincinnati, Ohio


Andrea Bocelli’s performance was splendid and magical. His support artists were fabulous and the Symphony was perfect. The members of the Cincinnati May Festival Chorus supported the performance with perfect pitch professionalism. It was my bride’s birthday present and a memorable one. Andrea sings with incredible ease. He was in control every minute. You could barely see him take a breath. This was a lifetime event. We will always remember it.

5.0 star rating Marshall McCachran from Cincinnati, Ohio


On October 19, 2018, Andrea Bocelli, his guest artists, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and 60 members of the May Festival Chorus gave us an unforgettable evening of musical perfection, evoking an incredible range of emotions. From opera to pop to classical, his current U.S. tour is a must-see for all who appreciate the best in artistic grace and beauty. BRAVO!

5.0 star rating JANE from Cincinnati, Ohio



5.0 star rating Katherine Schwartz from Cincinnati, Ohio


First part wonderful, 2nd part Mind Blowing! CSO and May Festival Chorus were perfect. The artists that Bocelli brought with him, including his son, were marvelous.

5.0 star rating D House from Portland, Oregon


BEST DATE NIGHT EVER! Andrea Bocelli did not disappoint. This was by far one one of the best shows I have ever seen. He brought us to tears on a few songs. His voice was strong, vibrant and touched you deep in your soul. I don't think anything will ever compare. His guest performers were equally wonderful and the synergy between them and him was mesmerizing. Kudos to the OR Festival Symphony & OR choir, beautiful job.

5.0 star rating John Russo from Portland, Oregon


Great show. Seen him 5 times this was he best of all. Great use of powerful graphic images. Great guest performes. Full orchestra and choir. Just took my breath away.

5.0 star rating Em mcintosh from San Diego, California


Seeing bocelli has been on my bucket list for years. My grandson took me to the concert. An incredible experience to see this blind man standing perfectly still producing this beautiful sound that filled the arena. An expensive but priceless experience.

5.0 star rating Pamala Adams from San Diego, California


Last night was wonderful. Amazing to hear his voice in person.

5.0 star rating Christine from Miami, Florida


I saw him at the American Airlines Arena. He had a 70 piece Orchestra & a Choir of 60 singers. His voice is so powerful. To hear him in person is surreal. He sang with Nadine Sierra. She was phenomenal. Kristin Chenowith also performed. She was born to perform. He had a solo Violinist & dancers that also performed. It was an “experience.” I plan on seeing him again because it was so good.

5.0 star rating Rose from New York, New York



5.0 star rating Debbie from New York, New York


Phenonominal performance what a powerful voice

5.0 star rating from New York, New York


To see one of the most talented Tenors in the world and my favorite of all time! Just amazing. Such a gift. Salute!

5.0 star rating Rita H. Willis from Richmond, VA.


My soul is at peace after last evening’s performance at Madison Square Garden. Bocelli awakens every emotion, and there is no need to hold back the tears - they WILL come! Such an experience should have been performed at the Metropolitan Opera House. My ticket was 395:00, but I would pay it again and again to see him in a lowly stable! Thank you, Bocelli for making this my best Christmas - EVER! You were gifted with this voice from above, and you are using it to warm others’ hearts and lives. I will NEVER be the same. NOTE: I took the train from Richmond, VA. to see, hear and experience ANDREA BOCELLI!!!! Rita H. Willis (SeñoRita)

5.0 star rating Dave from Ypsilanti, MI


What an incredible talent and show. Thank you, Andrea. Thank you, God.

5.0 star rating Kathy from Detroit, Michigan


I have seen Frank Sinatra front row and Bruce third row, Luciano Pavarotti and many others thru the years. This man blew me away. He is truly perfection. The show was beyond words. If you have a chance to see this amazing talent you must go.

5.0 star rating Sandy Jennings n from Cleveland, Ohio


I have been a huge fan since Andrea first record. And a huge fan ever since. I can now take him off my “bucket list”..what a strong, crisp voice and such a beautiful man to share his Haiti chairty. The other performers were magnificent! On a negative note; we paid over $700 for 2 tickets, and the orchestra director stood next to Mr. Bocelli, which blocked our view. And the other people sitting in the same area.

5.0 star rating Will regan from New York, New York


An incredible talent who brought other extremely talented performers with him on 12/13

5.0 star rating Robin from New York, New York


Beyond spectacular saw him at the garden last night his voice was amazing his music selection incredible and the violinist and dancers were outstanding. Me bocelli gave a very moving exceptional performance - I cannot wait to see him again!

5.0 star rating Johan from Orlando, Florida


Andrea started with classic opera, and brought in a remarkable soprano and violoniste in the first half, then he upped it to contemporary songs and sang from his new Si album. And to top it all off he brought his son Matteo onto the stage. Plus another amazing female artist who duetted with him. It was mesmerizing, touching and the best concert I've ever seen. This was my third Bocelli concert.

5.0 star rating Harriet Fort from Orlando, Florida


I was expecting a great concert but there are no words to express the incredible performances by Andrea Bocelli, his choir and orchestra, the other amazing singers and dancers and of course the big surprise, his breathtakingly handsome son, Matteo. I have an eclectic taste for music and have been to many concerts but this one has left indelible footprints in my heart. Best ever!!! Not a cheap ticket but worth much more than I paid. A not-to-miss evening of excellence.

5.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Brilliant performance and especially when he sang with his sonMatteo. They always leave Time to say ?Goodbye until the very end so for the person that commented they left well before that you missed some of the best songs. Loved the backdrops and the interaction with the violinist and dancers. This was the second concert I have seen with Bocelli in Vancouver and this was the best. This time he spoke to the audience about his sons which everyone loved

5.0 star rating Suzanne Overton from Vancouver, British Columbia


Well Andrea Bocelli wasn't mine and my husband's first choice of concert, we took my 89 year old mom-in-law as he is one of her favorite singers and it was on her bucket list to do.. and wow! We LOVED it!! More used to rock concerts (though we are in our 50's now) No we didn't necessarily know all of the songs - but isn't that entertainment is all about? An absolutely awesome concert, and though we were a little lost in the first half, we very much appreciated the culture of Italian Opera! Just couldn't get enough at the end of the show. I say pphtptphltltltlt!! to all the negative reviews here, Andrea looked tired?? give me a break, it was an amazing performance!! And the extra guests just enhanced the experience!! Bravo Matteo!

5.0 star rating Mary Cazzetta from Toronto, Canada


We came all the way from Toronto to see Andrea it was a spectacular show one that I will remember, want to encourage Andrea to have a concert in Toronto.

5.0 star rating Shauna Chuchian from Los Angeles, California


I have been a big fan of Andrea since I first heard his beautiful voice. I felt so fortunate to have tickets to see him at the Bowl. His performance was "perfecto". It was wonderful to see him perform with his adorable son Matteo. I think were going to see some amazing work by this young man. Beautiful voice. You can see Andrea's love and pride in his son as they sing together. They have a special bond wonderful to watch. Warms the heart. I would like to add it was a really fantastic crowd at the bowl, There were a lot of children who brought their parents to the event. I read a review from a man who mentioned his grandson brought him to the event. My sister blessed me with the evening as she knew It would bring me joy. Wonderful! Warms the heart. All the best to Andrea and Matteo Bocelli and all those who planned this wonderful Hollywood Bowl event. Thank you! Thank you!!

5.0 star rating Michael Patmas MD from Los Angeles, California


From operatic standards to contemporary songs, this show was incredible.

5.0 star rating Pam from Hollywood Bowl California


Outstanding! One of my bucket list concerts. Big topper - Jamie Fox showed up and sang with him.

5.0 star rating Judy Matthews from Los Angeles, California


Over the years, I have seen Bocelli twice, this last concert at the Bowl on June 18th was even more extraordinary! He does not disappoint with his divine voice. He arrived on the stage immediately, no others opening for him. His guest performers were not only so very talented, but gorgeous! And his son Matteo, dashing, elegant and blessed with a fine voice very similar to his father's. I loved watching the video on the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Haiti. It was truly one of the best produced concerts with Andrea leading the performers, all of the performers top notch talent. I'm sorry I didn't get the names of the soprano and the pop singer. I believe the violinist is Kathleen Campbell, all beautiful and talented. And the dancers! Just a spectacular show! So beautiful that it brought me, my husband and the friends I was with to tears of joy!

5.0 star rating Sam from Temescal Valley, California


I saw the June 19th show at the Hollywood Bowl and was completely impressed. I am an old Rock and Roller not in to classical music, although I do have an open mind with regard to most music. Having said that, I was expecting to be somewhat bored by this show (I just saw the Dead & Company show at the Bowl 2 weeks ago, great show!) and instead I was completely blown away by how great this guy can sing! Great show!

5.0 star rating Julie A. from Denver, Colorado


Finally...after many years he returned to the Mile High City. It could not have been a more perfect evening! Simply magical.

5.0 star rating Sharon Gibson from San Francisco, California


A breathtaking performance with the SF Symphony! He touched my soul with Con Ti Partiro. I wished for another hour to hear his incredible voice. Thank you Mr. Bocelli!

5.0 star rating Roxana Burns from San Diego, California


Most amazing night ever. Andrea Bocelli gave an unforgettable performance. Very much worth what we paid for the tickets. I only have one suggestion for the Pechanga organizers...if you could have lockers put in place for ladies to store their handbags. There was a Uhaul taking everyone's bag and the line at the end of the show to pick up my purse was close to 1 hour. There has to be a better way to handle this.

5.0 star rating Ken Stickney from Lafayette, Louisiana


Andrea Bocelli's Thursday night performance was spectacular, reaffirmation -- did anyone need it? -- that the Italian tenor remains at the topic of his popularity and for good reason. Bocelli's performance included popular arias and duets. He brought a great cast of talent with him, including soprano Larisa Martinez and violinist Caroline Campbell, and his material included plenty of favorites. Most appealing was his effort to leave the stage: The audience brought him back again and again and, each time, he responded with a winning effort, completing his performance with fan favorites. When he offered up "Time to Say Goodbye," I thought he meant it -- again, the crowd called him back and somehow he offered a moving "Nessun Dorma" to complete the meeting. His connection to the crowd never wavers -- the crowd was in love with a worthy recipient of its affections.

5.0 star rating Jeff W. from Columbus, Ohio


My family and I had he pleasure of experiencing a Bocelli concert on Dec. 14th in Columbus Ohio. Bocelli exhibited his precise control and power in the entire concert. He easily transitioned from a whisper to full power and back with clarity and exacting pitch. His rendition of Ave Maria brought spectators to tears across the venue. The second half of his performance encompassing more of a pop theme, only reminds one of just how superior his voice actually is. The Nessun Dorma finale with the large Columbus Symphony Orchestra and 58 or so vices of the chorus may have been the single greatest musical experience of my life.

5.0 star rating B mantore from New York, New York


I was at the 12/18/19 performance but have no idea who the other wonderful singers and dancers were. And what was with the award, no introduction of his wife and daughter and what was with the dog???

5.0 star rating Ginett Jacobo from Atlanta, Ga


Fist time seeing Andrea Bocelli as a Valentine’s Day gift , My favorite artist, best valentines ever 2020🌹❤️amazing human being with a angel voice and with a amazing technique !! Fabulous . Absolutely love everything recommended 💯 %😍👏🏻👏🏻

5.0 star rating Mike from Charlotte, North Carolina


Another great performance with guests which also did a wonderful job entertaining us. I saw where some weird guy, OZ from NY NY could not read that the big screen was advertising an album and not the nights performance. It is sad some people are so obtuse and give a bad review due to their inability to comprehend.

5.0 star rating Tina Tarallo from Tampa, Florida


First of all, I feel so honored that I was at one of his concerts. Me and my husband were moved to tears, when he performed "Time To Say Goodbye". I was touched when his wife and daughter appeared on stage at the end of the concert. I though it was beautiful that when the crowd would applaud, he would grinned like a little boy. You could tell he loved singing to us. At the end of the concert he came back out like three times. The last time he came out and spoke to us. Andrea wanted us to know that he had just lost his voice three days prior and he almost seemed worried that he disappointed people. The audience laughed at that, because his voice was absolutely beautiful! I will go to his concerts every time he comes to Tampa. His guest did a great job as well. Everything was spectacular!! What a beautiful Soul he is!!

4.0 star rating Kathy Felt from Boston, Massachusetts


A dream come true to see Andrea Bocelli perform live in concert. Though he did not disappoint, I would’ve preferred hearing more of his popular music. He sang a lot of opera (his first love I believe), which was beautiful, but I wished he did more off his new CD. The entire show was very well done. We had terrific seats down on the floor, 8 rows back from the stage & well worth the money we paid..

4.0 star rating E. Smyth from Charlotte, North Carolina


I saw Andre Bocelli in Chicago in 2013. Andrea Bocelli was amazing. Tonight in Charlotte It seemed like the Andre Bocelli variety hour. Would have loved to have seen and heard a lot more of Andre Bocelli. Disappointed

4.0 star rating Eric Lauderdale from Ojai, California


My first time seeing Andrea Bocelli live, my partners 5th. While there is no doubt of his talents, we both agreed he seemed tired and a little lack luster. The show itself felt odd with the many stage exits and returns with guests. We felt like he was there more to expose other performers than his music. A duet with Jami Fox?? Seriously?? I prefer his more contemporary pieces, and there were a couple, but it was mostly hard core italian opera. Not that thats bad, just not what we were expecting or hoping for. By far my favorite part was his duet with his son. The power of their harmonies was the only moment that truly showcased their soul shaking potential.

4.0 star rating Maureen from San Francisco, California


Bocelli is undeniably amazing which is why we paid a fortune to see HIM and not some distracting ditsy dancers. Whoever produced this show vastly underestimates his audiences ability to just listen and watch him sing. And really, SF Symphony, The Sound Of Music ?! Why go cornball when you have such a class act as Bocelli?

4.0 star rating Patti from Tampa, Florida


I have always loved his amazing voice but last night he started off slow. It was hard to hear him over the music during the first half. The second half was much better and he sang more. He did confess at the end of the performance that he had totally lost his voice and just got it back. Might be the reason he was so subdued.

3.0 star rating Andrea from New York, New York


Excellent music and voice but one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. I guess this is why you don’t see opera at Madison square garden where your average fan thinks it’s ok to talk the entire time, eat pizza boxes and get wasted on beer. Very low class event , poor acoustics because of an audience filled with fans that belonged more at a sporting event and an event staff (security and beverages that thought it was ok to talk, laugh, and roll giant carts during the entire performance) . Hard to concentrate on such an angelic sound with all the noise , cell phone dings and rings ( no you are not allowed cell phone usage) . Left towards the end , I prefer to listen in a different medium. This quite possibly was the worst produced show I have ever seen. Poor Andrea , such talent wasted under the direction of an agent and management company that clearly have decided to make music for the equivalent of Kmart shoppers on Black Friday.

3.0 star rating Tracy from Los Angeles, California


He seemed tired. His performance for much of the evening was so muted I thought there was something wrong with the sound system. Song selection disappointed too. He could have included some of his more popular songs but didn’t. Finally came alive towards the end of the concert when had some competition from his amazing guest Heather Headley who brought the house down with her performance

3.0 star rating Sahara Forman from Orlando, Florida


I was super excited about the Orlando concert honestly, we were hoping to hear his love songs with guitar and piano, (Beasemo Mucho, Kisas or Perfiedia). It was mostly opera songs which I found it boring. We didn't know about the contents of course. The seats we paid $400 each were very uncomfortable in the Amway arena. The cheaper seats were bigger and looked more comfortable. I was able to see only half of the stage. I will still enjoy his songs on YouTube but I was hoping to hear those songs in live performance. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

3.0 star rating Matt Clark from Huntington NY


I saw Andrea Bocelli at the Metropolitan Opera House on 2/10/19 and was disappointed. His entire show, including the encores, were arias that most of the audience didn't know. I admit that this is the way the concert was advertised but I assumed that he would do at least one of his popular songs. Most of the people I spoke to were also disappointed and it is telling that he didn't get a standing ovation from the whole audience at the end of the concert. If you are thinking of seeing him in the future take the following into account: At the Met there are no microphones and while he has a great voice, he really needs some amplification. The opera singers on the program came across much better for the guy in the $200 balcony seats. No large screen TVs at the Met so you couldn't see him too well. Lastly, no microphone means no speaking - he never said a word to the audience during the concert. Next time I'll go to a stadium when he's doing his greatest hits.

3.0 star rating Marcus from Great Barrington Massachusetts


Attennded the Bocelli Valentines concert in Miami last night and was transported to the highest highs and lowest lows. How can you surround a virtuosic performer with the most embarrassing and debasing choice of film montage, amateur dance performances and lighting design appropriate for a sporting event? Andrea Bocelli at 60 still sings beautifully in tune with wonderfully sustained tones and a gravitas of a Pavorati or Domingo, yet he has surrounded himself with an organization that only wishes to present him to a sports level audience only hungry for his greatest hits and supreme kitsch. Andrea please preserve your hard earned dignity and lose whoever conceived your abysmal set design and overall tour concept. For my 94 year old father it was a concert of a lifetime, please make it worthy of your life’s work and not a caricature of a some vaudevillian off off Broadway charade.

3.0 star rating Debbie from New York, New York


2/17/19...the i’ve waited years to see Bocelli....Ended up heartbroken. The met is a place for opera and I get that… But there needed to be amplification to hear his voice…It was hard enough to hear him when he was singing solo… But if the orchestra even tried to play a hair louder he was totally lost… to add to it he did not sing one song that anyone was familiar with… And I think that would’ve been OK if the focus had been more on him instead of the other performers…For anyone who loves his music I suggest downloading his music or buying a CD… You’ll be way happier.

3.0 star rating Tim from Marina Del Rey, California


+ 1. The concert, discounting the venue, was superb. 2. Mr. Bocelli responded to 3 audience standing ovation requests for encores. - 1. It seems that the Hollywood Bowl is diligently working at driving guests away. In my case, with success. 2. Between songs very bright lights, surrounding the arch of the stage, were directed into the eyes of the audience. 3. The sound system was marginal. 4. Not the fault of the venue but many of the audience were rude, constantly talking and singing along with the performance.

3.0 star rating William from Denver, Colorado


Everything was overamplified. This is classical music! There is no amplification at the Metropolitan Opera House. Last night it was all loud and full of reverberation. The chorus was tinny. There was NO commentary and we had no idea what he was singing, except for some old standards. There were "guest stars." A classical soprano and a violinist were great, but the second woman singer was a Celine Dion wannabee who I thought was just dreadful. The images were well done, but often didn't match the music. I'm going to stick to the real opera house for awhile.

3.0 star rating Elena from San Jose, California


Bocelli is a great singer and though he did his best to be gracious to the audience by singing generously for the encore he didn't choose his best body of work. He looked gaunt and thin. Besides, the wonderful San Francisco Symphony, and the soprano singer (forgot her name) the other parts of the concert were very out of place and plain cheap. I could care less for the dance numbers at the corner of the stage, the Italian pop singer was promotional at its best, the violinist was thrilling but not befitting to be part of the show. The videos and the lighting system were primitive to the point of being repulsive. The stage designers had no taste or skills. I felt that the organizers had to cater to the widest audience to collect as much money as possible. The blinding dollar signs in the heads of the show organizers blinded the show and its only purpose-to give us Bocelli and Bocelli alone. If senjor Bocelli chooses to come to san Francisco again, let his venue be the Davis Symphony Hall or San Francisco Opera. I think the singer of his statue doesn't need to compare himself with Arianna Grande or Golden Gate Warriors.

3.0 star rating WKR from Houston, Texas


The good …..his magnificent God given voice! I enjoyed the dancers and all of the beautiful women who sang & played violin. Desperately wish he had sung more songs we were familiar with. We paid a lot of money, and his talent is worth every penny....but nothing is as satisfying as your heart being able to sing along with a song recognized. The "bad" was a level of audience that came in torn jeans, consuming burgers and beer, and using cell phones that they engaged with all night. This was NOT a rockets game. Low class....they were spoken to at intermission but they tended to ignore all around them. The "ugly" was a line wrapped around the Toyota center an hour before scheduled start time. Caused late start. Glad it was not raining! Then once in, they would not honor screen shot of email ticket That should be made clear when buying, since the line was at a standstill while folks tried to remedy that issue. Possibly a venue issue, but needs to be fixed. Also, screens hard to see.

3.0 star rating A Fan from Houston, Texas


I saw Bocelli in Vegas at the MGM 12 years ago. It is a huge venue similar to Toyota Center. This time my son honored me with surprise plane tickets and costly floor seats to see Andrea perform in Houston. I traveled from Mexico just to go to this concert. And I LOVE andrea Bocelli and am very familiar with his magnificent voice and repertoire both operatic and popular. As constructive criticism I would say that I would never go to his concerts at this venue again. He deserves a classier backdrop for his performances. The expensive floor seats were too small, too close together, and uncomfortable. Little more than a metal chair with a bottom cushion and so tight that you could not avoid touching the person seated next to you. And the visibility was awful. One flat level. A tall person in front of you makes it impossible to even see the performer at a blurred distance. The stage is not high enough for good visibility. Better and cheaper seats would be the first rows Of the second level. We could not even see the whole stage and often not the performers. Even at a distance. The concert at MGM was much better. The performance in Houston was wonderful but the changing backdrop scenes were distracting and weakened the impact of the performer. The sound system did not seem quite right. The orchestra did not sound forceful even when playing without a singer. And for some odd reason all these factors led to a somewhat disjointed concert in which I never felt that the performers connected with the audience. It was as if we were two separate entities. Maestro Bocelli himself seemed tired and unusually somber with few of his famous smiles. Almost as if he felt bad. He did not acknowledge the audience and interact with them as he did in Vegas. I do suggest that the person(s) responsible for the stage, the show itself, heed the comments of many reviewers. Most of us would prefer to see a majestic performance by Mr. Bocelli without so many theatrics. He doesn’t need that. His voice speaks. The sound system is obviously of utmost importance. And the audience could do without the blinding lights . Above all, such expensive seats should at least be comfortable and provide some visibility. To hear him sing I can stay at home. And I adore this performer but will never go to this venue to a concert again.

3.0 star rating Oz from New York, New York


I enjoyed Bocelli’s beautiful voice. Too many other singers on stage. Mr. Foster should have stayed longer. The had a screen up before the performance stating Jennifer Garner, Ed Sherin, and Mateo Bocelli would be appearing...this did not happen. Too many people recording on their phones. Concert 20 minute late in starting Msg not organized too hectic leaving escalators turned off

2.0 star rating Fernando from Dallas, Texas


Andrea seemed annoyed and tired. Song selection was very disappointing. He has so many great songs. We were hoping to hear a few, but to our disappointment he sang only 2 we recognized. However, his voice was phenomenal. Conductor was covering him most of the time and we couldn't see him properly from the side of the auditorium. We left mid-way in to the second half.

2.0 star rating Linda Cera from Long Island, New York


If you have been to other Bocelli concerts you have something to compare last nights performance to. He of course is always true to himself and never deviates what he does so I knew that would be the case last night. No problem there. But the production was a distraction rather than an enhancement. Blinding lights pointed directly at the audience were frequent and an annoyance. The guest performers were not very exciting. No Grobin, no Sherin showed up. The first standing ovation was given to a children's choir from Haiti. The second was when we heard our first popular song from Bocelli and that came towards the end of the show. That should tell you something. The first half of the show was opera. For opera lovers it was great I am sure, but for Bocelli lovers who want to hear the songs they know all the words to...not so much. His new song was a highlight. But all and all very disappointing for me.

2.0 star rating Still a fan despite the concert from Los Angeles, California


I was looking forward to this concert but came away disappointed. The ENTIRE first half was opera. Not what I came to hear (I heard this from many people). He only sang 1 song from his new album (I love this album.) . There were also far too many solo performances by other artists (who weren't even introduced). I thought Amapola, a beautiful love song, was overproduced and lost its charm. And much as I like Con Te Partiro and Nessum Dorma, they were predictable as encores and again, overdone.

2.0 star rating Pablo Tisker from San Francisco, California


It has been so long since I have seen Bocelli, he performed with Celine Dion and it blew my mind, one of those moments that move you so deeply you are about to shed tears. Not so this time, stage lights were pointing at the audience so half the time I'm blinded by them and have to look away, there was a hanging screen that projected his performance on the foreground of the backdrop and if flickered horribly, it also shook so much that made me dizzy, thank God it was pulled up for the second half of the show. His voice is Amazing but the sound was HORRIBLE he sounded muted, when a guest singer came onto the stage she used a different wireless microphone and you could tell the difference because she also sung a son with Andrea and she also sounded muted, what a shame!!!!! I know he can sing opera but I am not sure I would have paid what I paid for a floor ticket to hear him sing that, I am not an opera fan although I appreciated his voice. I am so disappointed that if I could I would ask for my money back.

2.0 star rating Donna Karson from San Diego, California


A dream to see him in concert. Couldn't wait. Went to Penchanga last night in San Diego. Huge waste of time, effort and money. First, parking to the place was a train wreck. Finally parked on a side street and walked. No organization. Security to get in...just as bad. Truly unprofessional and slow as molasses. Then the concert...opera, not his hits, not the things we all follow him for. Pia Toscana was fake, trying to hard and had no heart in her singing. Symphony played whimsical light music that was all U.S. stuff...Sound of Music? Seriously? There was no heart, no audience connection. In fact, there were even two ballet dancers on stage during some songs. AND such a production of backdrop photos dwarfing the stage that it was hard to focus on Andrea. A production for sure. But not a good one. Sadly disappointed. My vote...don't go.

2.0 star rating Iris Howell from San Diego, California


1. The venue (Pechanga) is not the ideal place for this sort of music. The sound was awful and you could not really enjoy the music. 2. There are cables hanging from the ceiling that blocked the view of the TV and the back drop. 3. Andrea will sing one or two songs and then someone else will fill in for him. I paid to see him not all this other performers. 4. He didn't talk or address the public. The only time he talked to the audience was to introduce a song in English that he was performing for the first time. Which by the way i could not understand a word of the song because the quality of the sound was so awful. 5. If Pechanga wants to bring these type of classical music they should use the amphitheater or something that you can really hear the music. This music is for concerts that everyone else is singing the songs or partying not for a higher caliber like this.

2.0 star rating Felicia from New York, New York


Bocelli looked tired and annoyed. Poor selection of songs. He didn’t even acknowledged the audience! No thanks, no greetings.. so much waisted money.I felt sad and disappointed, I’m Italian and bragged so much about him. Some people looked at me and had shocked expressions in their faces

2.0 star rating DAVID from Atlanta, Georgia


Infinite energy is the worst place EVER. Almost everyone was late due to a lack of parking coordination. After arrival they announce he was sick. He barely sang and then we waited HOURS to get out of the parking lot. EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO BE SO FRUSTRATED ALL NIGHT.

2.0 star rating Cordell Jeffrey from Tampa, Florida


I do not imagine many people signed up for two unknown singers, a flautist and some unknown dancers . Of course we got to hear the orchestra play the music from The Sound of Music, and he sang that Dean Martin favorite, Besame Mucho. At the end we are told he lost his voice three days ago. Did not find all of it. I would think most artists would have cancelled the show and refunded the tickets

2.0 star rating John O'Brien from Charlotte, North Carolina


This show failed to meet expectations ! I did not come to listen to a flautist or numerous soprano numbers , nor did I come to hear the Sound of Music or be distracted numerous times by dancers. Andrea kept leaving the stage for extended periods of time and made no effort to show any warmth to the audience. His song selections left a lot to be desired; give us the selections from his recent PBS show from Italy. The backdrop videos and such were amateurish at best. I'll stick to CDs and not waste money on live performances. With the exception of his last two songs, his voice was not quite there; perhaps he should have canceled this date altogether and we wouldn't have wasted our money.

2.0 star rating M from Charlotte, North Carolina


I agree with the earlier poster: this was only half of a show. I paid nearly $800 for two tickets and Bocelli sang very little. Instead my wife and I were entertained by our local Carolina orchestra (playing Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!), a flutist (three songs!), a season 10 American Idol loser, and very little Andrea Bocelli. He was off the stage more than on the stage. If he didn't feel well due to his earlier laryngitis, I would have preferred a cancellation. We enjoyed the solos he did sing, but there were very few. The flute player was on stage longer than Andrea. Very disappointed.

2.0 star rating V. oestergaard from St Augustine, Florida


After driving 3 hours and paying $250 per ticket, it was disappointing. Poor choice of songs and too many guests that we really didn't care about. His voice finally got warmed up in the middle of the performance but he only sang a total of 10 songs (including 2 encores). And an orchestra that played Sound of Music...REALLY? That's what I paid for? Awful lighting that glared and underwhelming production. His voice is still beautiful and would have loved to hear more of it rather than the guest performances. Would have loved to heard his love songs (IT WAS VALENTINE'S NIGHT) or his more contemporary songs.

1.0 star rating Susan from Los Angeles, California


I booked Andrea Bocelli's tickets over 6 months in advance as a surprise to my husband and wasted the few grand spent (no Pavarotti). The crowd will not be greeted or thanked (we should be so honored to watch him); however, Bocelli will speak to the crowd to promote his son. This after singing stereotypical Italian songs for almost the entire show and hardly any of his hits or new songs from his newly released album. Bocelli's voice will never sound the same again, after being chilled by his cold-hearted performance. Clearly, Bocelli's current wife knows how to make him look warm with the videos created that surround his family and that's where it ends. Bocelli never even thanked the orchestra or the conductor who helped him and no intro to the performers. I truly wasted our time and $$. Bocelli is nothing w/out David Foster on the stage, they underestimated the need for this, & Bocelli's team needs to correct him. Treat a crowd the way you would treat family, Bocelli! NEVER AGAIN!

1.0 star rating Olga from San Antonio, Texas


AT&T Center in San Antonio Texas is inappropriate venue for opera singing. For somebody who comes from Europe is it a slap on the face and money to drain. The venue is very big, bad parking navigation, sits are tiny and passages are narrow. Just imagine people eating popcorn and nachos and drinking beer next to you. As to Bocelli concert, I have never walked out from the half of the concert before. Booooring arias Mr. Bocelli and half of those sang by choir and another opera singer. It is a rip off and money not well earned by you. It is on you and your team. I was hard core fan of yours, I guess "it is time to say goodbye".

1.0 star rating Visitors from Thunder Bay Ontario from Tampa, Florida


We expected to see an icon in concert. Instead we saw a performer who left the stage every 10 minutes and had people filling in for him while he was off stage. His European concerts are twice the length and include twice as many songs. I did not pay to see a flute player playing for three songs or to hear the orchestra without Bocelli. This was a Bocelli concert not Bocelli (sometimes)and friends ! I have sometimes brushed my teeth for longer than his first set .

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